RJ sends public servant to take blockchain course in the US

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A civil servant from Rio de Janeiro traveled to the United States to do a training course involving blockchain technology and Web3. The capital of Rio continues to seek to improve its digital strategies, this being yet another project to evolve in the sector.

There are several Brazilian municipalities that seek to improve their relationship with technology. The debate on digital and smart cities also continues to grow among the main capitals.

The capital of Rio, for example, is even interested in receiving payment of taxes with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Being one of the references in the sector, everything indicates that municipal civil servants are seeking training on the subject.

Server from Rio de Janeiro traveled to the United States to take a course on blockchain, Web3 and NFTs

The Undersecretary Bruno Bondarovsky, linked to the Undersecretary of Transparency and Digital Government, of the Secretariat of Government and Public Integrity, traveled to the United States last October.

During his visit to Orlando, the municipal civil servant participated in a training course with Gartner. According to him, the objective was to learn about world trends in digital government, which can be used by Rio in the future.

“The objective of Rio’s participation at the Congress was to learn about global trends in digital government and digital transformation in governments, to learn about product solutions for municipal public problems, as well as to evaluate the participation of the city of Rio in the national and international Gartner network, in order to guide future decisions. “

According to the public rendering of accounts, published in the Municipal Gazette of Rio this Tuesday (22), Bruno confirmed his participation in 16 lectures.

One of them was about “How WEB3, Blockchain and NFT can benefit your organization“, with the expert Avivah Litan from Gartner. It is not yet clear, however, if Rio plans to launch a strategy with NFTs, but it is already showing interest in Web3, as well as in cryptocurrencies.

Undersecretary of Rio discovered a solution against ransomware

In addition to the lecture on blockchain, the undersecretary of Rio learned about a solution against ransomware. Such malware has targeted public services in Brazil in recent years.

In August, for example, the city of Rio confirmed that hackers tried to access confidential files. In other words, on his visit to the US, the Digital Government municipal employee was introduced to yet another solution that mitigates such crimes.

It is also noteworthy that he met with Serpro employees, the largest public technology company do Brasil, which has already created several solutions using blockchain.

Rio highlighted that its participation in international events is fundamental for the projection of the city. With the experience acquired, Rio is preparing to adapt Rio’s digital management to global trends.