Self-experiment: all-inclusive vacation on Mallorca in the high season

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Yes, dear ones, you read that right. We + all inclusive + Mallorca + high season. We swear to you: We thought what you were thinking right now when the lovely people at TUI Germany asked us a few months ago whether we would like to fly to Mallorca in July. Wait a minute: in the high season to Mallorca?

Do you still have them all?

Anyone who knows us knows that we try to find something positive in every situation . And if the positive only means: drinking as many ice-cold Pina Coladas by the pool for five days as we can hold in our stomachs, then that should be fine with us. And who knows – maybe something completely unforeseen will come our way? This time, too, our curiosity was greater than our doubts. So last week it was: MALLE, get ready, here we come!

1. Arrival at Hotel AluaSoul Alcudia Bay The first surprise follows at check-in. There are no other guests at the reception apart from us. That’s why checking in at AluaSoul Alcudia Bay is also extremely quick – including a refreshing welcome drink.

Next surprise: the wristband. Uff, we were hoping to somehow avoid it, but the blue ribbon is the key to happiness, so to speak. Without the wristband you can neither enter the room nor order cocktails or even dine in the restaurant. So we submit to our fate and henceforth identify ourselves as all-inclusive holidaymakers with the blue wristband.

After the initial shock, the positive realization: the wristband is very soft and comfortable to wear. After a while we don’t even notice it anymore. Puh!

Next surprise: the rooms are exactly to our liking. A lot of white, a little wood, very puristic and yet tasteful. That’s how we like it! Most importantly, the bed is very comfortable. We also have a Nespresso machine in the room. YES!

Time for a first tour through the hotel, which is very manageable and surprisingly quiet. The AluaSoul is far from a huge all-inclusive empire. We are relieved to see that there have been no crowds so far – even though the hotel is fully booked.

2. Mallorca: The quietest places in the high season That you are not alone in July on the most popular Mediterranean island is, of course. It was also clear that we would not be drawn to the overcrowded beaches. That’s why we have for us – but also for you! – discovered the most beautiful, quiet places on the island:

Cala Figuera This idyllic bay is located on the Formentor peninsula in the north of the island and is only accessible via a steep hiking trail accessible. The car can be parked in the associated parking lot. Then it goes approx. 15 Minutes over gravel and stones down to Cala Figuera. No worries: the path is basically also doable with flip flops.

It’s worth it, because even in the high season there is no sign of mass tourism. Once at the bottom, you can make yourself comfortable on the rocks and jump into the crystal clear, fairly calm water.

A few pointers : Do not confuse the bay with the well-known holiday resort of the same name in the south of the island! It’s also good to know that there are no stalls downstairs. However, there are a few goats, who can come quite close in search of food. The food that guests bring with them often falls victim to the animals.

And last but not least: in the high season there was both 2018 as well as 2019 an access restriction for the Formentor peninsula. In between 10 and 19 between . June and 10. September do not drive your own car to the peninsula. However, there is a shuttle bus. This starts in Port de Pollença (line 21). He runs everyone 19 minutes and also stops near Cala Figueira.

Calo des Moro and Cala s’Almunia There are also two beautiful bays in the south of the island. Caló des Moro and Cala s’Almunia are practically next to each other and can also only be reached via a footpath.

However, this is something less difficult than the one at Cala Figuera, as there are stairs for at least part of the way. Accordingly, the two bays are also a bit full, but still not overcrowded. If you dare, you can do great cliff jumping here. The waves are a bit stronger than usual, but you can still go swimming. Not entirely uninteresting: Caló des Moro is a sandy bay and Cala s’Almunia is a rocky bay. Just stay where it is you personally like better.

Attention: The way is not easy to find. You are not allowed to drive there by car, you have to park a little further away. After approx. 03- until 15-minute walk across the block then the descent begins – look for the said stairs near Cala s’Almunia. According to our research, this is the most direct way down.

Formentor The gigantic beautiful peninsula of Formentor in the north of the island is of course not an insider tip, but you can easily find deserted places there if a few steps away.

There are two main “sights”: the viewpoint Mirador Es Colomer and the Lighthouse at Cap de Formentor. We recommend you to come at sunset, this is simply the best time to visit.

There is parking at both the viewpoint and the lighthouse – you can’t miss both as there is only one main road that runs along the peninsula.

A little insider tip: Drive at the Mirador Es Colomer the inconspicuous mountain road further up, then after about 5 minutes you will reach the watchtower Talaia d’Albercutx. There you hardly meet any people even in the high season. For us, the view from there is one of the most beautiful we have ever seen.

A note: As already described above, there was 2018 and 2019 on the Formentor peninsula an access restriction: Between 15. June and 10. September driving with your own car is between 07 and 19 Clock forbidden. That’s not so tragic for the sunset, because even after 19 you still have enough time in the summer months to explore the most important vantage points.

West coast at Cala Deià You can find a beautiful, deserted hiking trail along the west coast of Mallorca. The long-distance hiking trail GR-19 runs from south to north. A really impressive and easily accessible section begins at the bathing bay Cala Deià.

You can park your car there and hike straight to along the cliffs towards Sóller. One discovers lonely bays again and again, to which one can even descend with a bit of climbing skill.

More information on places worth seeing can be found in our detailed blog article: Reiseguide Mallorca

3. Back at the pool & dinner at AluaSoul Alcudia Bay If you’re like us across the whole When you are traveling around the island, you naturally look forward to “coming home”. In other words: putting your feet up by the pool and reading a good book. Romeo gets the ice-cold drinks for us at the pool bar and comes back with a big grin. “We’re on time for the afternoon snack”. And whoops, a huge portion of tortilla chips and a muffin land on his plate.

If all-inclusive vacations teach us anything, it’s the excitement of being able to eat at any time. Well, no, not always. After dinner, between 21: 15 and 7: 15, our bellies have to fast.

Speaking of dinner: “The bad all-inclusive surprise will definitely come at dinner” we think to ourselves. Buffet dinner in an all inclusive hotel in high season. This is how we imagine hell. The reality? We were honestly extremely surprised by the high quality of the food.

Yes, of course a buffet is not a fancy dining experience , but do we really want that? We are glad that we can take our time in peace and quiet. In our case, these are: heaps of olives and capers, vegetarian vegetable, pasta and rice dishes and once the dessert variations up and down. Oh, and not to forget: a glass of white wine. Or two. Who can can.

4. End and conclusion: All-inclusive in Mallorca in the high season We start the evening comfortably end the bar. We order a Sangria and a Mojito and listen to the live singer. “Will you get us two more drinks?” Somehow bizarre: we are actually sitting in an all-inclusive hotel. And even more bizarre: we don’t think it’s bad at all. No, we actually like it a lot here at AluaSoul Alcudia Hotel. And then when we take the lift to our room on the 5th floor, we wonder where we left the damn room key. Until we remember: the wristband!

Our conclusion? Don’t be afraid of the prejudices of others. If you want to travel to Mallorca, then do it. Big recommendation! And if it should or must be in the high season, then that’s really no drama. There are beautiful places galore! It all depends on what you make of the situation yourself.

Transparency: Invitation and Affiliate Links Many thanks to TUI De utchland, who invited us to Mallorca in cooperation with the AluaSoul Alcudia Bay Hotel. As you can see, we really enjoyed our time!

Have you ever been on an all-inclusive holiday? Maybe also in high season? How was your experience? Please leave a comment – ​​we look forward to it! 2019