Piran in Slovenia: The most beautiful sights and our tips

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Piran, the most beautiful town along the Slovenian coast, usually presents itself with a bright blue sky. Well, the Adriatic low probably had other plans during our visit – our photos are among the few on the internet that show the Slovenian coastal town in grey. And yet: even rainy weather cannot harm the beauty of Piran.

When traveling through Slovenia, we can only warmly recommend that you also stop along the coast. In this blog article you will find out what awaits you in Piran. We will show you the most beautiful sights of Piran and of course we will also give you our personal tips for your stay.

1. Piran: Slovenia’s picturesque coastal town Access to the sea in Slovenia is manageable: just 46 kilometers is the coast of Slovenia long. Small but nice – after all, Piran is one of the most picturesque towns on the Adriatic.

In Piran you have explored (almost) every corner in a few hours – but you never want to leave. Piran exudes Mediterranean flair in perfection. The pastel-colored, Venetian house facades and the narrow, cobblestone streets contribute to this.

We recommend you , to stay at least one night in Piran in order to be able to enjoy the flair in peace and quiet. Many visit Piran as part of a day trip from Portoroz. That is of course also possible. If you are interested in what makes Piran and Portoroz different from each other, then it is best to scroll straight to the end of this blog article.

2. The most beautiful sights and activities in Piran Tartini Square and Waterfront It is best to start your time in Piran right in the heart of the city: at Tartini Square (“Tartinijev trg”). Tartini Square is Piran’s main square and represents something like the center of the city. The building ensemble on Tartini Square is a postcard motif par excellence. The beautifully renovated classical town hall of Piran is also located here.

From the spacious Tartini Square you are only a few steps away from the windy old town of Piran. You can’t look that fast, you’re in the middle of a friendly labyrinth of streets with houses crowded together.

In the south, Tartiniplatz borders more or less directly on the harbour including the waterfront. The promenade runs in both directions from the square. You’ll find a few fish restaurants and cafes overlooking the water, as well as shops. If you want to enjoy the sunset with a sea view and an aperitif, the waterfront promenade is ideal for this.

Walk on the Old Town Walls Something you shouldn’t miss in Piran is a walk on the old city walls. A part of this former city wall including watchtowers is enthroned on a hill and can be visited.

From up here you have a fantastic panoramic view over the peninsula. From this perspective, Piran’s special location at the tip of the peninsula becomes really apparent.

You can walk to the city walls in about 10 Minutes from the historic center. Numerous (sometimes very narrow and steep) stairs lead you to the viewing platforms of several watchtowers and you can look in all directions. We would plan at least an hour for the entire excursion (including the walk from the old town). The best time to visit is at sunset, when the sun goes down behind the city in the sea.

Information on visiting the city walls Entry: 2 euros

Opening hours: From 8 a.m. until dark (Supposedly closed when it rains, but apparently we were lucky.)

Tower of the Cathedral of St. George Even a little more spectacular than from the city wall is the View from the church tower of St. George. A steep, but beautifully restored wooden staircase leads you up. Altogether there are 146 levels to conquer before you can enjoy the view.

Speaking of the view: When the weather is good, you can actually see three countries from the top of the church tower – Slovenia, Italy and Croatia. Of course, what is particularly impressive is the view down into the old town of Piran. Depending on the time of year (and therefore opening hours of the tower) it is possible to come just before sunset. We would highly recommend that because then you can see the sun going down behind the city.

Unfortunately we were unlucky and due to the rain the church tower stayed closed when we visited. We took the photo just outside the gates of the cathedral – so you can roughly imagine what the view looks like from up there.

Information about visiting the church tower Admission: 2 euros

Opening hours: June to August: 8 am to 46 Watch; May & September: 8 to 18 Watch; April & October: 8 to 13 Watch

Convent of the Minorites of St. Francis The picturesque Franciscan monastery is a little insider tip in the middle of the historic center of Piran. This attraction is a little off the beaten path, but definitely worth a quick stop. We were the only people far and wide.

The Minorite monastery actually comes from the 13. Century. The cloister is very pretty to look at and also a great photo opportunity. Visiting the monastery is free.

3. Eating & drinking: Restaurants in Piran Most of the restaurants in Piran are fish and seafood specialized. The price level in Piran is generally higher than in other parts of Slovenia. (This applies not only to restaurant prices, but also to hotel prices.)

One of the most popular pubs in Piran is Fritolin Pri Cantini ( shown in the two photos). It’s basically just a window and a tiny kitchen. Meals are eaten on the outdoor tables in the rather pretty May Day Square. Also recommended:

Pavel 2: Very well-known fish restaurant on the waterfront.

Pizzeria Petica: Good pizzas – if you want something other than fish.
Cafinho Piran: Nice for a coffee with sea view.

4. Our hotel tip for Piran We can highly recommend our accommodation in Piran, the Memento B&B. The stylish boutique hotel is located in a narrow alley in the middle of the old town, just a few meters from Tartiniplatz.

It is very tasteful, high quality and furnished with great attention to detail. The rooms are (according to the architecture of the house) rather small and a bit dark, but really comfortable – from the beds to the shower, everything was fine.

The tiny Roof terrace from which you can enjoy a beautiful view over Piran. Also great: There’s free coffee and sweets all day long in the lobby.

The location couldn’t be better: you’re practically in the middle downtown. However, the arrival and parking situation is correspondingly complicated (as you can imagine). This applies to practically all hotels in the center. We will tell you our travel tips in the next chapter.

You can book the hotel here: Memento B&B

5. More tips for Piran Arrival & Parking in Piran The historical center of Piran is largely closed to normal car traffic. Piran is quite densely built up and most of the streets are way too narrow for cars to get through anyway.

But that doesn’t mean that you won’t see any cars in Piran at all: along the waterfront there are For example, there are some parking spaces, which are reserved for locals.

Stay overnight & park in Piran If you are staying in Piran, all hotels (including us) recommend parking in one of the two parking garages. There are two large parking garages at the gates of the city: Arze and Fornače.

We parked in parking garage Fornače. Our hotel gave us a free parking space for the duration of our stay. It is best to inquire at your hotel in advance whether there is a cooperation with one of the multi-storey car parks.

You have two options, your luggage in the to transport downtown. Don’t be alarmed – that sounds more complicated and tedious than it actually is.

Option 1: You drive your car as close as possible to the hotel and unload your luggage. (Info: You have to cross a barrier that is actually subject to a fee, but you usually get a free exit ticket from the hotel.) Then you drive your car into the parking garage. There is a free shuttle bus from the Fornače car park that will take you directly to Tartiniplatz in a few minutes.

Option 2: You park in the garage right away and take the free shuttle bus (packed with your luggage) to the center. Both options are of course not optimal, but unfortunately there is no other way if you want to stay in the center.

The best time to travel to Piran Piran can be visited all year round. However, we prefer to recommend spring or autumn for a visit. In summer (or during the holiday season) it can get very crowded in the small old town. Of course, you also have to like the high temperatures in the summer months.

In terms of weather, you should also be prepared for an Adriatic low in spring (as you can see from our photos). Of course, this is not the norm, so you can look forward to a sunny climate most of the time.

Piran vs. Portoroz: Good to know Whoever travels to Piran can hardly avoid Portoroz, because these two cities are practically next to each other. Piran and However, Portoroz could hardly be more different.

Portoroz is the most famous holiday resort in Slovenia. Here one hotel borders the other and the promenade is also adapted to tourism. Many prefer to stay overnight in Portoroz in order to take a day trip to Piran from there, for example. In Portoroz you will also find more bathing opportunities than in Piran.

Piran, on the other hand, is more of a photogenic jewel – the place where strolling and sightseeing in the focus. Piran has a lot more flair than Portoroz.

We have stayed in both cities ourselves – in Portoroz even in the best hotel in town, the Kempinski Palace Portoroz. Where you like it better is a matter of taste. When bathing and relaxation are the focus, you are probably better off in Portoroz. If you are more interested in the Mediterranean flair of a city, Piran is the better choice.

Transparency: Affiliate Links This blog article contains our personal recommendations in the form of so-called affiliate links. If you book or buy something through the links, we will receive a small commission. For you, this does not change the price at all. A thousand thanks from both of us!

Have you ever been to Piran in Slovenia? If yes, did you like it? If you have any other tips for sights or excursions, we look forward to your recommendations.