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The Faces of Morocco: A Photo Series

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The faces of Morocco. Faces of people we will never see again, but who – each and every one of them – have enriched our trip to Morocco. A smile, a laugh, new knowledge and stories that we will remember for a long time.

A little side note: It is It’s a shame to see that almost exclusively men are represented here. And it’s so meaningful. The photos are a reflection of Moroccan society, a society in which women are marginalized.

Lamp shop owner, Marrakech

Our living room has recently been enriched by a candlestick and we have this nice man to thank for that. His shop is in a nondescript alley in the heart of Marrakech.

Taxi driver, Marrakech

We are heartbroken: we transferred the friendliest taxi driver in Marrakech. He was waiting for us (“I wait you here”) but we just couldn’t find him in the medina anymore. What a pity!

Farmer’s wife, Ait Ben Haddou
Short before we reached the clay town of Ait Ben Haddou, this woman crossed our path. Her face and hands tell a story, don’t you think?

Owner of a ceramics shop, Ait Ben Haddou
Karim was 20 Travel guide for German travel groups in the Sahara for years before he set up his own small shop in Ait Ben Haddou. His standard phrase: “Just look, don’t buy anything!”. We looked and bought of course.

Man with pack donkey, Todra Gorge

This nice man probably spends the whole day hoping that someone would like to take a picture with his donkey.

Shepherd , at Ifrane

In the barren mountains of Morocco we have almost 2. 000 meters high met this friendly man with his sheep. It was fresh here, there was even snow.

Shepherd, Sefrou

We almost overlooked this man, his clothes have changed so much and his sheep blended into the landscape.

Owner of a leather shop, Fès

Hassan knows Austria’s former Federal President Kurt – (“Only his horse was with der SA”) – Waldheim, and worked hard for 20 years in the leather tannery. Now he owns the place.

Souvenir seller, Fès

Fascinating: His sales style matches his smile. And of course we couldn’t resist either. Our balcony is now looking forward to a Moroccan side table.

spice seller, Fès

We almost bought the shop empty of what is probably the friendliest spice dealer in the entire old town. Our nutmeg supplies are covered for the next few years.

Chef, Fès

He knows his trade: The cook of the Karawan Riad in Fès conjured up a magnificent dinner for us.