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The most beautiful photo spots in Paris

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Hach Paris, you are so wonderfully photogenic! Paris is a dream come true for fans of romantic, picturesque photo motifs. In some arrondissements there are photo spots on every corner. You don’t want to take your finger off the shutter button.

However, if you then look at particularly famous When you arrive in Paris with lots of photo opportunities, disillusionment quickly follows: people, people, people! In this respect, our most important tip for all fans of photography: getting up early is the order of the day. Without a doubt, Paris presents itself at its most beautiful with the first rays of sunshine of the day.

To make your search for the best photo motifs and photo locations in Paris a little easier, we have put our favorites in this one blog article before. In addition, of course, we reveal our personal experiences about the individual places.

By the way: If you want information about the most beautiful sights and general tips for your city trip to If you are looking for Paris, then this way to our detailed travel guide: Paris Tips.

1. Trocadéro: The most famous Eiffel Tower photo spot Let’s start with what is probably the most famous view of the Eiffel Tower in all of Paris: Trocadéro . This means the platform, which is slightly elevated in front of the Palais de Chaillot above the Jardins du Trocadéro and gives you the Paris postcard motif par excellence. Here you look over the Jardins du Trocadéro together with the imposing Warsaw Fountain – simply impressive!

Current (as of September ) the place is being completely renovated and is partially cordoned off. Don’t worry: Even if the best photo spot is currently not accessible, there are plenty of angles from which you can photograph the Eiffel Tower – for example from the directly adjacent Jardins du Trocadéro.

Important note : This photo spot is an absolute magnet for visitors. There is an incredible amount going on here all day long and you should take special care of your valuables. Very popular is the place before sunset, before the Eiffel Tower is lit up at nightfall.

Warning: The Eiffel Tower’s night lighting is protected by copyright. If you want to publish photos of it, you must obtain permission to do so.

2. Rue de l’Université Iconic views of the Eiffel Tower abound in Paris. A particularly popular photo spot near the Eiffel Tower is at the end of Rue de l’Université.

The imposing Eiffel Tower rises almost perfectly here between the house fronts . Unfortunately, this photo location is now anything but an insider tip. If you don’t come early in the morning, you’ll have to share the space with many others.

An equally popular photo spot is at the end of Avenue de Camoens. From here you can also enjoy a great view past the house facades to the Eiffel Tower.

3. Pont de Bir-Hakeim In our opinion, one of the best photo spots in Paris at sunrise is the Bir-Hakeim bridge . In summer, the sun rises almost perfectly behind the Eiffel Tower.

The bridge itself is also a very popular place for photo shoots. Because: The bridge has two floors and the cycle path running below the Métroviaduct with its wrought-iron arches makes for a great photo motif.

We definitely recommend coming here in the morning to take advantage of the beautiful light. Don’t be surprised: You will almost certainly meet other photographers.

4. Café de Flore There is a photogenic café on almost every street corner in Paris, and yet one thing in particular stands out: the Café de Flore. With its green facade, the Café de Flore is a Parisian photo motif straight out of a picture book.

The Café de Flore is one of the oldest and also the most famous cafés in Paris. Even Jean-Paul Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir and Picasso were guests here. If you want to visit the café, be prepared for a higher price level . A simple espresso costs about 5 euros.

5. La Maison Rose: photo location in Montmartre As soon as you come to Montmartre, you will notice: This district is simply packed with famous photo spots. One corner is more photogenic than the other, but one of the most popular spots among photographers in Montmartre is the so-called Maison Rose.

This romantic café with its pink facade and the green shutters is simply picturesque like no other street corner. Word has got around and it is not uncommon for a real crowd to gather in front of the Maison Rose.

Our tip: If you want to photograph the house in peace, you have to come in the morning or on Monday or Tuesday when the restaurant is closed.

6. Le Consulat in Montmartre Let’s continue with Paris vibes in perfection. “Le Consulat” is also a restaurant and this is also in the artistic district of Montmartre – how could it be otherwise.

Le Consulat is pretty much the epitome of a Parisian café. Cobblestones, photogenic lettering, a colorful awning – in short: the dream for everyone who are looking for the most beautiful photo motifs in Paris.

The same applies here: During the day it is pretty turbulent here. It didn’t bother us personally, but if you want to take photos in peace and above all without people in the way, you should come early in the morning.

7. Glass pyramid of the Louvre Let’s continue with a classic among the Paris photo spots: the glass pyramid in the inner courtyard of the Musée du Louvre . This comes from the 11s and is the main entrance to the most famous museum in Paris.

The square is accessible 24/7, however the pyramid is surrounded by crowds during the day. If you want to let off steam photographically, you should come early in the morning or alternatively at night when it is dark . Both times of the day are not only worth seeing from a photographic point of view.

Our photo tip: In order to cover up the lack of water in the fountain (during our visit), we have a photo motif with a reflection through the smartphone tried out. Incidentally, this also works to hide people from sights or at least to distract them from them.

Important note: The glass pyramid is subject to copyright. If you want to use photos for anything other than private purposes, you need permission.

8th. Odette Paris This small patisserie called Odette near Notre-Dame Cathedral is an extremely charming place in Paris. At the end of a narrow alley, two tiny little houses nestle tightly against the neighboring houses.

If you have enough time, you can also take a short break and coffee and Treat yourself to cake . Although the target group is primarily tourists, the place is simply picturesque nonetheless.

A little tip: Just around the corner is also Shakespeare & Company, one of the most famous bookshops in Paris. He also makes a nice photo motif.

9. Bouquinistes of Paris Anyone strolling along the banks of the Seine will recognize them immediately: the legendary Bouquinistes of Paris. Books, comics, posters and now also souvenirs are sold at the charming wooden stands. Since incredible 350 years ago, the Bouquinistes shaped the cityscape of Paris.

In our opinion, the Bouquinistes also make a great photo motif – especially on the section where the imposing Notre-Dame Cathedral is directly behind raises. But make sure to ask before you pull the trigger.

10. Pigalle basketball court The undoubtedly most colorful photo location on our list is near Montmartre in the Pigalle district. This colorful basketball court is located between two houses on Rue Duperré and is just a really great motif.

The painting is renewed every few years in cooperation with artists, so that the square always gets a new look. By the way, the work of art is not only beautiful to look at, of course basketball is also played here.

. Photo spots at Métro stations in Paris They simply belong to the cityscape of Paris: the magical Métro entrances. Some are in Art Nouveau, others in Art Deco style – all of them are extremely popular photo motifs in Paris.

One of the most famous Métro entrances in Paris is Lamarck-Caulaincourt in the Montmartre district, which incidentally was also the location of the film Amélie. He can be seen in the first photo. Our second photo was taken at the entrance to the Saint-Michel station on Rue Surger.

Not only the entrances, but also some metro stations themselves are well worth seeing. The Station Concorde (Line 06) impresses with its countless blue and white ceramic tiles. The flair in the Station Cité with its lanterns is also great.

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Our conclusion: We would stay here again in a heartbeat! A great boutique hotel with great attention to detail. We can recommend it all round.

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Have you ever been in Paris and can you add other great photo locations? We look forward to your additional tips and experiences in the comments. 36911