Possible cryptocurrency pyramid in Rio leaves BRL 50 million short

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Another possible pyramid used the image of cryptocurrencies in Rio de Janeiro. The company promised fixed income of 5% to 9% per month for its investors, with supposedly automated operations.

The business group RR Holdings, which had RR Consultoria e Investimentos among its operations, was commanded by Rodrigo Reis.

The company’s headquarters were in Rio de Janeiro, but there were company operations in São Paulo and Campo Grande. In all, almost CNPJs were administered by the group, which is now being accused of a financial scam after the suspension of withdrawals.

Possible cryptocurrency pyramid, RR Consultoria leaves a multimillionaire hole in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro was the stage of several financial pyramids in the last year. The biggest one was certainly GAS Consultoria, owned by the Pharaoh of Bitcoins, but not the only one.

The newest accused of scamming investors is RR Consultoria. Company investors publicly denounce the company that suspended withdrawals, according to information from RJ1.

Among the accusations, investors report that they suffered a financial fraud that promised easy income on the market. With promises of earnings that could reach 9% per month, via operations with automated cryptocurrencies, the possible pyramid raised at least R$ 50 million.

A nurse told G1 that he lost BRL thousand in the company after investing with his nephew, brother and sister-in-law. In other words, dozens of families are among the victims of the business.

In an investigation carried out by Livecoins on the Reclame Aqui website, it is clear that the company “Not recommended”, after more than

complaints. Most complaints are from residents of Rio de Janeiro, who accuse the company of coup. All complaints are registered on the platform, but without answers.

What does the company say to customers?

In publications on networks social issues, the company RR Consultoria de Investimentos does not comment on the problems experienced with clients. On Facebook, for example, the company has not published news since July 2022.

On a visit to the business website , customers can read a letter that tries to explain the problems. According to the company’s official note, the business is being restructured to go through a challenging global moment.

RR Consultoria disse em carta a clientes que passa por reestruturação
RR Consultoria said in a letter to clients that it is undergoing restructuring. Reproduction.139327

The emergence of financial pyramids in the cryptocurrency market has affected the image of the sector, which is now under pressure for regulation at the behest of Brazilian banks and brokerages. If approved, the national legislation will increase the penalty for crimes with cryptocurrencies.

Livecoins did not find contact with those responsible for the company to manifest themselves. The space is still open for declarations.