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Perast, the beautiful coastal town in Montenegro, enchanted us from the first moment. A spectacular mountain scenery on the horizon, a pleasant flair in the old town, pretty sights, a cozy promenade for an evening stroll – all this and much more awaits you in Perast.

Perast is located in the Bay of Kotor – the fjord-like bay in Montenegro, parts of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Happily! Because of this, building mistakes in Perast are limited compared to elsewhere in Montenegro.

Perhaps you are planning a trip to Montenegro and would like to make a stopover in Perast? In this blog article we show you the most beautiful sights and highlights in Perast and reveal our personal tips.

1. Perast in Montenegro: First Travel Tips & FAQs Worth knowing about Perast Perast is a small coastal town in the famous Bay of Kotor. In contrast to Kotor, Perast is much more tranquil. (If only because fortunately no cruise ships can dock in Perast.) Perast is built on a slope. The coastal road runs above, below the traffic-calmed promenade. And in between: Steep, labyrinthine staircases and old houses. There are no street names in this part of Perast. The Old Town (especially the promenade) presents itself quite spruced up. Historic baroque palaces and some buildings worth seeing can be found here. Probably the most famous sight and one of the most popular photo motifs of Perast is the tiny offshore island Mary of the Rocks with her church. (In fact, there are even two offshore islands, but more on that in a moment.) For whom is a holiday in Perast suitable? You quickly notice: Perast is more the home of upscale tourism. This is reflected in the price level for hotels and restaurants. Many couples (of all ages) and families vacation in Perast.

In between, of course, there are also a lot of day visitors, because Perast is a popular destination (e.g. from Kotor). In the evening, when peace has returned, strolling along the Promenade is particularly recommended.

Important to know: In the Sea bathing is mainly on the two public beach sections west and east of the old town (gravel / stone). In general, the beaches of Perast are certainly not among the most beautiful in Montenegro.

If sunbathing right by the sea is important to you, you should consider booking one of the few (and expensive) hotels on the water. Some have private, mostly paved sections of beach.

How many days should I plan for Perast? Would you like to take a road trip across Montenegro and visit Perast as a stopover? Then we would recommend a stay of two to three nights . This gives you enough time to visit the most important sights (there aren’t many) and you can also relax a little.

Should you want to holiday in Perast for a longer period, that is of course also possible. Of all the coastal towns in Montenegro, we liked Perast the best. The place is perfect for a relaxing holiday.

2. Sights in Perast: Our tips The most important information in advance: Perast is a Total work of art. Of course there are individual sights that stand out, but in our eyes it is actually the cozy flair of this charming, spruced-up old town that makes Perast so special.

Don’t worry, by the way: Perast is tiny. Apart from the fact that you have to accept a short climb for some sights (we remind you: Perast is built on a slope), the place can be explored really quickly. You don’t really need much more than half a day (or a day at most) to visit all the highlights.

Shore walk & old town Let’s start with the heart of the old town of Perast: the promenade. This runs right on the water and is about a kilometer long from the east to the west end of Perast.

Along the waterfront promenade there are several sights and buildings worth seeing, including the many palaces, for which Perast is so well known. The most famous palace is the Bujović Palace (“Palača Bujović”), which now houses the City Museum. From this point you also have what we think is the most beautiful view of Perast in the direction of the church tower with the mighty mountains behind. Postcard motif!

The Smekja Palace is also worth seeing, which, together with the church Sveti Marko next door, makes a pretty photo motif. Otherwise there are many cafes, restaurants and hotels along the promenade.

By the way, the promenade is traffic-calmed. (Only selected cars are allowed to enter.) So nothing stands in the way of a relaxed stroll. In the late afternoon, before sunset, we found a walk most atmospheric.

Narrow stairs start everywhere directly behind the waterfront promenade, which lead up like a labyrinth . Here you pass ancient stone houses, many of which are used as accommodation. Because most of Perast’s major attractions are down by the water, you’ll likely be traversing this part of Perast to get to your accommodation. (Another exception is the Perast viewpoint – but we’ll get to that.)

Boat trip to the island of Maria von Felsen One sight that you shouldn’t miss when staying in Perast is the island offshore called Maria von Felsen (“Gospa od Škrpjela”).

This can only be reached by boat. Boats to the island depart at very regular intervals from the western part of the waterfront. The crossing takes only a few minutes and costs 5 euros per person (return).

On the trip to the island you don’t just enjoy one fantastic view back towards Perast, but you can also take a look at the second offshore island as you drive past: Sveti Đorđe. However, this island is not accessible to visitors. It houses a Benedictine monastery and a cemetery.

Arriving on the island of Maria vom Felsen, you will soon realize how tiny it is. We definitely recommend a visit to the Church (2 euros per person). In addition to the church interior, you can also visit a small museum on the upper floor. After the tour, a small viewing terrace with a pretty view awaits you.

View from the bell tower of the Church of Saint Nicholas The the most important church of Perast is dedicated to St. Nicholas. Its bell tower , visible from afar, can be climbed. Once at the top, a fantastic view awaits you in all directions.

At this point, a small warning follows: The ascent is very adventurous (and we have already conquered many church towers in the world). In some places, the stairs are in a somewhat questionable condition in terms of safety and, in addition, it can get very narrow at times. We would not recommend the ascent to older semesters or families with small children.

But you can expect a cheap undertaking here: Admission is 1 Euro. The opening times vary a bit depending on the time of year. During our visit in midsummer the tower was closed until 17 open at noon. It’s worth checking beforehand!

Viewpoint in Perast You can enjoy a beautiful view of Perast from the main road that runs above the town. By the way, the whole thing is just as romantic as it sounds: namely not at all. There isn’t really a viewing terrace (just a small parking lot) and the passing cars don’t make it any better.

The view is still fantastic, of course, no question about it. To get here, coming from the sea, you have to make your way up through the labyrinth of alleys. On Google Maps the point is referred to as “Perast viewpoint”. We have marked the spot for you in the map at the end of the article.

A little tip: Very close by (already within the old town) there is another vantage point worth seeing, namely the viewing platform in front of the church “Rimokatolička Crkva Gospe od Ružarija”. You can already see the associated bell tower from above.

3. Eating & drinking in Perast: Our tips The range of cafes and restaurants in Perast is rather manageable and relatively touristy. But don’t worry, we don’t mean that in a negative way. We ate really really well in Perast. Be prepared for a rather high price level for Montenegro . Here are two tips where we enjoyed our food particularly well.

Conte Restaurant This restaurant is one of the “top dogs” in Perast and belongs to the dignified Hotel Conte of the same name. Here you eat really well (fish, meat, vegetarian and even vegan ).

The location right on the water is something special. But you can also sit “in the second row” in front of the small church. For a dinner for two (vegetarian) including drinks we have approximately 50 Euro paid. Here you can also try the well-known Perast cake – an almond and lemon cake.

Bocalibre Probably the best pizza far and wide is available in this friendly snack bar Local. It is very nice to sit on a terrace under the shade of the trees overlooking the sea. In addition to pizza, there are also salads and very good coffee. Perfect for an informal lunch or dinner.

Perast cake in the restaurant Cont e Bocalibre 4. Our hotel tip for Perast We present: Casa Vita Nova – probably most beautiful hotel our entire trip to Montenegro. The gigantic pool alone with a view of the Bay of Kotor is so fabulously beautiful that we still rave about it today.

A historic, lovingly renovated stone house awaits you here, which accommodates only six rooms. The rooms are all furnished very tastefully and to a high standard. There is definitely no lack of comfort here. There is also a small kitchen in each room. We made our breakfast here every day. If you want, you can alternatively have breakfast in the neighboring hotel.

Unique is the slightly elevated position and thus the view from the idyllic garden. A very special highlight is the pool. We are usually more of a restless holiday type and are constantly on the go. Here we deliberately made an exception and just enjoyed it. Wow!

The only downside: The accommodation is located in the middle of the slope – there is no road leading here, but you have to climb numerous stairs. We parked free of charge up along the main road at the level of the large pine tree. The hosts will pick you up from here. (Important: Contact them in good time before you arrive.) The way down the stairs to Casa Vita Nova is currently not signposted and difficult to find for those unfamiliar with the area. A little tip: From below (i.e. from the sea) the fastest way to the accommodation is via the stairs that start at the Bocalibre restaurant.

Our conclusion: Apart from the fact that the accommodation is very hidden and the ascent (or descent – depending on where you come from) in can be a bit tedious in the heat, a wonderful gem awaits you here. We would book again immediately!

Here you can book the accommodation: Casa Vita Nova

5. Arrival, parking & transport in Perast Arrival Perast is located in Montenegro, not far from the borders with Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. We ourselves drove to Perast with our own car from Vienna. A stopover is definitely recommended here, because the driving time alone is about Hours.

Important to know: If you are traveling by car, you should definitely have the green insurance card with you. This can be checked at the border. You can find more information and tips for driving in Montenegro in this blog article: Montenegro Road Trip.

Alternatively, it is possible to fly to Podgorica (capital of Montenegro) or Tivat (Boka Kotor Bay) and from there with a Rental car to continue your journey. We prefer to book our rental car with Sunny Cars.

Parking Perast is traffic-calmed, which means: You can only drive into the old town in exceptional cases and you usually have to park your car outside. (Quite apart from that, apart from the promenade in Perast, there are hardly any streets in Perast that you could master with a car.)

Both east and west of the old town there are Paid parking spaces (price: approx. 5 euros per day). From here, small golf carts will take you into the old town for a fee and if required. If you arrive without luggage, you can do without it.

Alternatively, you can also try your luck along the main street. There are always free parking spaces here, but sometimes you have to search a bit.

Local transport Once in Perast Once arrived, there is practically only one means of transport: your own feet. While the waterfront (this is where most of the sights are located) is flat, it rises steeply directly behind it (this is where many are located). accommodation and private homes). So if you live on the hill, you have to be prepared to cover a few meters of altitude every day.

6. Map: All sights and tips at a glance So that you can get a better overview , we have drawn the most important sights as well as our tips for Perast on this interactive map. Important to know: In the labyrinth of alleys in the old town, route planning via Google Maps does not really work because many stairs/paths are not marked.

Our tip: You can easily load the map onto your smartphone, by clicking on the rectangle at the top right. We wish you a lot of fun planning your trip to Perast and of course a wonderful holiday!

Transparency: Affiliate Links This blog article contains our personal recommendations in the form of so-called affiliate links. If you book or buy something through the links, we will receive a small commission. For you, this does not change the price at all. A thousand thanks from both of us!

Have you ever been to Montenegro and maybe Perast? Did you like the coastal town as much as we did? Perhaps you are planning a trip to Perast and still have questions? Or would you like to share your experiences and tips with us? We look forward to your comment!40314