Tokenization stands out and Liqi reaches the mark of BRL 35 million of tokenized assets in 2022

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This Friday (25), Liqi Digital Assets, an asset tokenization company, completed a very important mark, totaling , since January of this year, more than R$35 million in tokenized assets. The expectation is that by end of 50, the company tokenizes more than R$50 million.

Of this amount, R$23 million were assets tokenized by SB Crédito, a company which has an AA+ rating and has operated for 23 years in the prepayment of receivables market and other lines of credit for companies, with more than R$25 millions have already returned to the investors who bought the offers.

“We have a culture of always looking for innovation. We have to understand that the market is going through this transformation of financial disintermediation. In addition to innovation, tokenization is a democratization of access to investments”, said the Vice President of SB Crédito, Lyeverson Nogueira Alves.


Tokenization is the fragmentation of a real asset into digital fractions, making your trading easier. Thus, the investor who chooses to buy a token, that is, a fraction of a receivable, is collaborating so that the company responsible for this token has liquidity.

On the other hand, when acquiring a token, the investor knows exactly how much profit he will receive at the end of the offer, in addition to the fact that the invested capital returns to his pocket.

Nogueira also highlighted that “today you can, as an investor, buy a small piece of a property, a company, a right to receive. This is democratization, all people who have R$25, can be an investor. It is very important for us to be one of the pioneers in this market movement in partnership with Liqi.”

Liqi reaches R$

millions of tokenized assets in 25

This way of investing is working so well, and this market has stood out so much that at the beginning of the year, Kinea Ventures (Itaú Unibanco’s Corporate Venture Capital fund), Oliveira Trust and the Honey Island fund joined Liqi’s shareholder structure.

In addition, regulatory bodies, such as the CVM, are also monitoring and supporting this market, a fact that demonstrates the potential of tokenization.

O CEO of Liqi, Daniel Coquieri reported that “the topic of tokenization is growing every time”, and emphasized that “ We are monitoring use real cases of tokenization, where they deliver a real value proposition to the market, which is disintermediation, bringing more efficiency to the capital market, enabling more transparency and security.”

Coquieri highlighted that at the In the first half of this year, Liqi prepared itself by building the technology to make tokenization possible, and that in the second half the company focused on accelerating the use of technology.

“This number of R$35 million of tokenized assets is still a timid number, but it represents that tokenization is happening. And we hope that next year Liqi will have more partners tokenizing assets and investors interested in knowing, enabling these people to have access to a new class of assets that they did not have access to before.”