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Volkacher Mainschleife: The most beautiful places & tips for wineries

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Welcome in the heart of the Franconian wine country – here, where the Main meanders through the vineyards and one wine village is more beautiful than the other. When you walk through historical places like Volkach, Dettelbach or Sommerach for the first time, you can’t help but feel at home right away.

Would you like to go on a wine tour Franconia? In this blog article we tell you what to expect in the region around the Volkacher Mainschleife and its surroundings. We’ll show you which sights and highlights you shouldn’t miss and of course we’ll also share our tips for wineries and restaurants.

1. This is what awaits you at the Mainschleife near Volkach The Mainschleife near Volkach is one of the most scenic regions in the Franconian wine country – and certainly one of the best known. The river loop is near the town of Volkach, which is why it is often referred to as the Volkach Main Loop. The medieval town of Volkach can therefore be described as something like the center of the region.

The region also includes a few other towns in addition to Volkach, such as the enchanting places Sommerach and Dettelbach with beautiful half-timbered buildings. Of course, we will also present these to you in this blog article.

Around a third of the vineyards in the Franconian wine region are located along the Mainschleife. The typical soil in this area is the shell limestone, on which mainly white grape varieties ripen – above all Silvaner (the Franconian wine par excellence) and Müller-Thurgau.

How much time should I plan for the Mainschleife? A (long) weekend is perfect if you want to see the most important places, visit one or the other winery or maybe take part in a cellar tour. Most of the places are really small and you can explore them on foot in an hour or two.

Good to know: the distances are rather short . From Volkach to Dettelbach (which is in the very south of the region), for example, you are only just by car minutes on the way. That means you don’t have to factor in long commutes – unless you want to cycle, which is also possible.

2 . The most beautiful places & sights on the Mainschleife In this chapter we present our stops along the Mainschleife. In addition, there are also our winemaker recommendations and other personal tips. We have marked all the highlights on the map at the end of this blog article.

Volkach Let’s start right in the heart of the region: Volkach. The small medieval town makes it easy to feel good. (And no, it’s not just because of the pennant chains that are waving towards us in the center.)

The flair in Volkach in the warm summer months is a very special one: very busy. Yes, you could almost say southern. Paired with the historic townscape in Volkach, this results in a really nice overall picture.

An absolute must in Volkach: Brunnenschoppen. This means that you get your bottle (= a 0,15 fetch a glass of wine) from one of the bars on the market square and sit down on the steps of the fountain with it. If that is too uncomfortable for you, you can also try to get a seat in one of the bars. (We’ll come to our tips in a moment.) The flair is particularly beautiful just before sunset, when the last rays of sunshine are still falling on the market square.

The city center of Volkach is full of narrow streets and the really beautiful houses very worth seeing. There are some sights, that you shouldn’t miss: The town hall, which is located directly on the market square can hardly be missed. From there it is only a stone’s throw to the parish church of Volkach (St. Bartholomäus and St. Georg). Also worth seeing is the Upper Gate – once part of the city fortifications and today one of the landmarks of Volkach.

Vogelsburg The imposing Vogelsburg is always mentioned in the same breath as Volkach. This is a short drive (approx. 5 minutes) outside the center of Volkach. The Vogelsburg is a former monastery, in 13. It was built centuries ago on the site of a former castle.

Today there is a hotel and restaurant in the Vogelsburg. From the terrace of the restaurant you can enjoy a wonderful view over the vineyards and the Main. You should definitely come here at least once for coffee and cake.

Our tip: The Vogelsburg also has a castle garden. Directly behind the door there is another very nice view waiting for you (among other things in the direction of the pilgrimage church Maria im Weingarten). The Burggarten is not open to the public – we simply asked at reception and the very nice employee showed us the way there.

Viewpoint terroir f Volkach From the Vogelsburg you can walk about 10 minutes the viewpoint terroir f. So that you know your way around: There are several so-called terroir-f-points throughout the wine region of Franconia. They stand for special places from which you usually enjoy a great view. Each terroir-f vantage point is dedicated to a specific topic: in Volkach it is the climate or global warming.

The terroir for Volkach is in the middle of the Escherndorfer Lumps, one of the best-known vineyards in Franconia. From here you have a great view of the Main Valley with the town of Nordheim in the background. We have marked the exact location on the map at the end of the blog article. You can also reach the terroir f Volkach directly by car.

Winery in the center of Volkach: Our tip There are countless wineries in the vicinity of Volkach, which we will introduce to you later. But this is about wineries in the center of Volkach and we can recommend one thing in particular: the Weingut Max Müller I.

In the winery Max Müller I there are excellent wines. Quite apart from that, the ambience in the modern vinotheque is also very inviting and the owners are extremely warm and courteous.

Eating and drinking in Volkach: Our tips Mainwein Weinbistro: Very nice restaurant located directly on the market square. With a bit of luck you can get a seat outside by the wine barrels and watch the hustle and bustle on the market square. The ambiance inside is surprisingly modern. There are cold snacks to eat, such as cheese or ham platters.

Weinbar Fahr Away: Probably the hippest bar in all of Volkach, which also has a Hotel belongs (more on that later). Here you can find Mediterranean-inspired snacks in tapas form.

Nordheim am Main Nordheim is not far from Volkach, but it is the complete opposite of it: Nordheim is a sleepy little place, that is particularly suitable for those looking for peace and quiet. A beautiful place in summer in Nordheim is the bathing beach. Here you can cool off in the Main.

Otherwise, we recommend a walk through the vineyards. Behind Nordheim, the Kreuzberg rises – a of the best-known vineyards in the wine-growing region of Franconia. (“Mountain” is a bit misleading as the highest peaks are 287 Meter.)

Anyway: From Kreuzberg you can enjoy wonderful views of the other side of the Main (towards Escherndorf and also to Vogelsburg). It is also worth hiking to the viewpoint at the top of the Kreuzberg. From there you have a 287 -degree view over the entire region.

Vineyard in Nordheim: Our tip The DIVINO Nordheim is hard to miss. It is located in the center of Nordheim and is a vinotheque and bistro in one. In the very spacious vinotheque there is a huge selection of DIVINO wines. You can then enjoy a glass of wine and cold Franconian snacks in the guest garden of the associated bistro.

If you are interested in a cellar tour: This one are in the DIVINO Nordheim for individual guests on Monday and Thursday (except on public holidays) at 14: 25 Watch offered for just 5 euros.

Escherndorf Directly across from Nordheim, on the other side of the Main, is Escherndorf. However, there is no bridge. The route by car takes you approximately 10 Minutes via Volkach. Alternatively, you can also use the Main ferry .

Escherndorf is rather inconspicuous, but one of the most unusual vineyards in the wine region of Franconia is located here, the Escherndorfer Lump. It is characterized by its particularly steep location: Some slopes have a gradient of up to 70 percent. The work in the vineyards is therefore a challenge, but the climatic conditions here are particularly favorable.

Wine estates in Escherndorf: Our tips In Escherndorf there are several wineries next door. We have visited the following three and can highly recommend them:

Rainer Sauer winery: The most stylish of all wineries and very well worth seeing from an architectural point of view. The winery was renovated with great attention to detail.

Horst Sauer winery: Winery that has won several awards. The wines are among the best in Franconia.

Winery Clemens Fröhlich: Family-run winery, where the whole family puts their heart and soul into it. You immediately feel welcome here.

Sommerach The photogenic town of Sommerach has us incredibly liked. Sommerach is small but fine – just the way we like it. You can walk through the town in a very short time, but you still want to stay much longer.

The picturesque ensemble of buildings on the church square is worth seeing, among other things. From there you can go straight to one of the loveliest streets in Sommerach, the Winzerstraße.

What we can also highly recommend is the walk to the lookout tower, which is located in the vineyards behind Sommerach. From the town center you can reach the observation tower in about 30 minutes walk. Alternatively, you can also go by car. You can look in all directions from the observation tower.

Winery in Sommerach: Our tip On sunny days it’s worth stopping at the summer bar of the Winzergenossenschaft Sommerach (also known as Winzerkeller Sommerach). This wine cooperative is located on the outskirts of the center of Sommerach. On the spacious sun terrace you can enjoy cold Franconian specialties with a glass of wine. If the weather isn’t right: The vinotheque is also very nicely designed.

Dettelbach Dettelbach is one of those places that surprised us the most. The hilly town with its half-timbered buildings and medieval towers and town gates has incomparable charm. Dettelbach doesn’t look quite as spruced up as Iphofen, for example, but that’s exactly what makes the city so appealing. You should definitely stop by here if you have time.

The square in front of the striking is particularly beautiful Parish Church of St. Augustine . From there you can see one of the most beautiful building ensembles in Dettelbach and in the background you can also see the facade of the Gothic town hall, which is also worth a stopover.

If you are in Dettelbach, you should walk a piece of the historic city wall , which is really well preserved. Among other things, the bridge gate is worth seeing.

Culinary and wineries in Dettelbach: Our tips Restaurant Himmelstoss: We had an excellent meal here. The ambience in the inner courtyard is fantastic in summer. The service staff including the boss are extremely courteous. Our conclusion: Worth every euro!

Vinothek in the KuK: The quite modern KuK (culture and communication center Dettelbach) houses a library as well as an integrated vinotheque. So if you want to taste one or the other wine and take it home with you, you’ve come to the right place.

Wine hikes near Kolitzheim A very beautiful wine trail is located in Kolitzheim and the surrounding area. Overall, the hiking trail runs over 25 Kilometers, once in a circle. You can find the exact route here: Weinwanderweg Kolitzheim.

We chose the section on the Eselsberg near Stammheim. From here you have a very nice view of the Main Valley. Near Stammheim is also the largest Bocksbeutel in the world: A steel construction is reminiscent of the world-famous Franconian bottle shape. We have marked the location on the map at the end of the article.

3. Overnight stays on the Volkacher Mainschleife: Our tips In this chapter we will show you the accommodations along the Mainschleife where we have stayed. Which place you choose to stay overnight is a matter of taste. Many prefer Volkach, the unofficial center of the region. If you prefer it quieter, then we can highly recommend our accommodation in Sommerach.

Villa Sommerach Highly recommended! This beautiful historical building ensemble accommodates a total of 6 individually furnished rooms. We stayed in the veranda room on the top floor.

The atmosphere is very familiar. Here you can feel the love for detail on every corner. The breakfast is also a dream. The Villa Sommerach is located just a few minutes’ walk from the town center in a very quiet location – perfect for switching off. We would stay here again at any time.

You can book the hotel here: Villa Sommerach

Hotel Fahr Away The hotel belongs to the wine bar of the same name and has several modern rooms, each of which is furnished differently. If you are looking for hip accommodation in the center of Volkach, then there is no way around Fahr Away.

Breakfast is served in the (rather small) Restaurant area offered. The selection is limited, but the quality is very good. All in all: Recommended!

You can book the hotel here: Drive Away

Romantikhotel Zur Schwane An institution in the center of Volkach – in this historic house are a hotel and a highly acclaimed restaurant. We ourselves stayed in a standard double room (Burgundy), which was quite small, but cozy and comfortable.

The breakfast is wonderful: We took a seat in the historic, rustic wine bar, which has a very special charm. Conclusion: Highly recommended if you want to stay in a well-known hotel in the center of Volkach.

You can book the hotel here: Zur Schwane

4 . Map: All places and tips at a glance So that you can find your way around better, we have marked all our recommendations on this map . The red dots are sights or places, the green dots describe our tips for wineries and restaurants.

Transparency: Advertising & Affiliate Links This blog article was created in cooperation with FrankenTourismus. We travel to several places in the wine country of Franconia and report about it on our blog and our social media channels.

This blog article contains our personal recommendations in the form of so-called affiliate links. If you book or buy something through the links, we will receive a small commission. For you, this does not change the price at all. A thousand thanks from both of us!

Have you ever been to the Volkacher Mainschleife? devious and you might have additional tips? Or are you planning a trip through Franconia and still have questions? Leave us a comment – we look forward to it!