Only in India – Or: Strange. curious. India.

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“Incredible India” is probably the best chosen slogan in the entire tourism sector. India is truly incredible. It is incredibly loud – so loud that we looked forward to our quiet hotel room every evening.

India is also incredibly rich in contrasts: poverty and wealth, sadness and blaze of color. India is the land of extremes. And the curiosities! We captured some of them for you during our trip.

Hair cutting with a difference In India everything happens on the street. Here one lives, here one eats, prays, sleeps and goes about one’s business. Why not cut your hair here or have your beard shaved? Apart from the enormous exhaust fumes, to be honest, we wouldn’t have any counterargument. Too bad we struggled to find a barber in Jaipur – Romeo would have even sacrificed his beard for a proof photo.

Probably the most sterile dentist on earth We would like to say that this photo shows a junk goods dealer , be it a photomontage or otherwise posed in any way. No, no, and once again no. This is the pure reality of a street bar in Jaipur.

Three men are sitting in the same room. We look at her questioningly and point to the chair. Three smiling faces beam at us. All three point to their teeth. Only now do we suspect that our first assumption was correct. But (to put it all into perspective): the three men’s teeth didn’t even look that bad.

The holy cow It’s not a myth, definitely not. No matter where you look, you will almost certainly see a cow. The cow will either eat the rubbish, make its way through honking rickshaws or – completely unfazed by the turbulent traffic – lie and sleep on the side of the road. Incredible India, we say so!

The peculiar head shake It can mean anything: ” Yes, No, I don’t know, I’m scared. Ask an Indian a question and he will shake his head. And sideways. What the “look at me”is for us, the shaking of the head is for the Indian. (And we deliberately choose the male form here, because to be honest, we couldn’t see the head wagging in any Indian woman.) You can’t imagine anything under the head wagging? This video here gives a good insight!

For our friends from Germany: “Schau ma mal” means something like a passive “Let’s see later”.

“It’s not possible” doesn’t exist Or: There’s still room for one more person. Admittedly, this phenomenon can also be found in other countries such as Vietnam (to give an example). And yet – in India it reaches almost unbelievable proportions (yes, that too is an allusion to the “incredible”). Unfortunately, we were usually too slow with our camera, but this one time we were able to pull the trigger halfway in time.

A special kind of horn concert In India honked. Always. several times in a row. At traffic hubs a veritable horn concert is usually held. With all due respect: Vietnam sucks (and here we had the feeling that the horn was used more often than the brake).

The very special highlight: many trucks have horns that ring out several times and are particularly loud. Truck drivers are likely to be special horn fetishists: A colored “Blow Horn” lettering adorns the back wall of almost every truck.

Transparency: Invitation erlebe-fernreisen took over most of the costs on site (accommodation, transport). We paid for the flights and some activities ourselves.

What curious things about India come to mind? Do you have any additions? We look forward to your comment!