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Our favorite cafés in Vancouver {tips for breakfast, coffee & Co.}

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First of all: if you like avocado toast and delicious flat white, then Vancouver is paradise on earth. The best address for hipster cafés is the Gastown district. In this blog article we tell you our favorite cafés in Vancouver for a delicious brunch or just for fun a quick coffee.

Café Medina Something like a hype seems to have broken out about the Café Medina – at least, if you believe the line of people in front of the café. Said to have the best brunch in Vancouver. We tried our luck on a Sunday. rookie mistake. We should have waited an hour. Things got better on Tuesdays, although the Café Medina was still jam-packed . The menu includes some orientally inspired dishes and also classics such as avocado toast, waffles and Co. Conclusion: The Café Medina is rightly one of the most popular brunch spots in Vancouver. Must see.

Address: 780 Richards St, Vancouver

Nelson the Seagull It’s not just the name of this café that is appealing. In the middle of Gastown, “Nelson the Seagull” bakes its own bread and serves delicious breakfast or lunch. We like the living room atmosphere from the first moment. You can stay here for a while. A mix of avocado, poached eggs and muesli is served – in keeping with the location in the hipster district.

Address: 55 Carrall Street, Vancouver

Matchstick Coffee Roasters Actually, we “only” expected good coffee. We got probably the most delicious breakfast of our Vancouver trip. Our tip: try the avocado bread with ratatouille and poached egg – so delicious! Oh yes, and the coffee in the Matchstick Coffee Roasters was of course also very good – in line with our expectations.

Address: 213 E Georgia St, Vancouver (there are 2 other locations in Vancouver)

The Birds & The Beets Another café from the “Avocado meets Flat White” series. We especially like “The Birds & The Beets” because the employees are super friendly and the rear café area is very cosy can sit. Clear recommendation.

Address: 55 Powell St, Vancouver

Nemesis Coffee Does Nemesis really have the best cookies in all of Vancouver there, as everyone claims, it is difficult for us to judge. The fact is: they taste delicious to your knees – just like the poppy seed croissant! We also tested the breakfast at the Nemesis on another day and were impressed by the variety and creativity of the food. Where else can you get creamy polenta with fried mushrooms, poached egg and herbs in the morning?

Address: 213 W Hastings St, Vancouver

Revolver The revolver seems to be the No. 1 for a quick coffee-to-go. Mainly young people wait patiently in line for a Revolver coffee. Conclusion: very good cappuccino, although the place can be a bit busy.

Address: 356 Cambie St, Vancouver

Café Buro Café Buro is located in the middle of a busy corner in Gastown. Its interior is very sterile and puristic is. As everywhere, there is also good coffee here. Unfortunately, there is no real breakfast, but the almond croissant is world class!

Address: 325 Water St, Vancouver

You can find more of our Vancouver blog articles here: Our Voyage to Vancouver {Or: The Beginning of Our Love for Canada} Our trip to Vancouver took place in cooperation with TUI and Tourism Vancouver. Many thanks for the many helpful tips and the great organization!