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Road trip along the Great Ocean Road: Tips for two days

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Are you in Melbourne soon? Then you should definitely take a road trip along the Great Ocean Road. We have summarized our tips for the Great Ocean Road for you.

The Great Ocean Road in Australia is one of the most beautiful coastal roads of the world. And very easy to reach: It is only a stone’s throw away from the Australian metropolis Melbourne and is perfect for a trip. In this article on our travel blog, we tell you our tips for a road trip along the Great Ocean Road.

1. What awaits you along the Great Ocean Road: Information at a glance Wow, simply WOW ! The Great Ocean Road is one of the most beautiful coastal roads in the world. We had read a lot about it beforehand and our expectations were correspondingly high. But they were even exceeded! The coastal landscape with its craggy limestone formations is so spectacular that we were amazed The Great Ocean Road starts in the town of Torquay. From there it meanders 30 kilometers west along the Australian coast to Allansford. Along the route you will find countless sights and viewpoints that are ideal for a stopover. (We’ll tell you later where you should stop.)

The highlight and the most famous sight along the Great Ocean Road are the Twelve Apostles (Twelve Apostles). The limestone rocks standing in the sea have become the most famous photo motif in the region.

How much time should I allow for the Great Ocean Road? The driving time from Melbourne to the Twelve Apostles is approximately three hours . It is therefore in principle even possible (although not recommended) to visit the Great Ocean Road as a day trip.

We recommend that you plan at least one overnight stay along the Great Ocean Road. If you don’t want to stress yourself out and stop frequently along the way, we think two to three nights are ideal.

What guide do you recommend? We ourselves were in Australia “only” in Melbourne and the surrounding area on road. That’s why we chose the Lonely Planet travel guide Melbourne & Victoria, which we can highly recommend. However, it is only available in English.

You can buy the guide here: Lonely Planet Guide Melbourne & Victoria ( Circulation November 2017)

Are you planning a road trip along the entire East Coast of Australia, then the Stefan Loose Travel Guide for the East Coast is ideal for you.

Here you can you buy the travel guide: Stefan Loose Travel Guide Australia East Coast (edition February 2018)

2. Great Ocean Road: Car Rental & Transportation Tips Book a rental car We always book our rental car via the Sunny Cars platform, which we can highly recommend. Sunny Cars acts as an intermediary, ie the offers from several local car rental companies are compared.

The big advantage at Sunny Cars: Fully comprehensive insurance is included with the booking. In the event of damage, Sunny Cars will cover your deductible and you don’t have to pay anything.

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Driving: left-hand traffic & road conditions Important: In Australia there is left-hand traffic. You should not underestimate this at the beginning. It takes a while to get used to it, but after a while it’s not a problem.

Our tip: With an Australian SIM card, you can easily navigate with your smartphone. Alternatively, you can also download an offline app. You can hardly get lost along the Great Ocean Road itself. But Melbourne itself is huge and without sat nav it would have been difficult for us to get onto the right road.

We were on the Great Ocean Road in January and the streets were sometimes fuller than expected. So the Great Ocean Road is not a lonely coastal road, you have to be aware of that. However, we found the road conditions to be absolutely fine.

Tours on the Great Ocean Road You really want to see the Great Ocean Road, but don’t you dare drive the rental car on your own? No problem: The Great Ocean Road is known for many tours available from Melbourne.

This tour is recommended, since you can also experience the sunset on the Great Ocean Road here: Great Ocean Road day tour from Melbourne with sunset.

3. Overnight stays along the Great Ocean Road: Our tips Along the Great Ocean Road there are Lots of places to stay. There is plenty of accommodation in the main towns such as Apollo Bay and Port Campbell, while there is often little choice in the smaller towns. For example, you can stay in the following places:

Lorne Lorne is a cozy place located near the start of the Great Ocean Road (coming from Melbourne). If you don’t want to drive too far on the first day, you’re in good hands here.

Our tip: Lorne World

Apollo Bay and Surroundings We stayed here. Apollo Bay is about halfway along the entire Great Ocean Road. The place is very well booked in the high season in summer, as there are some great beaches here. we would therefore recommend that you book in good time or at least keep an eye on the booking situation.

Our tip: Seafarers Getaway

Port Campbell Port Campbell is the closest major town to the Twelve Apostles and is therefore visited by some visitors. You can reach the Twelve Apostles from Port Campbell approximately 10 by car.

Our tip: Daysy Hill Country Cottages

4. The most beautiful stops: Twelve Apostles & other sights The beauty of the Great Ocean Road : The rugged coastal scenery is so spectacular that you can’t help but stop non-stop. I have no idea how many times we stopped our car, but the Great Ocean Road has no shortage of “scenic view points”, that’s for sure. In our little guide we describe our itinerary and our personal highlights along the Great Ocean Road.

Torquay & Lorne The Great Ocean Road starts in the small town of Torquay . Directly after Toquay is Bells Beach, one of the most famous surfing beaches in Australia. Even if you don’t come to surf, it’s worth a stop.

On the way to Lorne you’ll come across the Split Point Lighthouse near the small town Aireys Inlet. Here, too, you should stop briefly. From the Lighthouse, it’s not far to Lorne, a cozy town along the Great Ocean Road. If you are hungry: In Lorne you will find some very nice cafes.

In Lorne there is a well-known viewpoint, the Teddy’s Lookout. You can park the car right there and enjoy the beautiful view. Also worth a stop are the Erskine Falls: This waterfall is inland, approximately 30 drive from Lorne. You can reach it after a short walk up a few steps.

Apollo Bay & Cape Otway From Lorne you can reach the well-known seaside resort Apollo Bay in about an hour. Apollo Bay is about halfway the entire Great Ocean Road. There are a few beaches around Apollo Bay that are suitable for swimming. In the high season, Apollo Bay is quite a lively place.

After Apollo Bay is located in Great Otway National Park the very recommended Maits Rest Rainforest Walk. This short, very nice hike takes you about 15 minutes through the rainforest. With a bit of luck you can even spot koalas here! You should also not miss the very photogenic lighthouse at Cape Otway.

Twelve Apostles & Loch Ard Gorge From Cape Otway the path now leads you further west. After about an hour you will reach the highlight of the Great Ocean Road: the Twelve Apostles. The Twelve Apostles are without a doubt the most famous rock formation along the Great Ocean Road.

The limestone cliffs are to 60 meters high and simply impressive. If you count, don’t be surprised: Contrary to the name, there aren’t even twelve limestone cliffs, just eight.

From the parking lot, a short walk takes you directly to the viewpoint . From there you have a gigantic view. It’s worth the drive from Melbourne for this experience alone. The huge limestone cliffs are simply impressive! Important to know: The area around the Twelve Apostles is definitely the busiest. The viewing platform is particularly popular in high season.

Before you get to Port Campbell, you will come to Loch Ard Gorge over. This gorge, which is well worth seeing, is definitely worth a stopover.

London Arch & The Grotto After Port Campbell you arrive at the photogenic London Arch. This rock arch was carved by the sea and is truly spectacular to behold. From the London Arch it is only a short hop to The Grotto. The Grotto is a rock breach that is flooded at high tide.

Warrnambool & Logan’s Beach From The Grotto it’s about 45 minutes drive to Warrnambool. Shortly before, in Allansford, the Great Ocean Road ends. In Warrnambool itself we only made a short stopover.

However, we found the Logan’s Beach which is a few minutes outside of Warrnambool beautiful. Time stood still on this deserted, huge beach. Simply gigantic and breathtaking. Logan’s Beach is known for having whale watching at a certain time of the year (between June and September). Unfortunately we were there out of season. Nevertheless, the rough beach impressed us. By the way, you shouldn’t go into the sea, because the currents are very dangerous.

Way back to Melbourne Warrnambool was the last stop on our road trip along the Great Ocean Road. To shorten the way back to Melbourne, we used the inland route. For this distance we needed et About 3.5 hours.

Summary of the Great Ocean Road: Absolutely do it! If you are in Melbourne, a trip to the Great Ocean Road should definitely be on the agenda. We were very enthusiastic about the spectacular coastal landscape.

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Have you ever been on the Great Ocean Road? Tell us about your tips or experiences – we look forward to your comments!