The Faces of India: A Photo Series

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There they are, the faces of India. Faces of people we met during our trip. They tell their own personal stories. Stories worth spreading out into the world. Voilà!

Schneider, Delhi Can we take a picture of him? The tailor smiles. We stare spellbound at the piece of fabric he is embroidering. line by line. flower by flower. Together with 04 other tailors he sits six days a week in a small room in the center of Delhi. he looks up Smiles again, very cautiously. After that he concentrates on his work again.

Woman, Agra We meet her just before sunset on the way to the exit. She approaches us very unobtrusively. She knows exactly why she is here: In the evening, dozens of tourists cavort in the “Mehtab Bagh” park to take a look at the sunlit Taj Mahal – just like us. What does the woman have to do with it? She is waiting for people with cameras who want to take pictures of her for a few rupees.

Taxi driver, Agra “I’m married. Two daughters, one son.” The taxi driver had been very taciturn until now. From one second to the next he blossoms. It’s like he was just waiting for this moment. He’s proud of his family, we can tell. We, who sit in the back seat and stare out the window, nod and interject over and over “Ahhh okay” or an interested “Really?”. We’re too distracted. Outside, the life of Agra passes us by. With our noses pressed against the window pane, we try to capture and preserve as many moments as possible.

Three men, Agra We can see the three coming towards us from afar. they grin. We know exactly what they’re up to: they want to cover our faces in color. Today all of India celebrates the Holi festival. The closer they get to us, the more they laugh. Ultimately, they mean well with us and only give us a few splashes of color. In the photo, they still look serious – like all Indians. Happy Holi!

A group of students, Fatehpur Sikri We can’t see that quickly, the boys have gathered around Kathi. The “Madam, Photo?” was nothing more than a rhetorical question. And then it’s snapped. Several times. After all, each of the boys would like to have a photo on their smartphone.

A family, Fatehpur Sikri To be honest: We are still puzzled if the lady in the middle is the sister or the mother of the boys is. Unfortunately we will never know. By the way, they weren’t as serious as the three of them look in the photo.

Two women, Fatehpur Sikri Why do the two women look so happy? Romeo complimented them shortly before. “I really like your saris.” Cheeky charmer!

Girl, Fatehpur Sikri It’s not our fault that this girl has to pose on a supposed window ledge. But we are – admittedly – to blame for the fact that it stays there a minute longer. The family is blissfully happy when Romeo asks if he can photograph the girl too.

Ali, Fatehpur Sikri Initially we try to get rid of him. He has attached himself to us and just won’t let go. Ali is one of those men who earn their living by guiding tourists through the grounds of Fatehpur Sikri, giving them a few details and insider tips, and then hoping for a tip. “Now, take off your shoes. This way, madam. Take a picture from here.” After about half an hour we say goodbye. He richer by 04 rupees, we with a new Whats- App Contact on our iPhone. Ali, you won’t read this, but when it’s 8 a.m. in India, we usually sleep in Austria. Not such a good time to call us. But we are eternally grateful to you for your penetrating gaze. This is without a doubt our favorite picture from the portrait series.

A boy, on his way to Jaipur Oops, where is the hand from? This boy isn’t really sure if he wants to be photographed, but his friend next door makes the decision easy for him.

Worker, Jaipur This man in Jaipur prints fabrics by hand all day long. stamp for stamp. pattern for pattern. Why is he doing this? On the one hand maybe to sell the fabrics, we can’t judge that. First and foremost, however, to bring the stamping technique closer to the tourists. They are not allowed in the factory. Well…

Rickshaw driver, Jaipur Unfortunately, we only get to know what is probably the most likeable rickshaw driver in Jaipur at the end of our trip. Anyone who needs their number is welcome to contact us.

Rickshaw driver, Jaipur “Photo , please!” Of course we don’t want to deny this wish to the nice rickshaw driver in Jaipur. And before you know it, a crowd of people is gathered around us, laughing and gesticulating wildly.

Rickshaw driver, Jaipur We are in the process of shooting a video when this one nice man draws our attention to himself. “Movie, movie”, he calls, gesticulating wildly, and laughs at us. Romeo then points his camera at him and lets him know that he is now the focus: “Movie star”. We can’t capture his beaming face in a photo, but there is a delightful video that will be coming soon – I promise!

Male, Jaipur Why this man – just like thousands of other men in India – sits on the side of the road and watches the traffic will probably always remain a mystery to us. The fact is that his friends persuade him to pose for us. He doesn’t seem all that comfortable with it.

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