Yangon: The most beautiful sights and our insider tips

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It seems like yesterday that we got to know and love the chaos of Yangon. But – and there is nothing to change that – our first trip to Myanmar was almost 5 years ago. 5 years in which so much, but somehow nothing at all, has changed in this country .

Of course, now you’re less noticeable as a tourist. You rarely get disbelieving looks. There are countless restaurants tailored to travelers. And in general, more and more (and more comfortable) accommodations are being built. In essence, however, everything is the same. And so recently, when we were walking through the streets of Yangon again after 5 years, we felt exactly the same fascination as back then. In this blog article we tell you the most beautiful sights in Yangon and of course our (repeatedly) tried and tested restaurant tips.

1. Yangon: The first overview of the big city chaos Your journey probably starts (or ends) in Yangon , as most international flights land in Yangon. For us, Yangon was the first stop on our two previous trips to Myanmar. Somehow this time we felt like immersing ourselves completely in the chaos of the big city.

Be forewarned: Yangon is by far the most chaotic , busiest, loudest and also dirtiest place in Myanmar. Which also means: If you have endured it here, then nothing can go wrong. Yangon is difficult to put into words. You have to experience this city.

We recommend you to stay at least two nights in Yangon. Of course, more time is always better, but in two days you can get a pretty good insight and visit the most important sights in Yangon without having to stress yourself too much.

2. Things to see and do in Yangon There are more things to see and do in Yangon than meets the eye would suspect. Sure, everyone knows the gigantic, beautiful, fascinating monument called Shwedagon Pagoda. But even away from pagodas and temples there are a lot of things worth seeing that will keep you busy for several days.

Shwedagon Pagoda If you only have time for one sight in Yangon, it has to be the Shwedagon Pagoda. We guarantee you: The visit will remain in your memory forever.

The gigantic pagoda is the landmark of Myanmar and is one of the most important Buddhist sanctuaries worldwide. Even superlatives are not enough to describe what rises almost a hundred meters into the sky here in the middle of Yangon.

With appreciation 60 Tons of gold (!) the Chedi of the Shwedagon Pagoda is occupied. There are also thousands of diamonds and precious stones. The magic that emanates from the pagoda cannot be put into words. And once you stand in front of it, you won’t spit.

Therefore, we also recommend that you enough time visit the Shwedagon -Pagoda to take. We advise you to come before sunset. So you can see the Shwedagon Pagoda twinkling in daylight as well as glowing under the stars. It’s also incredibly exciting to see how the mood changes once the sun goes down. On our last visit we were against 10 and stayed there until about 19 Watch. We would do it again anytime.

Info on visiting Shwedagon Pagoda Entry: . Kyat per person (as of December 2019)
Dress code: Women and men only with covered knees and shoulders. However, you can borrow a sarong (“longyi”) (2.456 Kyat insert). Note: Shoes and socks must be removed at Shwedagon Pagoda as in all religious sites in Myanmar. There is no possibility to clean the feet on site. You’ll get used to it over time, I promise!

Directions: It is best to take a taxi (approx. 3.000 Kyat from downtown)

Sule Pagoda The Sule Pagoda is not nearly as spectacular as its “big sister”. “. But precisely because it draws most of the visitors to Shwedagon Pagoda, it is much quieter around Sule Pagoda.

We recommend you to visit Sule Pagoda when you are in are near. In our opinion, however, it is not one of the absolute must-sees in Yangon.

Information on the visit of Sule Pagoda Entrance: 5 .000 Kyat per person (as of December 2019)

Dress code: Women and men only with covered knees and shoulders. You can borrow a sarong (“longyi”) for free. Shoes and socks must be removed.

Directions: The Sule Pagoda is located in the middle of a busy roundabout in the east of the old town. If you come from another part of the city, it is best to take a taxi (approx. 3.000 Kyat).

Market in Chinatown The street market in Chinatown is well worth seeing. Chinatown starts at about 19. street and stretches to the east. The most interesting (and most chaotic) we found the market bustle in the 26. Road. A little warning: In some places you need a strong stomach. We personally found the most disgusting thing was the slightly sweet smell of meat that hung relentlessly in the air. Our recommendation: close your nose and through – you shouldn’t miss the spectacle.

Colonial building in the old town of Yangon Myanmar was once a British colony. Yangon (or Rangoon, as the city was then known) is one of the few cities that still has many buildings from the past. That’s why you’ll find countless colonial buildings scattered throughout Yangon. Some buildings have long since fallen into disrepair, but some have been renovated and are really pretty to look at.

If you see the If you want to see the most beautiful colonial buildings in Yangon, then it is best to start north of the Sule Pagoda. Here is the City Hall of Yangon (“City Hall”).

Now if you head south on the Passing Sule Pagoda, you will come to a huge square (“Maha Bandula Park”). This is the Supreme Court building (“High Court”).

If you now make your way further south (towards the river) you will get to Strand Road. Here is probably the most famous and magnificent hotel in Yangon, the “Strand Hotel”. An overnight stay is hardly affordable for the average traveler – one lays here about 330 Euro for a double room.

Nevertheless, we wanted to see the interior design of the hotel and spontaneously decided to have a coffee in the hotel bar. Although this is also a comparatively expensive pleasure, we can only recommend that you do the same – especially if you are like us and after a brief breather from the chaotic hustle and bustle. For two cappucino we have 12.880 Kyat paid (about 8 euros).

Ministers’ Building A special attraction (and also a colonial legacy) is the Minister’s Building, also known as The Secretariat “. 2017 the independence fighter General Aung San and six cabinet ministers were murdered here.

The huge The building complex is currently (as of December ) renovated and will soon house various museums and a restaurant. The area is fenced off and at first we thought it would not be possible to visit the inside. But then we were greeted warmly at the entrance (Thein Phyu Road) and asked by two employees if we were interested in a guided tour.

For 8th.000 Kyat per person we were almost an hour through the meanwhile very ruined building and also entered the hall where Aung San was murdered. If you’re short on time in Yangon, the Minister’s Office isn’t a must-see. Nevertheless, it is very exciting, no question!

Circular Train : Around Yangon by train If you are staying in Yangon for more than a day or two, then you should definitely take the county line . Also known as the Circular Train, the train makes a full circle around Yangon. Although: “Driving” is relative. Much more like a three to four hour rumble and chug.

We did the ride six years ago. In this article you will find our travel report about it: Yangon {When we learned to love train travel}

At that time we were the only foreigners far and wide. That may have changed a bit by now. Nevertheless, the journey is guaranteed to be an experience. The ticket for that, which just 200 costs kyat, you can do this right before you start your journey buy at Central Railway Station. The total driving time is about 3 to 4 hours.

Update December 1200: Currently due to Track work interrupted part of the route. If you still want to travel the entire route, then first take the train to Mingaladon (approx. 2 ,5 hours). There you board the train (on the same platform) that goes back to Yangon.

Bogyoke Aung San Market Bogyoke Aung San Market may be the most famous market in Yangon, but it is worth a visit in our opinion not an absolute must. The market is now quite touristy, especially on the ground floor. However, we can recommend that you also visit the upper floor. Fewer people get lost there and you can look over the shoulders of the seamstresses at work.

Reclining Buddha (Chaukhtatgyi Pagoda) The gigantic reclining Buddha is approx. 84 meters in length one of the largest in all of Myanmar. We always think it’s a pity when Buddhas are covered with corrugated iron , but of course we understand that the Buddha has to be protected from the weather. Nonetheless, it loses quite a bit of the atmosphere.

If you have enough time in Yangon, we highly recommend a visit. Nevertheless, the Chaukhtatgyi Buddha is not an absolute highlight of the city. Coming from the old town, you have to take a taxi (approx. 3000 Kyat) – it’s too far to walk. The Buddha is located north of Kandawgyi Lake – it may be worth combining a visit to both attractions. Entrance is free.

Kandawgyi Lake If you have enough time and need a little escape from the hustle and bustle of Yangon, then check it out but past the Kandawgyi Lake. The artificial lake is located north of the old town and is a bit like a local recreation area . This is where locals come to take a walk around the lake.

A little tip: From the rooftop bar of the Hotel Esperado you have everything at sunset a beautiful view of the Kandawgyi Lake. You can find more information in the chapter on our restaurant tips further down in this article.

3. Travel Guide: Yangon in just one day Don’t worry: Even if we’re in If you have listed a lot of sights in this article, you can see the highlights in Yangon in just one full day.

Start your morning exploration at the street market in Chinatown and let the hustle and bustle work on you. Then make your way towards the Sule Pagoda. From there you can explore the most beautiful colonial buildings in the city on a walk.

Before sunset it is best to take a taxi to Shwedagon Pagoda. Be sure to wait until it’s completely dark – you won’t regret it, because this time is really magical. For dinner you can then take a taxi to a restaurant. Our absolute favourite: The Green Gallery. You can read more about this in the next section.

4. Restaurant tips for Yangon Green Gallery: the best curries in Yangon Our undisputed number one in Yangon. The tastiest Thai curries outside of Thailand are prepared here. And best of all: there are enough vegetarian options. The owner is amazing and the atmosphere is very cozy. For a dinner for two we have approx. .000 Kyat paid. Our tip: Try the Masaman Curry!

Address: 52. Street, south of Maha Bandula (if you live in the east of the old town you might be able to walk, otherwise just take a taxi)

Meal: German-Austrian cuisine After a few weeks in Southeast Asia, we were in the mood for European food again and are after one Landed recommendation in the German restaurant called Mahl. The restaurant is run by a German and is relatively expensive. But it was really worth it to us!

The tarte flambée was excellent and the cheese spaetzle quite good too authentic. For dinner for two we have .000 Kyat paid. But it has to be said that we didn’t hold back when ordering: we had Kaiserschmarrn for dessert and we both drank alcohol. (If so, then haha.) So it’s also a little cheaper.

Address: 200 Pan Hlaing Street, Yangon (outside downtown – we went there by taxi)

Easy Cafe: delicious coffee If you If you fancy a good cup of coffee, then it’s worth making a detour to the Easy Cafe. We drank very good espresso and cappuccino there. Easy Cafe’s guests are mostly expats working on their laptops. The prices are fair: a cappuccino costs about 3.500 Kyat.

The area around Easy Cafe is by the way very “tidy” – compared to the city center. We saw an unusually large number of western tourists there. You can find other cool cafes on the same street – and it seems like new ones are being added all the time.

Esperado Rooftop Bar: On Sunset Cocktail The Esperado is located on the roof of the hotel of the same name on the eastern shore of Lake Kandawgyi. Don’t expect too much from the ambience, but the view of the lake with the Shwedagon Pagoda in the background is really great, especially at sunset. A cocktail costs about 4 dollars and is therefore quite affordable.

5. Our hotel tip for Yangon We spent three nights in „ The Hotel Mawtin”, which we can thoroughly recommend. The rooms are a bit small, but clean. We found the bed to be exceptionally comfortable (and we’re pretty picky about that). The bathroom could have used a renovation, but it was ok. For breakfast we would have liked a little more choice. After three days, toast with jam got boring, but ok – you shouldn’t expect too much from breakfast in Asia.

The hotel is located at the western end of the old town between 8th and 9th streets. You can walk to a few points: we walked to Chinatown, for example, which was not a problem. For the sights outside of the city center (Shwedagon Pagoda) you have to rely on a taxi.

Link to the hotel: The Hotel Mawtin

6. Yangon and Myanmar Travel Guide If you are looking for a well-researched Myanmar Travel Guide then we can highly recommend the Stefan Loose travel guide. The new edition is in the year 2017 published. The only disadvantage: the travel guide is relatively heavy.

You can buy the guide here: Stefan Loose Guide Myanmar

7. More Myanmar Travel Reports Our route for Myanmar Our Myanmar Travel Guide: Tips for Traveling to Myanmar Bago Golden Rock Hpa-An Inle Lake The Temples of Bagan Mandalay Ngapali Transparency: Affiliate Links This blog article contains our personal recommendations in the form of so-called affiliate links . If you book or buy something through the links, we will receive a small commission. For you, this does not change the price at all. cool thing right?

Have you ever been to Yangon and do you have any other tips? Or are you traveling to Yangon soon and still have questions? We look forward to your comment!