Real digital is the subject of discussion in the program of the Chamber of Deputies

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A Chamber of Deputies program will address the subject of the digital Real for the public interested in asking questions about the Brazilian digital currency. The program will be shown live next Friday (25), on YouTube.

The subject is of interest to the Brazilian population, as that many people still do not understand how the future currency will work.

It is worth noting that the Real digital project should advance further in 2023. The idea is for the country to have programmable digital money, called CBDC.

The digital real is the target of a program by the Chamber of Deputies

The digital real is the theme of next Friday’s Lab Talks, a program produced by the Hacker Laboratory of the Chamber of Deputies. The start of the event will be at 15 hours.

The guest to explain the concepts of the Brazilian digital currency was Fábio Araújo, leader of the Real digital project . Research on the solution is carried out by the Central Bank of Brazil, which has the support of partner banks and companies.

The autarchy’s plan is that in 2023, the first digital Real transactions begin to take place. In addition, it is expected that investments will already use the technology in their first tests.

Among next Friday’s discussions, Fábio should explain what level of control the Central Bank will have over Brazilian transactions in the future. CBDC’s privacy and security issue may also be included in the public debate.

Those interested in clarifying doubts about the system can participate live in the event on the official LabTalks channel, sending questions through the chat. The estimated duration of the event is 1 hour.

In 2022, a strike by central bank officials delayed plans to start testing the real digital currency. However, it is expected that up to 2023 part of Brazilians’ daily transactions will already be with digital currency, expected to be the technology that should replace PIX and cash.

Lab Talks

In 2021, the Hacker Laboratory of the Chamber of Deputies also discussed the topic of cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

With the presence of a sector specialist, the public event explained concepts and demystified the subject.

The biweekly meeting takes place only in digital format and is an opportunity for people to learn about issues of importance to society.

It is worth noting that, with the growth in the use of cryptocurrencies around the world, governments hope to launch their versions of digital money so as not to lose currency control.