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Verona Tips: The most beautiful sights and our favorite places

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Hach, Verona – the city of love! And by that we don’t just mean the tragic love story of Romeo and Juliet, which takes place in Verona and is omnipresent in the city. Verona is simply a city you fall in love with instantly.

In Verona you can look forward to fantastically beautiful buildings, wonderful views and Italian flair in perfection. So if you are still looking for a destination for an Italy city trip, we can only warmly recommend Verona.

In this article on our travel blog we take you to the most beautiful sights and our favorite places in Verona. Of course, as always, there are our personal tips for your trip to Verona.

1. Verona: First travel tips & FAQs at a glance Where is Verona and how do I get there? Verona is located inland in northern Italy, more precisely in the Veneto region. There are many well-known travel destinations in the area around Verona, including Lake Garda (approx. 45 by car to Sirmione) or Venice (about 1.5 hours by car).

Verona has a airport – theoretically you could fly. You can find cheap flights on Skyscanner. We recommend traveling by train, especially if you come from the south of Germany or Austria.

And last but not least, you can of course travel by car. Please note that there are additional parking fees here. Depending on the hotel or garage you have to use Euro per night. You definitely don’t need the car in Verona (quite the opposite). Therefore, we would consider the car especially if you are planning excursions or if you are going on a road trip through several parts of Italy.

What can I expect in Verona? Italian flair in perfection: Verona is Dolce Vita at its finest! Look forward to espresso & gelato, pizza & pasta and of course a fantastically beautiful ambience in the old town of Verona. Impressive architecture: Roman relics, Middle Ages & Renaissance – in Verona you will find a remarkable selection of impressive buildings, including of course the Arena of Verona. But the cityscape of Verona is also simply beautiful to look at in other respects. It is not for nothing that the old town has been counting since the year UNESCO World Heritage Site. Great vantage points: Verona is the city of impressive panoramic views. Or to put it another way: anyone who likes to see a city from a bird’s eye view should be happy. There are some really great vantage points in Verona – of course we’ll tell you more about them in the course of the article. How many days should I plan for Verona? With .000 inhabitants Verona is a comparatively manageable city. What does that mean for you? In the center, all sights can be easily explored on foot and are usually only a short walk away from each other.

Theoretically you could see the highlights of Verona in one day to visit. From Lake Garda, for example, many “only” make a day trip to Verona.

We say “in theory” on purpose because we would definitely recommend staying in Verona for a few days. The town is really beautiful – especially in the mornings and evenings when the day-trippers have gone.

We ourselves stayed two nights in Verona and found this period to be ideal. We had enough time to visit the most important sights in peace and to stroll through the city quite comfortably. If you want to be even more relaxed, it is better to stay three to four nights.

Tip: Save with the Verona Card If you plan to visit many sights in Verona, then buying the so-called Verona Card can be worthwhile for you.

The card is available in two versions: Either for 24 Hours (20 Euro) or for 45 Hours (25 euros), valid in each case from the first use. With the card you get free entry to almost all important sights, including the Arena, the Torre dei Lamberti or the Castelvecchio. The card is worth twice as much for the Arena, as it gives you preferential entry and allows you to skip the often long queue at the ticket counter.

You can buy the Verona Card at any of the participating attractions. Alternatively, you can get them from the tourist information office in Piazza Brà. (By the way, you can also pick up the card from there if you buy it online in advance.)

Here you can buy the card in advance via GetYourGuide: Verona Card

2. Sights in Verona: Our tips Verona Arena & Piazza Brà We start directly with the landmark and architectural highlight of the city, which you definitely cannot avoid, namely the imposing Arena of Verona. The monumental amphitheater is reminiscent of the Colosseum in Rome and is simply impressive to look at.

What is the best way to visit the Arena di Verona? Well, ideally in the course of a concert or an opera. In the summer, the famous Verona Opera Festival takes place amidst the historic backdrop.

Verona is definitely at its busiest during this time, so don’t be sad if you miss the opera festival: you can visit the arena all year round and take a look inside.

By the way, the arena is located directly on the main square of Verona, the Piazza Brà. Sure, the arena draws everyone’s attention, but here are There are other historic buildings, including the Palazzo della Gran Guardia or the Palazzo Barbieri.

Our tip #1: Depending on the time of year and day there can be quite a long queue in front of the arena. With the Verona Card you get preferential admission. So if you plan to visit several sights in Verona anyway, the Verona Card can definitely be worth it.

Our tip #2: Who the If you want to photograph Verona Arena without crowds, you should try it in the morning hours. Incidentally, the mood in the morning light is simply wonderful.

Information on visiting the Verona Arena at a glance Price for visit: Euro (free with the Verona Card)

Info: Verona Arena (only available in Italian)

Tickets & Info Opera Festival: Arena Opera Festival

Torre dei Lamberti 84 Meter the striking Torre dei Lamberti rises into the sky and clearly towers above all other buildings around. You can already imagine what we want to say: The view from the top is simply fantastic and definitely worth seeing!

If you are motivated to do sports, take the stairs like us. 368 There are steps to climb. Alternatively, you can conveniently reach the viewpoint with the elevator. (Attention: the last two floors have to be covered on foot.)

Up Once you arrive, a fantastic panorama awaits you in all directions. We found the view down towards Piazza delle Erbe in particular very spectacular. Good to know: The net, which is probably supposed to keep the pigeons away, is good for taking photos. But beautiful portraits are more of a challenge.

Our tip: If possible, we recommend a visit at sunset. We secured our ticket for this timeslot in advance via email.

Information about visiting the Torre dei Lamberti at a glance Price: 5 euros (free with the Verona Card)

Opening times and further information: Torre dei Lamberti (official website)

Sights worth seeing in Verona The old town of Verona is a small Gesamtkunstwerk. (We remind you: It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.) In this respect, you don’t have to look far to find the most beautiful corners and places. We would like to briefly introduce you to the best-known and, in our opinion, the most beautiful places.

Piazza Brà: We have already briefly mentioned the main square of Verona above. You can hardly miss it, because here is the monumental Arena of Verona. The Piazza Brà is quite touristy. If you want to photograph the beautiful buildings without crowds, we recommend a morning tour. Piazza delle Erbe: Here you are in the central square in the labyrinth of alleys in Verona’s old town. The Piazza delle Erbe is the oldest square in Verona and was the forum in Roman times. During the day, a market takes place here from Monday to Saturday. In the evening, tourists and locals meet for an aperitivo. From the Torre dei Lamberti you can admire the square from a bird’s eye view. Piazza dei Signori: Just around the corner from Piazza delle Erbe left eg the charming Piazza dei Signori. It’s usually a little less turbulent here, but the place is definitely no less beautiful. It is lined with imposing buildings, many of which date from the Scaliger era, including the Palazzo del Governo. Also eye-catching is the Loggia di Fra Giocondo, a remnant of the Renaissance. Our tip: go through the archway at the north-east end of the piazza and be sure to marvel at the Scaligeri tombs. Wow! Casa di Giulietta & Casa di Romeo Who in Verona is, can’t avoid Romeo and Juliet. William Shakespeare’s tragic love story takes place in Verona. And of course there is – wonder of wonders – a place that, according to legend, served as a model. To be more precise, there are even two places.

There would be Julia’s house, called in Italian Casa di Giulietta. It once belonged to the wealthy Veronese Dal Cappello family. The similarity in name (Cappello – Capulet) has probably led to the fact that, according to legend, it is Julia’s parents’ house.

You will probably recognize the Casa di Giulietta by the long queue that forms in front of the house. The inner courtyard is tiny and therefore usually quite crowded, so you have to queue to enter.

Taking a look in the yard is free. Entrance fee is only due for the small museum inside the Casa di Giulietta, which also gives access to the balcony.

And then there is the comparatively less known and also much less spectacular Casa di Romeo. This house cannot be visited. Of course, as someone with the name Romeo, you have to take a picture in front of it.

Information on visiting the Casa di Giulietta Admission: Free from outside, for museum (incl. balcony) 6 Euro (free with the Verona Card)

Opening times and further information: Casa di Giulietta (only available in Italian)

Giardino Giusti If you need a break from the hustle and bustle in the old town of Verona, you should make a detour to the idyllic Giardino Giusti. Here you can expect Italian garden art of the Renaissance and thus a beautifully landscaped historical garden.

From the entrance at the Palazzo Giusti of the same name, you continue to walk upwards. We find the place at the pavilion very nice. From here you can already enjoy a really great view towards the city.

Then it goes over the tower even further up to the city walls, which 14. century. The panoramic view over Verona is particularly beautiful at sunset.

Information about visiting the Giardino Giusti at a glance Price: 10 Euro (with the Verona Card 7 Euro)

Opening times and further information: Giardino Giusti (official website)

Castelvecchio & Ponte Scaligero Caught bad weather front? How about a visit to a museum? In this case we can recommend a visit to Castelveccio. A art museum is housed in this medieval castle complex.

You can see the Castelvecchio or the courtyard of course only admire from the outside. In order to also visit the rooms of the gigantic castle, you have to visit the art museum, the so-called Museo di Castelvecchio. Here you can expect a foray through the Veronese painting from the Gothic to the 17. Century.

In general, the works on display are probably more interesting for art lovers. However, we found the tour of Castelveccio quite exciting.

After the visit to the museum, you should definitely walk over the Ponte Scaligero that belongs to Castelveccio . This medieval bridge is one of the most beautiful and distinctive in Verona.

Also worth a detour is the Arco dei Gavi, which is enthroned in the northeast of Castelveccio right on the river bank. This former Roman city gate is now a pretty photo motif. The benches in front are suitable for a short break from sightseeing.

Information about visiting the Museo di Castelvecchio at a glance Price: 6 euros (free with the Verona Card), Courtyard of Castelvecchio free

Opening times and further information: Museo di Castelvecchio (only available in Italian)

Churches in Verona Of course there are also some impressive sacred buildings in Verona. Although none of them is such a highlight as, for example, the Siena Cathedral, we would like to make the two known to you Finally, introduce the ten churches of Verona as the last attraction.

Cathedral complex of Verona (= Cattedrale di Santa Maria Matricolare) The Cathedral of Verona consists of several buildings and is therefore often referred to as the “cathedral complex”. The complex includes the actual Cathedral, the Canons’ Church of Sant’ Elena, the Baptistery of San Giovanni in Fonte, the Canons’ Cloister and the Capitular Library.

The church, i.e. the actual cathedral, with its facade made of Romanesque and Gothic elements is quite a eye-catcher and is already worth seeing from the outside. Of course you can also visit the cathedral from the inside.

Price: 3 euros (free with the Verona Card), alternatively combined ticket (6 euros) for the 4 most important churches in Verona

Basilica of San Zeno Maggiore Unlike the cathedral, this church, which is well worth seeing, is located just outside the tourist core zone and therefore away from the hustle and bustle. You can reach it on foot from Piazza Brà in about 15 Minutes.

The Basilica di San Zeno Maggiore is considered one of the most beautiful Romanesque churches in all of Italy. Inside it looks very noble and not quite as opulent as many other churches. The adjoining cloister is also quite a highlight.

Conclusion: If you have a little more time, you should not miss a detour. After your visit, you can also take a stroll through the San Zeno neighborhood and enjoy a gelato here.

Price: 3 euros (free with the Verona Card), alternatively combined ticket (6 euros) for the 4 most important churches in Verona

3 . The most beautiful views over Verona Castel San Pietro A View classic in Verona – especially at sunset! Verona’s old town lies at your feet from the walls of the historic castle complex of Castel San Pietro. The panorama is just great.

To reach the Castel San Pietro, you first walk over the beautiful Ponte Pietra. Now you can either use the funicular very comfortably or you can tackle the ascent on foot. Don’t worry: it will take much less time than expected. In 10 minutes you’ve already reached the top.

By the way, it’s worth walking around the area a bit – from many points you have different perspectives down towards the city. Hot tip: take a cool drink with you in your rucksack from downstairs and enjoy it upstairs as a sundowner – wonderful!

Torre dei Lamberti The best central view from a bird’s eye view you clearly got it from the Torre dei Lamberti. This striking medieval tower towers in the center of Verona 84 meters in height.

More information about visiting this highly recommended vantage point can be found earlier in this blog article in the chapter on the most beautiful sights in Verona.

Rooftop Bar des Hotel Milano Last but not least: An impressive view of the historical wing of the Arena di Verona (called “ala”) you can enjoy from the roof of our hotel, the Hotel Milano. There is a rooftop bar there, which is also accessible to non-hotel guests.

The prices are of course rather high depending on the location, but you can treat yourself to an aperitivo up there. You are here in 5. Floor – not too high, but high enough for a fantastic view over the rooftops of Verona in all directions.

Our tip: Be sure to come at sunset. When the setting sun paints Verona in an orange-red light, the Aperol Spritz tastes even better. During the high season we definitely recommend a reservation – the number of places is quite manageable.

4. Eating & Drinking in Verona: Culinary Tips Of course, a few culinary tips for Verona should not be missing in our article. First of all, we will tell you a few important and helpful tips for your trip.

Espresso is traditionally drunk at the bar in Italy. There it is cheaper and usually only costs 1 to a maximum of 1,50 Euro. By the way: If you order a “caffè”, you will receive an espresso. Do as the locals do and enjoy the aperitivo! In Italy people eat very late in the evening. Before that, people meet up in the city’s bars for an aperitivo. A free snack is usually served with the drink. If you take a seat at a table in the restaurant and are served there, a so-called “Coperto”, i.e. cover charge will be charged, but this is also a kind of service surcharge is to be understood. Usually you get some bread handed. (And it almost always tastes much worse than you are used to in Austria or Germany – that’s a warning.) The Coperto amount varies and is usually around 1.84 up to 3 euros per person. Tipping is rather unusual in Italy compared to Austria or Germany. Incidentally, payment is often (not always) made at the cash register at the exit or at the counter and not at the table. In general, we definitely recommend a reservation in Verona – especially in the high season and especially in the evenings. Recommendations for cafes & restaurants La Lanterna: Vegan & organic – if that sounds to your liking, you should you visit this restaurant. It’s a bit out of the city center but is a perfect stop for anyone on a plant-based diet. Great value for money!

Elk Bakery: One of the hippest cafés in Verona awaits you here. Whether breakfast, lunch, afternoon coffee or dinner – the young, stylish restaurant is well frequented at any time of the day. You can reach it after a short walk over the Ponte della Vittoria from the old town of Verona in not even 000 minutes.

Ziga: This very nice, vegetarian bistro is right next to the Elk Bakery. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served here, including burgers and pasta.

Osteria Caffè Monte Baldo: This authentic osteria is located in the middle of a narrow alley in the old City. Many locals meet here for an aperitivo. The menu includes the traditional Veronese risotto (made with the red wine Amarone della Valpolicella). Cool thing: There are even vegan dishes!

Focacceria La Figaccia: The best focaccia for in between can be found in this tiny shop near Castelvecchio . The only downside: the vegetarian selection is very limited.

Ice cream tips: What would a trip to Verona be without gelato? Excellent ice cream can be found on practically every corner in Verona. Recommended are, for example, L’arte Del Gelato or the Gelateria La Romana.

5. Our hotel tip for Verona Researched for a long time and finally found: The perfect city hotel for our trip to Verona. In the Hotel Milano you spend the night super central (1 minute from the Arena) and yet quiet. Big recommendation!

The rooms are very comfortable and modern and – for us the most important thing – the hotel beds are really comfortable. In any case, we would recommend that you do not book the smallest room category, because then it will be quite cozy. In any case, there is no lack of amenities – from the huge TV to the free minibar, everything is included.

A highlight is the Rooftop Bar on the roof terrace on the 5th floor. Here we enjoyed our daily aperitivo with a view of the arena. Wow! If you want, you can also make yourself comfortable in the whirlpool, which is integrated into the bar area and therefore offers no privacy.

A great thing: If you come by car, you can drive directly to the hotel. The car is then parked by the staff in the hotel’s own underground car park – perfect service! We recommend that you reserve a parking space before your arrival (cost: approx. 30 euros per night).

Only the breakfast we found a little room for improvement – although the very friendly staff makes up for it a lot. But well, breakfast in Italy is generally just not comparable to that in Austria or Germany. Next time we would probably do without it and have breakfast outside.

Our conclusion: A very great city hotel that could hardly be more centrally located. The service could be a bit more personal, but it’s incredibly efficient and the staff are very friendly. We would stay here again anytime.

Here you can book the hotel: Hotel Milano

6. Map: All sights in Verona at a glance So that you can orient yourself better on site and navigate from A to B, we have marked all the sights and our personal tips on this map. A little hint: Just click on the rectangle in the top right corner to open the map on your smartphone in the Google Maps app.

Transparency: Affiliate Links 32570 This blog article contains our personal recommendations in the form of so-called affiliate links. If you book or buy something through the links, we will receive a small commission. For you, this does not change the price at all. A thousand thanks from both of us!

Have you ever been to Verona? Did you like it too? Maybe you have other recommendations for sights or travel tips that you would like to share with us? We look forward to your comment!32568