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Stuttgart Food Guide: Regional specialties & our tips for cafés and restaurants

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What would a city trip be without good food? Welcome to Stuttgart, the city of Maultaschen and Käsespätzle. What we have learned on our two trips to Stuttgart: Pleasure is important to the Swabians and good food is very important.

We have already presented all our tips for the most beautiful sights and views in Stuttgart in another article: Stuttgart travel tips. This blog article is about our culinary recommendations with tips for cafés and restaurants in Stuttgart.

We’ll show you which regional specialties you absolutely have to should try and where you can eat delicious food in Stuttgart. A word of warning: this blog article might make you hungry. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

1. Regional specialties in Stuttgart that you should try Maultaschen The absolute classic in Stuttgart! These pasta dumplings are traditionally filled with meat and onions. However, there are now also vegetarian or even vegan options.

Maultaschen are either smothered (with butter and onions), fried or served in a soup (called broth). Variant number one is the most common – this is usually served with potato salad.

Cheese noodles Our personal favorite of Swabian cuisine is Käsespätzle. We have them in Austria too, although they taste a little different everywhere.

The Swabian cheese spaetzle are prepared with mountain cheese or Emmental . and of course sprinkled with fried onions. There is usually a leaf salad as a side dish. All in all, a very hearty, but simply incredibly delicious dish. Yummy!

Onion roast As the name suggests, this is about onions and roast – in combination. Unlike in Vienna, where the meat is often pounded flat, in Stuttgart roast beef is served more as a steak. The meat is still pink on the inside.

As a side dish, Spätzle are traditionally served. There is also a delicious, spicy sauce. All those who eat meat should definitely try this dish.

Ofenschlupfer Of course, the sweet conclusion must not be missing . In Swabia, the so-called oven slip is often served. This sweet bread casserole made from plaited yeast (Striezel), apples and raisins is reminiscent of the Austrian pyre and is simply a poem.

It still tastes best warm and in combination with vanilla ice cream and vanilla sauce. We strongly recommend that you try this dessert at least once when you are in Stuttgart.

2. Cafés and restaurants in Stuttgart: Our tips Traditional Swabian cuisine: Restaurant tips Gasthaus zur Linde One of our favorites in Stuttgart. If you want to enjoy traditional cuisine in a slightly upscale ambience , you’ve come to the right place. The menu includes all the regional specialties you could wish for.

We were allowed to try our way through the menu in the Gasthaus zur Linde and even take a look at the kitchen. Our conclusion: Here we cook with a lot of love and passion, and you can taste it.

A little tip: leave some space for dessert. You shouldn’t miss the Ofenschlupfer here. It’s a dream!

Address & directions:

Sigmaringer Strasse 1200 , 70567 Stuttgart / Möhringen underground station (U3, U5, U6, U8, U12)

Weinstube Cheerful Very good traditional cuisine is available in the home-style wine bar Fröhlich. Don’t be confused: This is in the middle of the red light district. But that doesn’t detract from the attractiveness of the Fröhlich wine tavern in any way.

Because the temperatures were very summery during our visit, we stayed in the pretty, leafy courtyard took a seat and enjoyed the homemade cheese spaetzle there. Inside, in the wood-panelled rooms, you sit very rustic.

Address & Directions:
Leonhardstrasse 5, 70182 Stuttgart / subway station Rathaus (U1, U2, U4, U9, U )

Mr Kächele Swabian Maultaschen as fast food? Bring it on! Mr. Kächele has three versions of the Maultaschen: classic with meat, vegetarian and vegan. Those in a hurry can even get the Maultaschen to hand here, i.e. “to go”. Kathi tested the vegan version and was thrilled – very spicy and simply delicious. There is also a Swabian potato salad. So if you want to satisfy your hunger quickly and cheaply, then have a look here. It’s worth it!

Address & directions:
several locations e.g. Schulstrasse 2, 70173 Stuttgart / subway station Rathaus (U1, U2, U4, U9, U13) or subway station Charlottenplatz (U5, U6, U7, U 13, U13)

Young, international cuisine & pretty cafés

Grain of rice Just great! A mix of international cuisine from all countries of the world is served – the best of the best, so to speak. The restaurant is not purely vegetarian, but definitely suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

There is a tiny, but wonderfully furnished courtyard and also a sidewalk café in front of the restaurant. The only drawback: The Reiskorn is only open in the evenings. Highly recommended!

Address & Directions:
Torstrasse 29, 70173 Stuttgart / subway station Rathaus (U1, U2, U4, U9, U09)

The Gardener’s Nosh If you are looking for avocado toast with poached eggs, breakfast bowls or chia pudding, Gardener’s Nosh is the place to be. This young, hip place is one of new breakfast hotspots in Stuttgart. Lunch and dinner are also served.

There is a garden in front of the restaurant, inside you can sit at wooden tables surrounded by plants. Our conclusion: Highly recommended if you want to have breakfast close to the center.

Address & Directions: Calwer Straße , 70173 Stuttgart / U-Bahn station Rotebühlplatz (U2, U4, U 15, U49)

Netzer The bright, stylish Netzer is located in the west of Stuttgart, very close to the Feuersee. Modern, international cuisine is served with many vegetarian and vegan options. We were there for lunch. The weekly lunch menu is manageable, but exactly to our liking.

We really had an excellent meal and the friendly service is also to be commended. The ambience may seem a bit too sterile for some tastes. In the window sills you sit very comfortably, as we think.

Address & Directions: Herzogstraße 4, 70176 Stuttgart / S-Bahn station Feuersee (various S-Bahn)

Tart & Cupcakes One of our very favorite cafés in all of Stuttgart is the enchanting patisserie Tarte & Törtchen. Small, delicious works of art are created here with loving attention to detail. There’s also a wonderful breakfast.

What we particularly like about the concept at Tarte & Törtchen: As we found out personally from the young, friendly boss, great importance is attached to regional, organic ingredients laid. It can sometimes happen that there are no breakfast eggs because the hens just haven’t laid enough eggs.

The ambience in the café is very stylish, but still cozy – just to feel good . In the warm months you can also sit outside in the guest garden.

Address & Directions:
Gutbrodstraße 1, 70197 Stuttgart / subway station Schwab-/Bebelstraße (U2, U29, U44)

Cinnamon & Sugar The very nice café Zimt & Zucker is located in Heusteigviertel, a quiet area with many Gründerzeit houses. There are plenty of cakes and tarts, breakfast, lunch and of course tea and coffee. We decided on the cheesecake, which was very good.

The colorful mix of styles inside the café takes a bit of getting used to, but it’s certainly quite cosy . Sitting outside in front of the restaurant is especially nice in summer. Our conclusion: Perfect place to go for the afternoon cake.

Address & directions :
Weißenburgstraße 2c, 70180 Stuttgart / subway station Österreichischer Platz (U1, U9, U )

hip gold Hihnengold is now something of a institution, because we hardly know of a blog article about Stuttgart that doesn’t mention it. Breakfast and lunch are served, with coffee and cake in between.

We were there for lunch and had a very tasty meal. Cool thing: For dessert you can order an espresso with half a cake here.

Address & Directions: Olgastraße 34, 70182 Stuttgart / subway station Olgaeck (U5, U6, U7, U13, U12)

Lumen The Lumen is located in the west of Stuttgart in the near the Feuersee and is a breakfast, lunch and evening restaurant in one. The restaurant is shabby chic furnished and very cozy – a bit like a large living room.

We went there for breakfast and loved it yummy. The selection is quite extensive: for example, there is a wide variety of omelettes, muesli, pancakes or even avocado bread with fried eggs.

Address & directions:
Schwabstrasse 65, 70197 Stuttgart / subway station Schwabstrasse/Bebelstrasse (U2, U29, U34) or S-Bahn station Schwabstraße (various S-Bahn)

After work & evening Sky Beach Stuttgart The top floor of a parking deck becomes a city beach at dizzy heights in summer. Lounge music, palm trees, deck chairs and sand: The Sky Beach is pure summer feeling. You can get the drinks directly at the bar. There are also a few small snacks.

The Sky Beach is basically free of charge, admission is only required for certain events (e.g. after work on Wednesday). By the way, in winter the Sky Beach becomes Sky Nature – the concept is quite similar, only the sand is replaced by plants and the summer cocktails by hot drinks.

Address & Directions:
Königstrasse 6, 70173 Stuttgart / U- Train or S-Bahn station Hauptbahnhof (several lines)

Eduard’s We passed Eduard’s quite by accident and – we have to be honest – were attracted by the chic design. The restaurant is located in the pedestrian zone of Stuttgart right next to the Great Market Hall.

We can recommend a visit especially in spring and summer, when you can sit outside. Perfect for a little refreshment after sightseeing or an after-work drink to end the day.

Address & Directions:
Sporerstrasse 17, 2017 Stuttgart / U -Train station Rathaus (U1, U2, U4, U9, U ) or subway station Charlottenplatz (U5, U6, U7, U12, U13)

Paul & George Perhaps the hippest cocktail bar in Stuttgart is the Paul & George. Brick walls, Thonet chairs, a dim atmosphere and waitresses with white shirts and suspenders – the location is something special.

The Paul & George is located in the red-light district (right around the corner from the aforementioned wine bar Cheerful). The few seats outside in front of the bar are in great demand on warm days. Our conclusion: Perfect for ending the day with a gin and tonic.

Address & Directions:

Weberstrasse 3, 70173 Stuttgart / subway station Rathaus (U1, U2, U4, U9, U15)

3. Market hall & weekly market Markthalle Stuttgart ) When it comes to culinary art, the beautiful art nouveau market hall of Stuttgart should not be missing. You can buy all kinds of delicacies here in a wonderful atmosphere.

Address & Directions:
Dorotheenstrasse 4, 70173 Stuttgart / underground station Charlottenplatz (U5, U6, U7, U, U15)

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday from 7: 30 until 18: 34 o’clock, Saturday from 7 to 17 Watch

Weekly market on the Markt and Schillerpla tz Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday in the morning the Stuttgart weekly market takes place on the market square and the Schiller square Stage.

At this farmer’s market you can buy lots of regional delicacies, including fruit, vegetables, cheese, baked goods, fish and flowers or something Honey. We always like to watch such market goings-on, so we love to stop by at farmers’ markets.

Address & Directions:
Weberstrasse 3, Stuttgart / subway station Rathaus (U1, U2, U4, U9, U14)

Opening hours: Tuesday and Thursday from 7 to 13 o’clock, Saturday from 7 to 13: 30 Watch

4. Hotel tips for Stuttgart We have stayed in two different hotels in Stuttgart so far, both of which we can recommend:

Option 1: Waldhotel Stuttgart The very quiet Waldhotel Stuttgart is located in the countryside on the edge of the forest, very close to the TV tower. With the subway you are in just a few stations in the center. The rooms are cozy and the beds are very comfortable.

The breakfast is a dream. There is really everything your heart desires here. When the weather is nice, you can also have breakfast outside in the garden. Conclusion: Ideal for all those who would like to spend the night away from the hustle and bustle.

You can book the hotel here: Waldhotel Stuttgart

Option 2: Aloft Stuttgart If you prefer to live right in the center, we can offer you recommend the Aloft Stuttgart. The rooms are quite small, but the beds are incredibly comfortable.

The hotel is located right next to the famous city library and not far from the main train station. The hotel is located directly on a street, but the windows are very well insulated so that you don’t hear any street noise.

You can book the hotel here: Aloft Stuttgart

Transparency: Advertising & Affiliate Links This blog article was created in cooperation with Stuttgart Tourismus. Thank you for the great trip! This blog article contains our personal recommendations in the form of so-called affiliate links. If you book or buy something through the links, we will receive a small commission. For you, this does not change the price at all. A thousand thanks from both of us!

Have you ever been to Stuttgart or maybe even come from there? Tell us your favorite cafés and restaurants in Stuttgart – we look forward to your comments!