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Our hotel guide for Morocco: Tips for the most beautiful riads

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We say: Morocco has the most beautiful accommodations in the world! Or to put it another way: We have traveled a lot, but to be honest we have never had such tasteful hotels as in Morocco

In Morocco, it is common to stay in a so-called riad. Riads are traditional, multi-storey buildings that have a beautiful courtyard and often have a grandiose roof terrace . Usually, the entrance of a riad is very inconspicuous, so you would not expect the oasis behind it.

In this blog article we will tell you our personal tips for hotels and riads in Morocco. We show you exactly where we stayed and what you should consider when booking hotels and riads in Morocco.

1. Hotels/Riads in Marrakech Our tip: Riad dar Karma The Riad dar Karma is a really beautiful boutique riad located in a hidden alley in the center of Marrakech. To be more precise, you are in the well-known Kasbah district, which is comparatively quiet, but still very centrally located.

The Riad dar Karma has just six rooms and suites which is why there is a very personal, pleasant atmosphere prevails. All rooms are very comfortable and tastefully furnished.

There is a pool in a courtyard, for which there was still something when we visited at the beginning of March was too cool. The in-house hammam is also highly recommended. The highlight is definitely the roof terrace. Here you get the (very tasty) breakfast served daily. We would not hesitate for a second and would stay here again at any time.

You can book the hotel here: Riad dar Karma

Tip for luxury hotel: La Sultana Marrakech Are you looking for a truly exceptional hotel? Would you like to treat yourself to some luxury? Then off you go to La Sultana Marrakech! This really magnificent, very spacious hotel is reminiscent of a riad with its many courtyards. It is also in the Kasbah district, a stone’s throw from the Riad dar Karma.

The breakfast alone makes it worth staying here. In good weather you can enjoy it on the roof terrace with a wonderful view. We have never experienced such good service as here in a hotel. The spa is pure luxury and (rightly so) very popular as a photo motif.

There is a minor point of criticism for the location of some rooms. Some are on the ground floor and are therefore quite dark. But that doesn’t change the fact that you really feel like you’re in a palace here. You can find additional information in our blog article: Hotel-Review La Sultana.

Here you can book the hotel: La Sultana Marrakech

2. Riad in Ait Ben Haddou Our tip: Riad Caravane The Riad Caravane is located entirely near the famous mud settlement (Kasbah) called Ait Ben Haddou. A true gem awaits you here: not only is the riad incredibly tastefully decorated, but the staff here are among the friendliest people we’ve had in the whole got to know Morocco.

The architecture of this riad blends almost perfectly with the landscape: walls of Clay, beautifully woven carpets and upholstery covers and great pieces of furniture are waiting for you here.

Our room was a bit dark, but very stylishly furnished – right to feel good. The breakfast with the many homemade products is really delicious. We also had dinner at the riad, which was also very tasty.

From the terrace you have a magnificent view of the barren landscape including Ait Ben Haddou. Unfortunately we only stayed one night so we didn’t have time to enjoy the pool. Our conclusion: A very clear recommendation and probably the hotel with the best price-performance ratio of our trip.

Here you can book the riad: Riad Caravane

3. Accommodation in the Dades Valley Our tip: Auberge Chez Pierre Just before the impressive hairpin bends in the Dades Gorge is the Auberge Chez Pierre. This accommodation is built into the steep slope over several levels. The entire complex is really beautiful and has been designed with great attention to detail.

We have stayed in a two-storey, very cozy room and even had our own fireplace. Unfortunately we didn’t have enough time for the pool area, which looked very inviting.

The breakfast and especially the Dinner are very good. The latter is served in several courses and was really excellent. You’re willing to spend a little more money for that. Our conclusion: We can warmly recommend the Auberge Chez Pierre!

Here you can book the hotel: Auberge Chez Pierre

4. Riad in Merzouga Our tip: Riad Madu The Riad Madu is on the edge of the desert near the small town of Merzouga. You spend the night here in a very spacious, spacious hotel. The proximity to the dunes is great: you can reach the dunes from the riad in about 15 minutes walk. Of course we didn’t let that get away from us, and we went there twice during our short stay.

The rooms are very large and comfortable. We personally missed a bit of individual, oriental charm. Nevertheless, you feel very comfortable. Breakfast and dinner were ok (we liked it better in other hotels).

The riad also has a Berber tent in the desert. So if you want to spend a night in the desert, you can also book this experience here. Our conclusion: Highly recommended simply because of the incredible location.

You can book the riad here: Riad Madu

5. Riad in Midelt Our tip: Riad Villa Midelt Honestly: at first glance the Villa Midelt is a little spooky. You’re staying here in a very tacky villa owned by a family. However, the town of Midelt is really not exactly a metropolis and from that point of view the Villa Midelt is undoubtedly one of the best accommodations in town.

The price-performance ratio is great. You can also overlook the fact that the bathroom and the interior are getting a bit old. Otherwise the rooms are quite comfortable. But you will have a flawless 1200 night flair here couldn’t find it.

The staff are very friendly and accommodating. All in all: A good choice if you want to make a stopover on the way between the desert and Fès.

You can book accommodation here: Riad Villa Midelt

6. Riad in Fez Our tip: Karawan Riad The Karawan Riad was by far most beautiful riad of our entire trip to Morocco. Here you really expect a dream of accommodation, that can hardly be described in words. for years refurbished here before opening this jewel in the center of Fes.

There are only a few rooms or rather suites. Each one is designed and furnished according to a specific theme. We have never seen so much love of detail in a hotel.

Even the entrance with the gigantic courtyard is breathtakingly beautiful. It is even more impressive on the roof terrace. From here you can enjoy a fantastic view of Fès. In good weather, breakfast is served on the roof terrace. The in-house restaurant also serves excellent food.

Our conclusion: If you would like to treat yourself to something special, then don’t hesitate for a second and book this riad – you will not regret it! You can find additional information in our blog article: Hotel-Review Karawan Riad.

You can book the riad here: Karawan Riad

7. Hotel tip for Casablanca Casablanca stands out: Without a doubt, the ugliest accommodations in the country are located here. All hotels are clearly designed for business customers, because there are basically only huge hotel bunkers. No individual charm, no Moroccan flair, no riads.

Fortunately, there are exceptions. And one of them is the Hotel Barcelo Anfa Casablanca. If you decide to spend a night in Casablanca, then we can highly recommend this modern city hotel. It is in a central location and has very modern, nicely furnished rooms.

The breakfast is great and the pool area is really inviting. Our conclusion: Casablanca is definitely not our favorite stop in Morocco, but this hotel makes it really bearable.

You can book the hotel here: Barcelo Anfa Casablanca

8th. More tips when booking hotels in Morocco Breakfast The breakfast is often included in the room price. It mostly consists of the same things: bread, “Msemmen” (taste a bit like fried pancakes), various jams, olives, freshly squeezed orange juice and tea/coffee.

In more expensive riads or Hotels you will be served even more extras such as homemade yoghurt. Breakfast buffets are rather unusual in Morocco and are only offered in large hotels.

If you avoid carbohydrates or even have a gluten intolerance, we would recommend that you bring or get your own food if necessary. Or you can inform the hotel of your intolerance before your arrival.

Dinner The Dinner is usually not included in the room price. You usually get 3 to 5 courses and pay roughly between 10 and 20 Euro per person.

Except in the big cities (Marrakech, Fès, Casablanca) we always ate dinner directly in the hotels, as it was often the case in the immediate vicinity there are no dining options. At first we resisted it, but somehow it is very common in Morocco to have dinner directly in the accommodation.

Heating/Temperature During the winter months it can get really chilly at night in Morocco. Depending on where you are in Morocco, it cools down a lot in the hotels themselves. If you – like us – don’t care so much about temperatures below 18 Degrees Celsius in the room, then you should make sure that the hotel has heating.

Central heating as we have it, you will find in Morocco hardly find. The air conditioner usually acts as a heater. However, you can usually achieve a comfortable temperature in the room with this.

Car parking In smaller towns and rural areas you can park the car directly at the accommodation. In the bigger cities like Marrakech and Fez it may well be that you have to use a public parking lot – especially if your hotel is in the medina. It is best to contact the accommodation before you arrive to clarify where you can best park the car.

Transparency: Affiliate Links This blog article contains our personal recommendations in the form of so-called affiliate links. If you book or buy something through the links, we will receive a small commission. For you, this does not change the price at all. A thousand thanks from both of us!2015

Have you ever been to Morocco? Maybe you have more tips for riads or hotels? Tell us your hotel tips in the comments!