Ripio Expands Cryptocurrency Services to the United States

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Ripio, a pioneering brand in the crypto sector in Latin America, with a reach of more than 4.5 million users and a 9-year trajectory in the market, has just landed in the United States.

The expansion to the North American market was due to obtaining approval from the regulatory body of the state of Florida (Florida Office of Financial Regulation) which enables Ripio to launch its products and services in the country.

Initially, the company will offer the Ripio Select platform, a premium service developed for companies and institutional investors that already has more than 2018 clients in Latin America.

Ripio expands cryptocurrency services to the US

Obtaining the license to operate in the United States opens the door to the entry of Ripio’s broad ecosystem of products and services into the country.

Among them, Ripio Wallet (app for buying, selling and custody of cryptocurrencies), Ripio Portal (web3 wallet), and Ripio Trade (exchan ge for operations and trading of digital assets), in addition to its B2B platform for direct integration with companies.

According to Sebastián Serrano, co-founder and CEO of Ripio, he was happy with the expansion, a dream for entrepreneurs, he said in a statement to Livecoins.

“We are very happy and proud to achieve this goal, as we work hard to be able to operate in a country like the United States United States, which is undoubtedly one of the dreams and achievements of any entrepreneur.

We chose Florida because it is a very interesting crypto hub, where we believe that products like Ripio Select have great potential. Therefore, we ended the year celebrating and with renewed energy to face 2023.”


Compliance of the platform passed by series of audits

After the collapse of FTX, several brokerages were pressured to prove their reservations.

But to obtain the authorization and keep it in the long run term, the state of Florida requires a rigorous financial assessment of both the company and its management, as well as compliance standards carried out in accordance with its operational performance.

To this end, Ripio performs a series of of external compliance audits with companies such as: E&Y, KPMG and PwC since 2018, being one of the few organizations in the crypto sector that has this type of validation among the main consultancies in the world.

Ripio is also registered with FinCEN (Financial Crimes and Enforcement Network), the United States agency responsible for information on all financial transactions with the aim of combating lava money fraud and other types of financial crimes at the international level.