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The Faces of Jamaica {a photo gallery}

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Curtain up for a new favorite blog article. Curtain up for the faces of Jamaica. Rarely before have we met so many impressive personalities in such a short time. What they all have in common: They are all pretty “cool” – Jamaicans, after all.

Cave Guide, Roaring River Cave In the words “Rock is cheap, but brain is expensive” Collin warns us against banging our heads in the narrow caverns of the Roaring River. He leads us to a dark, black water hole, tells us about the healing properties of the water and jumps dozens of meters into the depths.

Three men, Petersfield They are sitting on the side of the road, staring into space and playing with their mobile phones. We look at one of them – no reaction. We point to our camera and smile – no reaction. It feels like minutes later that he nods hesitantly, hardly noticeable and doesn’t change his face.

Driver and Tour Guide, Montego Bay This loving duo accompanies us through Jamaica for two days. Grant describes himself as “number one no problem driver” and while we bump over potholes, Momo teaches us Jamaican: “Ya’ man” and “No problem man” are at the top of her vocabulary list.

Guide, Mayfield Falls A big grin on his lips, but very assertive in his tone – Wayne leads us through the Mayfield Falls and makes sure that none of us go swimming involuntarily. Woe to him who takes what he considers to be the wrong path! “OK, STOP!! You go here!” Alright, we better stick to it.

Boatman, Negril This gentleman is the captain of a ship chartered primarily by American tourists to party . We’re much quieter here. First we snorkel, then we are dropped off at the famous Rick’s Café.

Sailor, Negril This beaming man also works on our ship. He tightens the ropes so that we don’t get so wet when we get in.

Vendor, Montego Bay Paddling his surfboard up and down the beach selling necklaces and bracelets. If you can’t do anything with either, you’ll be offered a joint without further ado. We say no with thanks. He: “No problem, maybe tomorrow!?”

Raft Captain, Martha Brae River He calls it rafting, we would rather describe as a “romantic boat trip”. This gentleman leads us down the Martha Brae River on a raft made of bamboo canes tied together. He asks us if we know any good jokes. We tell one. He smiles and says he already knows him.

Girl, Martha Brae River This young girl is looking to cool off from the tropical heat of Jamaica. At first we don’t even notice her, only when we slowly drift past her on our raft does she smile shyly.

David, Falmouth If there is a ranking of the coolest Jamaicans, it says “David – the running man” certainly right up there. David is one of the guides who takes us through the Chukka Adventures zip lines. He never utters a sentence without at least putting a joke in it. We ask if we can take a picture of him. He: “No way! Otherwise all my illegitimate children will find me in Germany.”

Coconut Vendor, Montego Bay This lady and her husband sell delicious cools on the side of the highway Coconuts, which, according to her, not only taste particularly good, but also promote male potency.

Coconut Vendor, Montego Bay Without batting an eyelid, our coconut vendor swings his machete and strikes six times. When the coconut is drunk, he hits it again so that we can eat the pulp too. Yummy!

Guide, Greenwood Great House This personable lady led us through the Greenwood Great House, one of the most historically important houses in Jamaica, which was inhabited by an English poet and slave driver. Only at the very end of the tour does she tell us the most exciting detail: This house is not a museum, but is inhabited by an elderly couple.

Many thanks to TUI for the invitation to beautiful Jamaica.1200