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3. People, 3. lakes and 7.000 Reindeer. Or: when “untouched nature” takes on a new meaning. Welcome to Posio, one of the most tranquil and relaxed regions of Finnish Lapland.

Posio is seclusion and vastness. wilderness and virginity. A winter dream of snow and ice. We’re thinking, for example, of the Riisitunturi National Park with its gigantic snow sculptures – one of the most impressive places where we ever were.

If you are planning a trip to Finnish Lapland, then we highly recommend Posio as a destination. In this blog article we will tell you exactly what awaits you and which highlights you can look forward to.

1. Posio in Lapland (Finland): First information at a glance How to get there: How do I get to Posio? Posio is in the very south Finnish Lapland. You can reach Posio via Kuusamo Airport, which has several daily flights from Helsinki. The flight time is just one hour. You can find cheap flights on Skyscanner.

From Kuusamo Airport you are only an hour’s drive from Posio. We ourselves had a rental car in Finnish Lapland and can only warmly recommend it. You can pick up the car directly at the airport in Kuusamo and are therefore much more flexible on site. We will tell you more about driving on the wintry roads in this article: Lapland travel tips.

What can I expect in Posio?
Privacy & Silence

More seclusion than Posio gets barely. The region is incredibly sparsely populated. (We remember: 3.000 residents and 3. Lakes!) Within a very short time you notice how the mind calms down comes. If you are looking for a winter holiday away from all the charms of our modern world, then Posio is spot on.

Center of Ceramic Art in Finland

In Posio is the Pentik ceramics factory, which is well-known far beyond the borders of Finland, which you can also visit. Ceramic art has a long tradition in Posio and so international artists have also settled here. Pretty cool thing: you can also take a pottery class in Posio. Of course we will tell you more about that later.

Slow Travel & Sustainability

Posio is considered Finland’s most sustainable travel destination – after all, the region was the first to receive the “Sustainable Travel Finland” award. Many accommodations are certified (sometimes several times) and are run by locals. Posio is about as stark a contrast to mass tourism as you can imagine. What can I experience in Posio? No matter what Lapland highlight you have in mind – you can experience it in Posio. From dog sled rides to snowmobile safaris, from cross-country skiing to watching the Northern Lights, anything is possible.

To give you a rough idea of ​​what to expect in Posio, we have put together a small Posio Bucket List for you:

With the snowshoes the Climb to the top of Riisitunturi National Park and watch the sun go down.Put on your cross-country skis and venture onto one of the countless trails in Posio.Take part in a ceramics course and conjure up your own work of art.
Rush through the wilderness of Lapland with the huskies in a sled.
Waiting in the freezing cold for the Northern Lights to show up in the sky.
Watch reindeer up close and maybe even pet them.

The frozen waterfall in Korouo ma marvel. When is the best time to go to Posio? Who is Winter Wonderland If you want a picture-book experience, you need to travel to Posio between December and March, with January and February being the coldest months. We ourselves were in Posio at the beginning of February and found this period to be ideal. The days are getting a little longer again, but it’s still the dead of winter.

In the winter months the thermometer often falls on -20 degrees, sometimes even lower. We personally coped very well with the cold thanks to the best equipment. We will tell you more about the right clothing for your Finland adventure in this article: Lapland packing list.

2. Riisitunturi National Park: The natural highlight in Posio Pure magic! How beautiful the Riisitunturi National Park presents itself on a clear winter day can only be understood once you have experienced it yourself. Stomping past the majestic sculptures made of snow , feeling the vastness of Lapland, breathing in the clear air – all of this is one of the most beautiful experiences we have ever had while traveling.

Riisitunturi National Park is (quite rightly) one of the most photogenic places in Lapland. When the winter weather is nice, many visitors are expected to come here. (We didn’t experience the place as overcrowded, but you’re certainly not lonely at the summit – you should be aware of that.)

There are different ways to explore the Riisitunturi National Park. The starting point is always the car park at the Wilderness Café Tykky. You can reach it by walking from the main street (9471) turn off at the corresponding (signposted) junction and follow the road west for about 2.5 kilometers.

1. On foot/with snowshoes The so-called Riisin rääpäsy Trail. This popular circular hiking trail, around 4.5 kilometers long, takes you to the top of Riisitunturi. Nature here becomes more spectacular with every meter: the higher you get, the more impressive the trees, snow-covered beyond recognition, reminiscent of a sea of ​​sculptures.

If it hasn’t just snowed, then you can usually easily manage the path without snowshoes. If in doubt, we would rather take some with us, if only because you can then go off the beaten track. (You can rent snowshoes at Holiday Village Himmerki, for example.)

Our tip: We started about two hours before sunset. So we could really experience the national park in the most beautiful light. Even after sunset, the pink-violet color spectacle was simply fantastically beautiful to look at. Great recommendation – if the weather cooperates!

2. With the Fatbike The much longer Multipurpose Track. As the name suggests, you can use this path in a variety of ways – including with a so-called fat bike.

A Fatbike is characterized by the fact that you enjoy a much better grip in the snow thanks to the wide tires. Although you can hardly imagine it at first, cycling in the snow works better than you think. However, we would recommend all beginners not to ski directly when there is fresh snow, because then it can become a bit slippery.

The Multipurpose Track also starts at Wilderness Café Tykky, where you can even rent fatbikes. Due to the increase, we recommend the electric version. Be sure to reserve the bikes in advance, because the number is limited.

Information about visiting the Riisitunturi National Park at a glance Driving time from Posio (town centre): approx .30 minutes
Map: Winter trails Riisitunturi National Park

Rental fat bikes: Wilderness Café Tykky

3. Ceramic Art in Posio Pentik Hill Culture Center Posio is home to the legendary Pentik ceramics factory, whose products are sold particularly in Finland, but also abroad Enjoy cult status . It feels like every household in Finland has at least one Pentik tableware series.

Pentik was founded at the beginning of the 70s by the Finnish Anu Pentik. We had the great honor of meeting them and hearing about the company’s history first-hand. It’s amazing what they’ve built here and it’s wonderful to see that the manufacturing facility is still in Posio.

Anyone who is in Posio should definitely stop by the Pentik Hill Culture Centre . It is, so to speak, the visitor center of the ceramic manufactory. The area is so big that you can easily spend two hours there. And by the way, admission is completely free.

In addition to a art gallery with changing exhibitions, you will also find a museum here that shows the history of Pentik and gives an insight into traditional life in Finland . The Culture Center also has a really great café, which we highly recommend for a coffee break or a light lunch.

And last but not least you can of course also buy all kinds of Pentik products in the huge store. If you still need a souvenir: You will find it here! All further information as well as the opening hours can be found on the official website: Pentik Hill Culture Centre.

Ceramics course with Miki Maybe After your adventures out in the snow, do you fancy a truly meditative and incredibly calming activity? Then we can warmly recommend a ceramics course with the Korean Miki .

Miki plans to over 20 fell in love with the Posio region for years and has been working here as a ceramic artist ever since. She is particularly known for her Snowy Owls – an animal that is somewhat symbolic of her own story.

In a ceramics course with Miki you can design your own snowy owl. For us it was the first time pottery and what can we say: We understand the hype now! The two hours just flew by. Pottery is like a meditation. You can lose yourself in it so wonderfully – simply wonderful.

Your finished owl will be burned and glazed by Miki and a few weeks later it will be posted sent to you. All information and prices for the course can be found here: Ceramic course with Miki.

If you want to buy a work by the artist herself, you can also visit her gallery in Posio town center. (It’s best to contact her in advance about the opening times.) The course conveniently took place directly in our hotel, the Wilderness Hotel Kirikeskus.

4. Observing the northern lights: Useful information & things worth knowing If suddenly from a green shimmer on the horizon an intense northern light dancing in all green facets, then goosebumps are inevitable. Good news: With a bit of luck, you will experience this moment during a winter holiday in Posio.

Posio is located quite far in the south of Lapland, but is still great for observing the Northern Lights – or Northern Lights, as they are called here in the northern hemisphere. The requirement for this is a dark, clear sky and a corresponding aurora activity. Both must be present so that you can see the Northern Lights dancing in the sky.

Talking to locals, we were told that in winter you can see the Northern Lights in Posio twice a week on average. Of course, the longer you are there, the higher the chance.

Because Posio is extremely sparsely populated, you can see the Northern Lights practically anywhere. The best places are away from light sources, which are as spacious as possible so that you can see well in all directions, such as a frozen lake or a plain.

All our photos are in Arose in the vicinity of our hotel, the Wilderness Hotel Kirikeskus. We even took the second photo from our room. We were incredibly lucky as the Northern Lights were visible for several hours – and at times incredibly intense.

If you are looking for more information about Northern Lights or tips for photographing them, then have a look at this blog article: Lapland Travel Tips.

5. Ylitalon Poromatkailu: Visit Reindeer In the middle of nowhere Posio is a very special gem: The reindeer farm called Ylitalon Poromatkailu. If you want to get close to these impressive animals, then we can only warmly advise you to pay a visit to this idyllic spot.

The reindeer farm is run by the German Christina and the Finn Manne. Man’s family has owned for over 150 years reindeer. From the first moment you can feel the deep connection between the two and their reindeer.

Nothing is as important to them as the welfare of their animals. If a reindeer baby needs to be bottle raised, then it’s perfectly natural to move there home to the two in the cot. The reindeer are their life.

You can visit the reindeer farm as part of a guided tour. For example, a snowshoe hike with the reindeer or a sleigh ride through the winter landscape is possible. Make sure to book in good time, because Christina and Manne spend most of their time looking after their overnight guests.

One of the most original accommodations in Posio is right next to the reindeer enclosure. In the kota, the Finnish hut, there is room for up to six people. If you are looking for a Lapland holiday of a special kind, you have come to the right place.

Here you can find more information about the reindeer farm: Ylitalon Poromatkailu

6. Eating & drinking: Restaurants in Posio The kitchen in Posio is very regional: in addition to the Lapland classics such as reindeer and fish, many mushrooms and berries end up on the plate. The so-called cloudberries are particularly popular.

Restaurants are extremely rare in Posio. If you want to eat out, you should definitely make a reservation in advance. (Also keep in mind that many restaurants only have limited opening hours.) We can recommend the following cafés and restaurants:

Café in the Pentik Hill Culture Centre: This friendly café belongs to the Pentik ceramics factory. Here you not only sit very nicely, but there is also wonderful coffee, sweet delicacies and a small lunch menu. Really recommendable!

Restaurant Kisura: This restaurant belongs to our hotel, the Wilderness Hotel Kirikeskus. In the morning the breakfast buffet is served here, in the evening a delicious menu made from regional ingredients is conjured up. The ambience with the large glass windows is also wonderful. Be sure to ask about the opening hours in advance – the restaurant is not open every day.

Himmerki Restaurant: If you want to try typical Lappish cuisine in a traditional ambience, you’ve come to the right place. This restaurant belongs to the Himmerki accommodation of the same name, which, unlike the restaurant, is only open in the summer season. During our visit, lunch and dinner were both served as a buffet, but à la carte is probably also possible.

Wilderness Café Tykky: This small wooden hut houses the only café in close proximity to Riisitunturi National Park. Inside you sit very rustic around a fireplace. In addition to coffee and hot chocolate, there are also small sweet and salty dishes. Perfect for warming up before or after visiting the national park.

Tyky Restaurant Kisura 7. Our hotel tip: stay overnight in Posio If a hotel lives up to its name, then it does the Wilderness Hotel Kirikeskus. This family-run hotel is actually in the heart of Lapland’s wilderness, right on the shore of a (frozen in winter) lake.

You will notice how secluded you are spending the night here at the latest when you drive along the snow-covered access road. Once arrived at the hotel, one immediately feels grounded. Nothing but nature – that’s how you imagine Finnish Lapland.

The restaurant area with the wonderful, large windows with a view of the snow-covered trees we liked it straight away. The rest of the house is a bit old, but all the more comfortable. The seclusion of the place is also reflected in the hotel. Slowness, calmness and simplicity instead of chicimicki, so to speak. The flair in the midst of the quiet winter landscape is something special.

The rooms are rather simply furnished, but you have everything you need and feel completely at ease. A highlight is the view of nature through the huge window. (A little tip: our room faced the front, i.e. towards the lake – we can highly recommend it.)

It is absolutely worth mentioning that the warm-hearted owners, Reijo and Helvi, have a lot to offer in terms of Sustainability – this is also evidenced by the environmental certifications received by the Wilderness Hotel Kirikeskus. In the kitchen, for example, great importance is attached to the selection of suppliers. The partners (e.g. for a husky sled tour) are also carefully selected.

Our conclusion: If you want to relax and are looking for cosy, traditional accommodation in Posio, you’ve come to the right place. The silence and the virginity are magical.

You can book the hotel here: Wilderness Hotel Kirikeskus

Transparency: Advertising & Affiliate Links Our trip to Posio and this blog article were created in collaboration with Posio Lapland. Thank you very much for this wonderful trip! Of course we are free to report. This cooperation has no influence on our honest opinion.

Have you ever heard of Posio in Finland? Perhaps you are considering spending a winter holiday in Posio and still have questions? We look forward to your comment under this in a blog article.