Record executive removed after promoting bitcoin scam to employees, says newspaper

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An executive at Rede Record in Rio de Janeiro was removed from his position last Tuesday (22), after a leaked list pointed out that he was responsible for convince investors to invest in the company of the “Bitcoin Pharaoh”.

Known pharaoh, Glaidson Acácio dos Santos was the leader of GAS Consultoria, a company based in Cabo Frio that operated with a financial pyramid scheme . During the years of his performance, he was responsible for raising billions of reais from investors.

To convince clients to invest, Glaidson promised yields of 10% per month. The justification for the high profitability was that he had a highly qualified team of traders who were supposedly able to explore market opportunities.

Glaidson was one of the prisoners of Operation Kryptos in , when his fraudulent scheme fell apart. Investigations continue to find traces of the way in which his criminal organization operates.

Record executive in Rio is removed from office after leaking a list of 160 victims of the Pharaoh of Bitcoins

In the past, Glaidson was a Universal pastor in Venezuela, but ended up leaving the church before starting to apply scams to investors. Anyway, he even donated R$ 72 million to the religious institution, according to a process that continues in secrecy of justice.

Now, the newest bond of the Pharaoh of Bitcoins was found with a Record executive in Rio. According to information revealed by the column of Ricardo Feltrin, from UOL, the former president of RecordTV, Fabiano Freitas, took 160 investors for the coup with Cabo Frio cryptocurrencies.

He was removed from office last Tuesday, according to investigation, and must be transferred by Record to another division in Goiânia. Also a former pastor of Universal, Fabiano handed over his position after the list of victims in possession of the Public Prosecutor’s Office leaked.

Among the victims, there are employees of Record itself, convinced to contribute to the scheme that collapsed in 2021. In addition, employees’ relatives also lost money in the financial pyramid.

Another detail that draws attention is that members of Universal trusted Fabiano and contributed money to the scheme. It is not clear whether the victims have already sued the pharaoh, but the estimated loss for this group alone is around 8 million reais.

One of the victims is the wife of Federal Deputy Marcos Pereira (PL) , considered by UOL a financial operator of Edir Macedo, leader of TV Record and Igreja Universal.

Record said that executive rotation was in his plans

In a note after the scandal of the list of 160 victims of the Pharaoh of Bitcoins, helped by one of its executives, Record said that information was leaked that the removal of the former president in Rio has nothing to do with the cryptocurrency scam.

That’s because the broadcaster plans to rotate its executives. Anyway, the case is yet another indication that the pharaoh of bitcoins left a huge trail of damage for investors in Brazil, working with various recruitment networks.