PF launches Operation Metaverso and seeks cryptocurrencies from suspects in four states

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After launching Operation Metaverso, with details released on Wednesday morning (

), the PF seeks to seize cryptocurrencies from bank fraud suspects who operated from at least four Brazilian states.

The fraudulent practices began to be investigated in 2020, when the PF detected the first problems.

Febraban, Brazilian Federation of Banks , helped during the investigations of Operation Tentacles, launched in August 2022. Thus, the new operation is an offshoot of the one that investigated crimes against financial institutions.

PF launches Operation Metaverso and searches for cryptocurrencies from suspects in four states

By committing bank fraud, a group of 30 natural and legal persons attracted the attention of federal agents.

The search for suspects began on Tuesday (

), when the 4th Criminal Court of Porto Velho (RO) accepted the PF’s request for the searches. Search and seizure warrants were executed in São Paulo, Rondônia, Paraná and Mato Grosso do Sul.

According to the PF, the new operation aims to strike a blow at the gang that had been committing fraud banking. In this way, the blow to criminals can help in the repression of crimes.

In all, the suspicions are that the group stole R$ 18, 7 million from one company, and another 1.8 million reais from another. During the searches, federal agents found documents and money in the possession of the suspects.

Money and documents seized by the PF during Operation Metaverso. Disclosure: PF.

Among the companies that participated in the fraud, investigators believe that they may have arisen for criminal purposes. That is, they were part of the scheme, operated by criminals.

PF noticed the use of cryptocurrencies by suspects through brokerages

To record the attack, criminals were able to exploit a vulnerability on a victim website. Thus, millions of reais were subtracted from the banking institution’s customer accounts and quickly sent to several accounts, in small amounts.

As the federal police found out, the practice aimed to hide the money and make it difficult the investigations. However, part of the amounts were sent to cryptocurrency brokerages, when criminals sought to hide their tracks.


“Inside the joint action, the Nucleus for the Repression of Banking Frauds of the Division of Repression of Cyber ​​Crimes of the PF initiated an investigation to investigate frauds committed through the internet, in the amount of BRL 18, 5 million in bank transfers to companies and individuals with subsequent purchases of cryptocurrencies, including through brokers in other countries, in order to make it difficult to trace the benefits obtained.”

The new PF operation against bank fraud crimes did not arrest suspects in the first phase. Finally, the action aims to put an end to bank fraud through the internet in Brazil.