Sunrise at the Taj Mahal: Our tips

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The Taj Mahal: Wonder of the world, landmark and masterpiece of architecture. No building in the world has given us such goosebumps as the world-famous marble mausoleum in northern India. The Taj Mahal towers majestically. Even the crowds can’t harm the magical magic.

The undoubtedly best time to visit the Taj Mahal is sunrise. Believe us: Den The first sight of the Taj Mahal at dawn you will remember for the rest of your life. It couldn’t be more beautiful!

In this article, we’ll tell you what to look out for when visiting the Taj Mahal. We also show you what else you can experience in Agra.

1. Taj Mahal: Information & things worth knowing What many people don’t know: The Taj Mahal is a Mausoleum and not a palace as it is often said. But what a thing! The Taj Mahal was just under years ago by the then Indian Grand Mogul Shah Jahan for his deceased wife. 30. Workers are said to have been involved in the construction of the monument.

The Taj Mahal embodies architectural perfection. It consists of bright white marble, which shines even in hazy weather. Not to forget, of course, the sheer perfect harmony of proportions: the mighty, striking dome is surrounded by four minarets – one of the most famous silhouettes in the world.

How do I get to Agra/Taj Mahal? The Taj Mahal is on the outskirts of Agra – an otherwise unspectacular city that is about 300 kilometers south located from Delhi. Most travel to Agra from Delhi. We highly recommend that you travel this route by train.

The train journey from Delhi to Agra takes 2 to 3 hours depending on the train. There are countless connections every day. We chose the Shatabdi Express (train number ). It leaves Delhi from New Delhi Railway Station early in the morning at 6am and arrives almost 2 hours later at 7: 57 Clock in Agra. We really enjoyed this morning train ride!

It’s not that easy to book the train ticket from Europe, because Not only are there countless providers, but you often also need an Indian phone number for the booking. However, it works without any problems via the provider

You can book your ticket here: Train ticket Delhi-Agra via

How much time should I plan for the Taj Mahal? The bad news: it has been for a while Visit on site limited in time . With your ticket you may stay a maximum of three hours in the area of ​​the Taj Mahal. If you stay longer, you will unfortunately have to pay a fine.

In Agra itself we would plan one to two nights. Aside from visiting the Taj Mahal, there are some other worthwhile places to visit in Agra such as the Agra Fort. There are also some worthwhile viewpoints around the Taj Mahal that will give you a new perspective on the wonder of the world.

Price & opening hours Admission: The regular ticket for tourists costs 1.80 Indian Rupees. In addition, 200 Indian rupees due for the interior of the mausoleum. (If you buy online you save 45 Indian Rupees.)

Opening hours: The Taj Mahal opens 30 minutes before sunrise and closes 30 Minutes before sunset. This means that the opening times vary slightly depending on the year. The Taj Mahal is closed on Friday!

Important information on buying tickets There are three entrances to the Taj Mahal, whereby currently (as of beginning 2020) Tickets can only be purchased at two of them: Taj Mahal Western Gate and Taj Mahal Eastern Gate. The Southern Gate is only used as an exit.

The ticket office at both locations (Western and Eastern Gate) opens one hour before sunrise and has until 45 Minutes before sunset. The Western Gate is usually the entrance used by locals. Tour groups tend to gather at the Eastern Gate, which is why it can be busier here in the morning.

From both gates it is about 16 Minutes walk to to the actual entrance to the core area of ​​the Taj Mahal. Alternatively, you can also cover the distance with a rickshaw.

In front of the actual entrance to the main area of ​​the Taj Mahal, security checks take place. There is a separate line for men and women. Here we had to once again approximately 10 until 15 waited minutes before we were inside.

Important info: If you buy your ticket at the ticket office as soon as the counter opens, you will definitely not be the first to make it to the main area of ​​the Taj Mahal, because by then there are already a lot of people gathered in front of the security check who already have their ticket. You can also buy the ticket online. In addition, many travelers receive their ticket in advance from their tour operator.

Here you can you can buy the ticket online in advance: Taj Mahal online ticket

FYI: Although the site is considered an official website, it is not only very slow, but also confusing. We also heard that booking tickets often doesn’t work. So just try your luck.

Travel guide for the north of India: Our recommendation Does your journey take you through the Golden Triangle and Rajasthan? Then we have a tip for you: The Lonely Planet Rajasthan, Delhi & Agra (English) is very clear and attractively designed. The new edition was published in the year 2019 and is therefore quite up-to-date. Clear recommendation!

You can buy the travel guide here: Lonely Planet Rajasthan, Delhi & Agra

2. Sunrise at the Taj Mahal If you get there early, then you can see the Escape crowds: Not at the Taj Mahal! You must be aware that it is practically impossible to photograph the Taj Mahal without people. The morning hours are one of the most popular times to visit the Taj Mahal.

The good news: We would still recommend sunrise for a visit to the Taj Mahal. The light is simply magical! With a bit of luck you can look forward to a little (not too much) morning fog and a truly unique, very mystical ambience.

In front of us is the Taj Mahal, shimmering gold in the morning mist. We have to pause to realize how beautiful he is.

The earlier you come, the better! As mentioned, the area (not the ticket counter) opens half an hour before sunrise. And some time before that, a long line forms in front of the security check. If you really want to be at the forefront, you have to buy your ticket online in advance (see above for info) and get in line as early as possible.

We recommend that you don’t stress too much. We were far from the first in the area and still found the atmosphere breathtaking! Besides, the crowds get along quite well anyway – especially in the morning.

3. What Else You Can Experience in Agra Agra Fort The Agra Fort is the most important sight of the city after the Taj Mahal. Of course, it’s pretty much overshadowed by the Wonder of the World, but it’s still really worth a visit. This gigantic fortress made of sandstone is a bit reminiscent of those in Delhi, but we personally liked it better.

The fort dates back to 16. Century and was once Residence of the Mughal rulers. You walk through countless parts of the building, inner courtyards and rooms made of sandstone and marble.

The complex is very spacious , so plan enough time. (We recommend at least 1.5 hours.) Another highlight is the view of the Taj Mahal in the distance, which you can enjoy from here.

Information on visiting Agra Fort Entry: 300 Indian Rupees

Opening hours: From sunrise to sunset

Mehtab Bagh

This park is opposite of the Taj Mahal, more precisely on the other side of the river. Especially at sunset we can highly recommend a visit. From here you have a beautiful view of the sunlit Taj Mahal. The park is not particularly well maintained, but the view is of course great.

Our tip: If you follow the road further to the side, you will reach a free vantage point that is at least as beautiful .

Entry: 150 Indian Rupees

4. Eating and drinking in Agra Our restaurant tip: Shankara Vegis Restaurant We had a very good meal in this small, family-run restaurant in the center of Agra . As the name of the restaurant suggests, vegetarian cuisine is served here. All dishes ordered tasted excellent. The prices are absolutely affordable: A Thali costs about 150 Indian rupees.

The ambiance is simple, cozy and pretty authentic. There is an indoor area on the ground floor and a rooftop terrace with a somewhat limited view of the Taj Mahal. By the way, the restaurant has been around since 45s – speaks for the quality, we would say.

Rooftop bar with a view of the Taj Mahal In Agra there are a number of rooftop restaurants from which you can enjoy a great view of the Taj Mahal enjoys. Some of them are near the southern entrance of the Taj Mahal. However, the quality of the bars and restaurants is usually rather modest – the focus here is really on the view. Quite well known is the Saniya Palace Restaurant.

For a luxurious experience you can pay a visit to what is arguably the most famous hotel in town, the Oberoi Amarvilas . As an external guest you can also come here for breakfast, dinner or just for a drink. The best tables outside are often reserved for hotel guests, but the view is still fantastic.

5. Our hotel tip for Agra In Agra there are a lot of really luxurious and expensive hotels. Our recommendation for you is the family-run The Coral Court Homestay. It is located in a quiet residential area about 15 Minutes walk from the Eastern Gate of the Taj Mahal.

The Homestay is felt with a lot love for detail . You really feel very comfortable, which is mainly due to the warm and helpful hosts.

The rooms have an authentic charm, are well equipped and very clean – unfortunately that is not always the case in India. There is also a plus point for the great, varied breakfast. All in all: If you are looking for a comfortable, lovingly managed accommodation, you are in good hands in this homestay!

You can book the accommodation here: The Coral Court Homestay

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Have you already visited the Taj Mahal? Maybe even at sunrise? We look forward to hearing about your experiences and additional tips!