Postojna Cave & Predjama Castle: Experience report and tips

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24 Kilometers long & up to date 35 million visits: Postojna is a Superlative stalactite cave. The second largest stalactite cave in the world is rightly one of the main attractions of Slovenia. Considering the size of the Postojna Caves, “gigantic” would be an understatement.

However: Visiting the Postojna Caves is very reminiscent of an amusement park. No wonder, because somehow the masses of tourists have to be channeled through the cave system. In this blog article we will tell you about our experiences and reveal what you should consider when visiting the Postojna Caves.

1 . Postojna Caves The inconspicuous town of Postojna is located about halfway between the capital Ljubljana and the coast of Slovenia. At first glance, one might not believe that one of the most important sights in the country is located here.

The rush is enormous: Unbelievable 8. 000 People hike daily in the high season through the Postojna cave system (“Postojnska jama”). In any case, you should be aware that this experience is not an insider tip. And yet: With the most bizarre stalagmites and stalactites, the Postojna Caves are simply impressive.

Visiting the Postojna Caves: This is how it works The classic tour of the Postojna Caves lasts almost exactly 1.5 hours and always follows the same schedule: In front of the entrance you will first be divided into smaller groups depending on the language. Then you take the Grottenbahn about 80 minutes into the cave. On the train journey you will probably first become aware of the incredible dimensions of this cave system.

You will cover the second part of the tour on foot. On the approximately 1-hour (barrier-free!) walk you cross countless halls and can marvel at the strangest stalactite formations . For example, your path will lead you through the so-called “spaghetti hall”, where thousands upon thousands of thin limestone stones hang from the ceiling. The group gathers every few hundred meters and you get some background information.

The last stop of the tour is a souvenir shop before the train takes you back to around 10 minutes back to the exit. Conclusion: The scenery is simply impressive, no question. However, you should be prepared for very, very many people – especially in the high season.

Tips for visiting the cave Tickets: In the high season one can undoubtedly speak of mass tourism. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you purchase tickets in advance from the official website to avoid the line at the ticket office.

Clothes: In the cave has it constant 10 Centigrade. Especially in summer you should definitely take something extra to wear with you. The floor is non-slip, but sure-footed shoes are a good idea.

Circular route: Overall, the visit lasts 90 minutes. The approximately 1-hour path is barrier-free, ie suitable for both prams and wheelchairs.

Photography: Is permitted, but only without flash ! The flashlight would damage the stalactites.

Overview of information about visiting the Postojna Caves Price: 25,80 Euro (low season) or ,90 Euro (high season)
Guide: A guided tour is mandatory and finds all 24-35 minutes. In the high season it is advisable to buy the tickets online in advance.

Parking: 5 euros

2. Cave Castle Predjama Only about 15 A drive away from Postojna is another highlight of the region: Predjama Castle (“Predjamski Grad”). The whimsical castle, which is built into a rock face, is the largest cave castle in the world and one of the most famous photo opportunities in Slovenia. Rightly so, we think – we’ve never seen anything comparable. The age of the castle is also impressive: It comes from the 12. Century.

You can either visit Predjama Castle from the outside only (like we did) or you can buy a ticket. You will then receive an audio guide and can make your way through the cave castle. If you don’t have much time: We believe that a stopover is worthwhile just for the outside view of the castle.

Information on the Visit to Predjama Castle Price: 10,80 Euro (low season) or 14,90 Euro (high season); Combined ticket with Postojna Caves at 35,70 Euro (low season) or 38,38 Euro (high season)

Parking: Free, but quite small parking lot available (alternatively in summer: free shuttle bus from Postojna)

3. Tip: Our accommodation in Postojna Since we wanted to visit Postojna in the morning after it opened, we decided to spend the night in the region. We chose the beautifully renovated former farm called Smrekarjeva Domačija. The accommodation is run in a very familiar and personal manner and you feel very welcome from the first moment.

The rooms (we had the family room) are spacious and you have everything you need – there is even a TV with German speaking channels. Our personal highlight, however, was the culinary catering: The breakfast is small, but fine with a lot of regional and homemade delicacies. For dinner we were served the best vegetarian food of our trip to Slovenia.

All in all: Highly recommended and by far best value for money of our entire trip.

You can book accommodation here: Smrekarjeva Domačija

Transparency: Affiliate Links This blog article contains our personal recommendations in the form of so-called affiliate links. If you book or buy something through the links, we will receive a small commission. For you, this does not change the price at all. A thousand thanks from both of us!

Have you ever visited the Postojna Cave or the Predjama Castle? If yes, did you like it? If you have any other tips, we look forward to hearing about your experiences.