United Arab Emirates Police Start Serving in Metaverse

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With the metaverse gaining some public attention, different services and solutions are increasingly appearing in the digital world, which is one of the main products of the Web3, but what about security? Well, the United Arab Emirates has the answer to that, being the first country to put its police force in the metaverse.

The police of the UAE regions is starting to expand its operations to beyond the physical plane. Thus, the police anticipated the tendency of crimes to happen in the metaverse and created the first police agency to provide its services to clients through augmented reality technology.

The source of the news is precisely a tweet made by police authority showing part of operations in the metaverse.

“Ajman Police is the first law enforcement agency to provide its services to clients through metaverse technology.”

شرطة عجمان أول جهة شرطية خدماتها عبر ميتافيرس ميتافيرس pic.twitter.com/xva6ublxbe

— ‏ajmanpoliceghq (@ajmanpoliceghq) October 16, 2022


Gitex Technology Week, which took place in Dubai World Trade Center , the Ajman Police General Command (one of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates) announced the launch of the “Sponsorship Request”, an intelligent service. people who allow the public to communicate with the police remotely through their avatars in the metaverse.

The idea, obviously, is not to fight crime in the virtual world, but to use the metaverse as one more way for victims to contact the police. Ajman Police Commander General Mohammed Abdullah Abu Shehab

said the force is seeking to benefit from technology in the field of policing .

Other regions also want to start working in the metaverse

The General Command of Dubai Police announced the release of the new version of their smart app during the Gitex Global event 2022, which includes a premium suite of 70 services developed using the latest programming languages ​​and artificial intelligence.

It is worth remembering that Dubai has informed that it intends to become a metaverse city by

. The government of Dubai was working to bring its offices to the virtual world, the aim is to provide assistance to citizens for government procedures directly from a virtual environment.

Thus, the two plans can come together in the future and make Dubai a city increasingly present in the metaverse.

This could be interesting to show more cases of technology use, even if it is to solve day-to-day problems without having to go get queue or go in person to an office, or even a police station.