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Würzburg: The most beautiful sights & our tips for the lively student city

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How long does it take to form an opinion about a city or place? Well, it can happen very quickly, as we noticed in Würzburg: Arrived, admired the view from the hotel room – and bang, in love! Despite the dense clouds in the sky and the raindrops After the disc we couldn’t wait to explore this city.

Things became even clearer when we reached the banks of the Main a short time later – and the rain clouds finally gave way to the sun’s rays. Because then it was immediately clear why so many people had raved to us so enthusiastically about Würzburg in the past few weeks: You simply have to like this city with its lively, student flair.

Therefore we can nothing else but to anticipate the most important message: Off to Würzburg with you! So that you don’t miss anything on your city trip, we have summarized our personal tips for Würzburg for you.

1. Why we were so enthusiastic about Würzburg Imagine the cosiest student city – with great cafes and hip shops! Then add imposing buildings and sights: a magnificent residence and a medieval fortress. Not forgetting, of course, a spectacular location surrounded by vineyards. This is Würzburg!

Würzburg combines the best of everything. Not too big, not too small. A bit of young flair, a bit of baroque sightseeing and above all a relaxed attitude towards life. We can’t speak from experience, but we dare to claim that Würzburg is a very livable city.

And then of course there is the wine culture. For the tradition of the bridge shop alone Wine connoisseurs love Würzburg. Don’t worry if you now have no idea what that means – neither did we until recently. We’ll tell you in a moment what spectacle awaits you in the middle of the Old Main Bridge in Würzburg.

2. Sights and favorite places in Würzburg: Our tips The number one sight in Würzburg is clearly the Residenz with its opulent premises including courtyard garden. However, our favorite garden is in a different place: The Fürstengarten of the Marienberg Fortress is one of the most beautiful places that we got to know on our road trip through Franconia. By the way: The most important sights in Würzburg are within easy walking distance.

Residenz Würzburg Hallelujah, we still don’t know what surprised us more: the extent of pomp and splendor in the premises of the Würzburg Residence or the amount of tourists who wants to witness this baroque beauty. It’s been a long time since we’ve been in a building that was as well attended as the Residenz in Würzburg. But who is surprised: The baroque castle is not for nothing the most visited tourist attraction of the city.

If you have a thing for art and culture, then we can heartily recommend a visit to the Würzburg Residence. In view of the opulent ceiling frescoes we are still a little at a loss for words. A signposted tour takes you through the most important rooms, including the White Hall and the Emperor’s Hall. You should plan at least 1.5 hours for your visit.

Residenzplatz 2, 97070 Würzburg (There are paid parking spaces directly in front of it.)

Opening times & admission: Information on the website of the Bavarian Palace Department

Attention: Photography is strictly forbidden in the Würzburg Residence. We have kindly received special permission from the Bavarian Palace Department for our blog.

Hofgarten Not only the rooms of the residence are impressive, but also their baroque garden. We were surprised how huge the area is. Don’t miss it: from a little further up you have a really nice view of the residence.

Residenzplatz 2, 97070 Würzburg (In the parking lot of the residence there is paid parking.)

Opening times: daily until nightfall (at the latest 20 Watch)

Entry: for free

Marienberg Fortress and Fürstengarten The most famous landmark of Würzburg is located on a hill above the old town. Marveling at the view from the castle walls of Marienberg Fortress down towards the city is simply part of a trip to Würzburg.

If you ask us: The heart of the fortress is not the building itself, but their garden: the Prince’s Garden. It is so hidden on the east side of the castle that some visitors actually miss it. Please promise us not to leave the fortress without having entered the Prince’s Garden.

We did not visit the interior of the castle itself due to lack of time. Two museums are housed here that you can visit: The Museum for Franconia and the Fürstenbaumuseum. We were so enthusiastic about the architecture and the magnificent garden with the view that, to be honest, we were not drawn to the museum at all.

Marienberg, 97012 Würzburg (access by car via Oberer Burgweg, paid parking available; approx. on foot Walking distance from downtown through the vineyards)
Opening times & admission:
Information on the website of Bavarian Palace Department

Main Promenade Our secret favorite place in Würzburg is the Main Promenade including the Old Main Bridge (more on that later). The incredibly beautiful view of the Marienberg Fortress and the lively atmosphere captivated us from the very first moment. The Main Promenade is a popular meeting place on mild summer evenings. By the way, we can understand that very well – if we lived in Würzburg, we wouldn’t do it any differently.

Our tip: If you get hungry or thirsty , then have a look at the Fischbar Zum Krebs – a really cool place! Or get a pizza from the popular Pizzeria Locanda and enjoy it with a view of the fortress on the shore.

Market place of Würzburg A place that is also well worth seeing in Würzburg is the market place with the Marienkapelle and Falcon house. A farmer’s market is held four days a week (Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday) on the spacious market square.

A very striking building is the rust-colored, Gothic Marienkapelle. The prettiest facade far and wide is clearly the Falcon House, which is located at the back of the Marienkapelle.

3. Würzburg and the wine: Tips for wineries & Co There is one thing you can hardly avoid in Würzburg: Wine. It starts with the fact that the city is surrounded by vineyards. Not to forget, of course, the tradition of the bridge shop and the many wine festivals that take place in and around Würzburg.

bridge shop on the Old Main Bridge If there’s one thing you must have done in Würzburg, then it’s Brückenschoppen: Every evening countless people gather under the open sky on the Old Main Bridge and drink a glass of wine while standing. Whereby “glass” is actually the wrong expression here: “Schoppen” is said in Franconia to a 0,25 Liter glass of wine.

So you drink a pint, enjoy the view of the fortress and listen to the street musicians singing – a very wonderful tradition, as we think! You can buy the wine at one of the three serving options. One of them is the bar of the Alte Mainmühle restaurant. By the way, you can also dine very well there.

Wine Festival ” Wein am Stein“ We haven’t visited too many wine festivals in our lives, but the one at the Weingut am Stein is our undisputed number one! It takes place every year in summer over a period of about two weeks in the middle of the vineyards . The “Wein am Stein” is more than just a wine festival – it has now also become a kind of music festival . Pop, rock and reggae bands play every evening on the comparatively large stage.

The best thing about “Wein am Stein” is its romantic and charming location: The tables are located between the vines of the winery. Throughout the area you will find a wide variety of food stalls where you can buy Franconian and international dishes.

By the way, we were particularly lucky: on the day of our visit, the final fireworks of the Kiliani folk festival took place and from our table we had an uninterrupted view of the spectacle in the sky. If you are visiting Würzburg during the wine festival, we can only warmly recommend a visit. A little hint: On some days the wine festival is so well attended that it is worth buying tickets in advance.

More information can be found you on the website: Wein am Stein

Würzburg Stein-Wine-Path Starts just above the Weingut am Stein the Stone Wine Path. This highly recommended panorama trail is 4 kilometers long and leads through the local vineyards, also known as the “Würzburger Stein”. We really enjoyed the little trip “into the countryside”, especially since you can enjoy a wonderful view of Würzburg from up here.

A highlight is the viewing platform. She is one of a total of 14 terroir f-points that you can find throughout the wine country of Franconia.

Wine estates in Würzburg Vineyard Juliusspital Let’s lean out the window and claim: The probably most photogenic wine cellar in Würzburg is located in the cellar corridors below the Juliusspital winery. That’s right: hospital. Because the Juliusspital winery belongs to the foundation of the same name. The income from the winery goes to the foundation and from there to the neighboring hospital.

Back to the cellar: new ones and antique wooden barrels are here on a length of incredible 77 meters lined up. Most of them are still in use. We were not only fascinated by the dimensions, but at least as much by the mood lighting and the ambience. We can warmly recommend a cellar tour including tasting to every wine connoisseur.

If you’re hungry, you can then drop by the neighboring Weinstuben Juliusspital. In the summer you can sit outside on the terrace in the courtyard, which is really nice.

Address: Klinikstrasse 1, 97070 Würzburg

Price for guided tour:
14 Euro

Further information & dates: Weingut Juliusspital Calendar of Events

Winery State Court Cellar Hogwarts or Würzburg? You might ask yourself that when you’re in the State Court Cellar located below the Residence. In any case, the state wine cellar is no less impressive than that of the Juliusspital winery. The room that can be seen in our photo is particularly impressive, the so-called piece barrel cellar. A wine tasting in this room must be fantastic!

The official wine cellar is also well worth seeing. The wine that was paid to the court servants as wages used to be stored in the barrels. A tour lasts approximately 20 minutes and takes you to the most important basement rooms of the State Court Cellar.

Address: Residenzplatz 3, 97012 Würzburg

Price for guided tour: 8 euro

Further information and dates: Weingut Staatlicher Hofkeller Event calendar

Weingut Bürgerspital zum Hl. Geist

This winery belongs to the Bürgerspital Foundation. Since 14. Since the 19th century, the purpose of the foundation has been to take in people in need of care – nothing has changed in this regard to this day.

The impressive cellar of the Bürgerspital winery can be explored every Saturday as part of a guided tour. The tour lasts about an hour and costs 8 euros. If you are hungry afterwards, it is worth visiting the Bürgerspital Weinstuben, which is right next door. Alternatively, you can enjoy small snacks and one (or more) glass of wine in the vinotheque.

Address: Theaterstrasse , 97070 Wuerzburg

Price for guided tour: 8 Euro

Further information and dates: Weingut Bürgerspital Event calendar

4. Eating and drinking: Tips for restaurants and cafes in Würzburg Pizzeria Locanda The Pizzeria Locanda is an institution in Würzburg. It is located directly on the banks of the Main and was so full when we visited that we could hardly get a seat outside.

The pizzas here are so huge that we could easily fit two people get fed up with it. Incidentally, some people pick up their pizza here and then sit down on one of the benches along the banks of the Main – a wonderful idea, we think.

Address: Kranenkai 1, 2019 Würzburg

Café Fred If you are looking for a cool spot to have breakfast, Café Fred is an ideal one point of contact. The café, designed in a minimalist, modern style, is deservedly popular among young people. We really enjoyed the homemade granola. The service could be a bit more on the ball, but that’s something you’re willing to accept given the delicious dishes and good coffee.

Address: Herzogstraße 4, 2019 Würzburg

Café Wishless Happy The “Wunschlosglück” is an extremely cozy café with a living room atmosphere. We fell in love with the café from the moment we walked in, with its vintage-style furniture thrown together. The breakfast tasted excellent. Plus point: There are enough vegetarian and vegan options.

Bronnbachergasse 22 R, 97012 Würzburg

Stadtstrand Würzburg In summer, the city beach in Würzburg is “the place to be”.
Along the banks of the Main you can make yourself comfortable in one of the loungers between early May and mid-September, sip a cool drink and enjoy the view of the water. Small hint: You are not allowed to bring your own drinks or food, as the city beach is financed by the income.

Address : Ludwigkai, near Löwenbrücke

Waldschänke Dornheim The slightly different beer garden: outside you can enjoy your drink under chestnut trees and flags, inside in the nightclub you can dance to techno music. The Waldschänke Dornheim has only been around since May 2016, but it’s hard to imagine the Würzburg pub scene without it. A really cool location, which we think is definitely worth a visit.

Address: Tavaleraplatz, 2019 Würzburg

5. Our hotel tip with a view over Würzburg Our room in the GHOTEL hotel & living Würzburg was without a doubt the one with the most spectacular view on our entire Franconian trip. From the 16. Würzburg lay at our feet and we could even see as far as Marienberg Fortress. The only downside of our floor: the elevator took half an eternity at peak times to take us down to the ground floor or up to our room. But we are very, very happy to overlook that with this panoramic view. A little tip: try to get a west-facing room with a view of the old town.

You can stay even more exclusively in the 17. Floor: The rooms even have balconies or terraces there. For a quick photo, we were allowed to take a quick look at the most expensive room in the hotel, including the roof terrace . It’s something to behold, isn’t it? It’s a pity that the terrace isn’t freely accessible.

In any case, we felt really comfortable in our room. Another plus point for the warm season: there is air conditioning in all rooms. The breakfast is very extensive and the staff really friendly. Due to the fact that the hotel is very large, things are a bit hectic. By the way, it’s an approx. from the hotel -minute walk to the old town. All in all: We would come back anytime!

You can book the hotel here: GHOTEL hotel & living Würzburg

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Have you ever been to Würzburg? Did you like it as much as we did? Or maybe you have additional tips for Würzburg or experiences that you would like to share with us? Perhaps you are also planning a road trip through Franconia and still have questions? Please leave us a comment – we look forward to it!