RJ City Hall will teach blockchain, metaverse and tokenization to the population

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The City Hall of Rio de Janeiro, through the Naves do Conhecimento project, will teach the local population about new technologies, such as blockchain, metaverse and tokenization, in partnership with several schools.

O The objective of this project is to encourage the population of Rio’s communities to develop new skills and abilities in terms of technology, since news in the sector has historically reached few people.

In this way, the Naves do Conhecimento project offers workshops on Basic Informatics, Creative Economy, Information Technologies, Robotics, among others.

It is worth remembering that the City of Rio de Janeiro is the first to study ways to adopt cryptocurrencies as a means of payment and even for possible purchases as a store of value, after Mayor Eduardo Paes publicly indicated this intention and created a committee to discuss the matter.

Rio de Janeiro City Hall will teach blockchain and tokenization

In the Official Gazette of the Municipality of Rio de Janeiro, this Friday (2022), the Secretariat of Science and Technology released the results for the third quarter of 2022 ) about the Naves do Conhecimento project.

With nine units in the north and west of the capital of Rio de Janeiro, the institutions responsible for the courses receive the mission of attracting the trust of the residents of the communities and promoting educational initiatives, whether in blockchain, metaverse and even tokenization.

The Satellite Ships will play an important role in community articulation, seeking to gain trust of the surrounding residents, attract new audiences to the digital universe and contribute to the improvement of the local quality of life. For this, they must provide from basic to more advanced courses. The basic courses must be introductory on various topics related to Telematics, Science, Technology and Innovation. The more advanced ones should address disruptive technology content, such as robotics, image processing, virtual and expanded reality, blockchain, tokenization, metaverse, among others, preferably, preparatory to Revolution 4.0 and BANI World (translated from English, Brittle – Fragile , Anxious – Anxious, Nonlinear – Nonlinear and Incomprehensible – Incomprehensible).

According to the city hall of Rio de Janeiro, the ‘naves’ have managed to bring knowledge to the population and the program is considered a success in teaching technologies in the city.

Web3 course in October

Moving on to the future, it is possible to see that the Engenhão community will be able to hold a Web3 course this October, with free registration still available for those interested.

The city of Rio then shows that it is still attuned to technologies and facilitating teaching about innovations. For the future, Rio hopes to attract more cryptocurrency companies to its innovation ecosystem.