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Our Journey to Vancouver {Or: The Beginning of Our Love for Canada}

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And suddenly we have our plane ticket in our hands. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Can you believe that? Canada! We actually fly to the land of bears and maple syrup. And then to Vancouver, the city that – we’ve been told – is said to be the most beautiful in the country. Whenever we revealed our travel destination in the last few weeks, the reaction of those people who have already been to Vancouver has been the same:

“Horny city!”

And now that we’re home from our trip Back in Vancouver (and almost shed a few goodbye tears), we can wholeheartedly agree. And would like to add: if Vancouver weren’t so rainy, we would already be making plans to emigrate.

There was a spark between Vancouver and us. From the first moment. Do you know that feeling when you arrive in a new city and you feel at home right away? It was like that with us and Vancouver. There we were, sitting in the back seat of the taxi (no suitcases, mind you, but that’s another story), our faces pressed against the window pane, and we couldn’t get enough of the skyscrapers, the green parks and the snow-capped mountains on the horizon.

The cityscape: skyscrapers – water – mountains We have to seemed quite confused when we first looked in all four compass directions at all street crossings in downtown instead of crossing the street. In fact, the snow-capped mountains are visible from anywhere in Vancouver. No matter where you are, somewhere between skyscrapers, street signs and traffic lights there is always a white peak. You must know: we are hopelessly addicted to the sight of snow-covered mountain peaks. And then please show us how to focus on the traffic?

Oh, and one more thing Vancouver is also plentiful: Water. Yes, also rainwater (cough, 200 Rainy days, cough). But what we mean is sea water. We haven’t seen so many ports, bays, beaches and promenades for a long time. Cities by the water are simply our favourites, don’t you agree? They give a city a completely different flair.

Mentality: relaxed, more relaxed, Vancouver Arrival in Vancouver. luggage not there. So what do we do? That’s right, we rush to the information desk at the airport. In front of us is exactly an elderly couple who are just getting information about inner-city public transport from the lady at the counter. In most countries, the conversation would probably end as soon as all the necessary facts are known. Not so in Vancouver: people still joke, anecdotes are told – and the queue behind us? It’s getting longer and longer. Nobody would complain. What we mean to say is that there is no hurry in Vancouver. And we find that quite likeable. In addition, there is a lot of laughter. We find that even more likeable. No matter who you meet, be it a waitress, a receptionist, a taxi driver or a bus driver, all “Vancouverites” we encounter are courteous, friendly and relaxed.

And we in Vancouver? Can you imagine: pretty excited! From the diversity of Vancouver, the great cafés, the flair of the city, the boat tour through the pristine north, the mini road trip to the Olympic venue of Whistler, the bustling Granville Public Market and the young Craft -Beer scene. As you can see, there’s a lot of Vancouver content coming your way. And meanwhile we are already planning our next trip to Canada. Because as you can easily see from our words, the first glimpse of this country blew us away. So: who will come with me next time?

Our hotel tips for Vancouver
Another thing: If we were able to get you excited about Vancouver (and we hope so!), then we have two more hotel tips for you. We have stayed in both of these hotels and can recommend them to you with a clear conscience.

The Westin Bayshore WOW – that view! The very comfortable Westin Bayshore is located directly on the harbor (“Coal Harbour”) and is therefore perfect for those who long for a beautiful view. Be sure to ask for a room with a harbor view – it’s worth the extra cost. The beds are extremely comfortable. The hotel’s location is ideal if you want to get to Stanley Park quickly (the hotel offers bicycles for hire, the first 2 hours are free). It is about 20 on foot )-05 Minutes to Downtown. If you are not in a hurry, you can also walk along the harbor promenade – really beautiful!

The Burrard This newly renovated hotel is located in downtown Vancouver and is within walking distance to the shopping district, Robson Street. The southern part of Vancouver (Granville Island) can also be reached quickly from the hotel. The Burrad is slightly cheaper than the Westin Bayshore and therefore not quite as “fancy”, but still very nice. We would rather recommend it to young people. Cafe Elysium, which is directly attached to the hotel, serves very tasty coffee and also some breakfast dishes. There’s also a leafy courtyard that’s bound to be great in the summer. You can also borrow bicycles for free.

Our trip to Vancouver took place in collaboration with TUI and Tourism Vancouver. Many thanks for the many helpful tips and the great organization!