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Munich Tips: Our highlights for a perfect weekend

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Hello pretty Munich! I can’t believe it took us so long to see you with our own eyes for the first time. But then really. For five days we explored Munich from morning to night and can already reveal: The supposed chic city has surprisingly relaxed and cosy presents.

In this blog article, we will tell you our personal tips for your city trip to Munich. How do I spend a perfect weekend in Munich? Which sights do I have to see? Where’s the best view of Munich? Where can you eat and drink well? We have summarized all our tips for you so that you can prepare your trip perfectly. Here we go!

1. Munich at a glance: Things worth knowing & what to expect Stylish, expensive & boring? Munich doesn’t exactly see itself confronted with the best of clichés. But to be honest: Apart from the (admittedly) somewhat high prices, we have experienced everything but Munich.

Munich is a modern cosmopolitan city and Bavarian village in one. You can enjoy champagne cocktails on the city’s rooftop bars, and in the beer garden next door, the first beer is already downed at lunchtime. That’s the beauty of Munich: You can have both.

Munich is an extremely well-dressed city, in which we felt very comfortable from the first moment. Some streets remind us a lot of Vienna, while other corners exude almost Italian flair. In short: Munich’s old town is a really likeable mix of pretty little streets and impressive buildings. The center is pleasantly so manageable that you can walk past most

And then of course it should not go unmentioned that there is a lot of greenery in Munich . For example, there is the Olympic Park – one of the most beautiful sunset spots in our opinion. Or the beautiful English Garden. If we lived in Munich, you would definitely find us there often.

How many days should I plan for a city trip to Munich? The good news: Munich is a big city, but the center is relatively small. On a weekend you can visit many (although by no means all) sights. So 2 nights (3 days) are enough to experience the most important highlights in Munich.

Nevertheless, we believe that more time is always better. So if you want to take it easy, we recommend staying in Munich for at least 3 to 4 nights . Then you can also plan one or the other trip (e.g. to Nymphenburg Palace) and let the city have an even better effect on you.

What is the best way to get from A to B in Munich? On foot: Especially the Sights in the old town of Munich are so close together that you can easily reach them on foot. We actually walked most of the distances.

By bike: Munich is a bike city. When the weather is nice, it feels like half of Munich gets on a bike. You can rent a bike at many places in the city. The rent for one day is about 12 Euro.

By public transport: Some destinations (e.g. the Nymphenburg Palace or the Olympic Park) are a bit out of the way, so you have to rely on public transport . There are several underground, tram and bus lines. You can easily buy tickets from the machines at most major stations. Our tip: We downloaded the Munich Transport Company (MVG) app before our trip. This is great for navigating from A to B.

The Frauenkirche – one of the landmarks in MunichNymphenburg Castle 2. Sights in Munich: Our sightseeing tips Marienplatz & New Town Hall Munich It is best to start your stay in Munich in the heart of the city, at Marienplatz. Marienplatz is the central square in downtown Munich. There is, so to speak, no way around this.

One of the most imposing buildings in Munich, the New Town Hall, towers over the Marienplatz. This magnificent neo-Gothic building is truly an eye-catcher. Daily at 12, 15 and additionally from March to October around 20 clock sounds here the famous glockenspiel. Then begin at the town hall tower to turn life-size figures.

You will undoubtedly enjoy the best view of the New Town Hall from Alter Peter, wie the steeple of St. Peter is affectionately called. The vantage point is one of the most famous in Munich.

Our tip: Not quite as spectacular, but a real insider tip is the view from the 4th floor of the Ludwig Beck department store. That’s where the Café Monaco is located. From the front table you can enjoy a fantastic view of the New Town Hall.

Viktualienmarkt Hello foodie dream! The Viktualienmarkt is one of our favorite places in Munich. It is only a stone’s throw away from Marienplatz and is the absolute paradise for connoisseurs and gourmets.

At the Munich Viktualienmarkt you will find fruit, vegetables, cheese, freshly squeezed juices and many other regional delicacies. Open the Viktualienmarkt daily except Sunday from 8 a.m. to maximum 20 Watch. We recommend that you stop by in the morning.

Our market stall tips for the Viktualienmarkt Coffee roastery Viktualienmarkt: Caffeine junkie? Then off to the Viktualienmarkt coffee roastery. The coffee here tastes really good and can also be prepared with oat milk if you wish.

Caspar Plautz: Caspar Plautz has delicious baked potatoes, some of which are a bit unusual. The perfect place for a lunchtime snack!

Karnoll: The supposedly best pretzels in all of Munich are baked here. We can’t verify that, but they definitely tasted good.

Munich Residence Fancy a good dose of pomp and splendor? Then there is no way around the Munich Residenz. From the outside it is hard to guess what wonderfully imposing rooms are hidden inside the residence.

The residence is divided into several areas which can be visited independently. First and foremost there is the Residenzmuseum, where you can walk through the 130 Living, sleeping and party rooms of the Bavarian rulers of the time.

The oldest preserved room in the Munich Residence is also the one that impressed us the most: the so-called Antiquarium. This magnificent Renaissance hall awaits you right at the beginning of the tour.

Apart from the Residenzmuseum, the Munich Residenz also houses the Treasury (with around 1.500 exhibits) and the Cuvilliés Theater. We ourselves “only” decided on the Residenz Museum and found that to be very sufficient in terms of time. We would recommend that you plan at least two hours . Audio guides are provided free of charge.

Hofgarten München Directly behind the Munich Residenz you will find the associated Hofgarten. If you need a break from sightseeing after visiting the Residenz: you’ve come to the right place in the Hofgarten! You should definitely walk through this baroque park when you are a guest in Munich.

The photogenic Hofgartentemple is enthroned in the center of the Hofgarten, popularly known as Temple of Diana. But we also really liked the pretty flower beds. Our conclusion: A wonderful green oasis, in which things are pleasantly quiet and contemplative.

Odeonsplatz Munich or Italy? If you leave the Hofgarten at the west entrance, you will reach Odeonsplatz. And believe us: Thanks to the Roman-inspired architecture you could almost believe you have landed in Bella Italia.

At the Odeonsplatz, the Feldherrnhalle with its iconic three round arches and the two lions catches the eye. Right next to it is the Theatine Church, a church in the Italian late baroque style, which is also worth seeing inside. You can celebrate the “dolce vita” in comfort from the outdoor dining areas of the many cafés and restaurants on Odeonsplatz. Almost like in Italy – we say so.

English Garden Wow, what an oasis! The English Garden is, so to speak, the superlative of all green spaces in the center of Munich. He is huge – more precisely one of the largest urban parks in the world. When the weather is good, half of Munich gathers in the English Garden.

One of the most famous spots in the English Garden (and also one of our favorite spots) is the so-called Monopteros, a Greek-style temple. From here you have a beautiful panoramic view and in the distance you can also see the tops of some buildings in Munich’s old town. It is particularly beautiful here in the late afternoon, when the setting sun slowly bathes the green areas in magical light.

Another popular destination is the Chinese Tower. It’s not so much the tower itself that attracts visitors, but rather the one directly next door beer garden. The beer garden at the Chinese Tower is the largest in the English Garden and the second largest in all of Munich.

Eisbach wave A surfing wave in the middle of Munich? Sounds strange, but it’s reality. On the Eisbachwelle at the southern end of the Englischer Garten you can surf at any time of the year. We can promise one thing: once you start watching the surfers in the Eisbach, you can hardly tear yourself away. What a spectacle!

If you want to stop off, we recommend a visit to Fräulein Grüneis near the Eisbach wave. A converted outhouse became one of the most popular meeting places in Munich. Changing daily specials are served at lunchtime, with snacks and cakes in between. We recommend!

Nymphenburg Palace Once the summer residence of the Bavarian rulers – today Probably the most beautiful castle in Munich outside of the city center. Nymphenburg is to Munich what Schönbrunn is to Vienna. Or to put it another way: If you want to visit the classic sights of Munich, you should definitely pay a visit to Nymphenburg Palace.

Nymphenburg Palace is located in the west of Munich, about half an hour by public transport from the away from the center of Munich. It is surrounded by a gigantic, beautifully maintained castle park . Water canals, romantic paths, hidden smaller park castles – to admire the castle park in all its splendor, you would have to spend almost a whole day here.

You can also visit the castle itself – however, we “only” explored the castle park ourselves due to time constraints. Our tip: It is particularly beautiful here at sunset, when the setting sun bathes the castle in a beautiful light.

Werksviertel-Mitte Hip, urban and somehow different – welcome to the Werksviertel-Mitte. Probably the most exciting urban development project in all of Munich is located near Munich Ostbahnhof.

Panni potato dumplings were once produced on the site, today there is a interesting mix of loft offices, studios, apartments, restaurants, Bars and lots of street art. Quite curious: The Werksviertel also includes a flock of sheep that graze on the roof of Plant 3. Take a ride on the Ferris wheel (Umadum) for a glimpse of the sheep pasture.

Olympic Park Munich with Olympiaberg One of the (in our opinion) most beautiful sunset spots is located in the Olympic Park, more precisely at the “summit” of the Olympiaberg. If you are now thinking of the Olympic Games, then you are spot on. On the site were 801 held the Olympic Games.

The highest elevation in the Olympic Park is the Olympic Mountain. From up here you have a wonderful panoramic view of the former Olympic village with the Olympic Lake in the foreground. When the weather is good, Munich residents gather up here in the late afternoon to admire the sunset. Add a drink you have brought with you and a picnic blanket – there is hardly a more comfortable way to end a day in Munich.

By the way, you can reach the Olympiaberg after about 17-minute walk from the nearest underground station Olympiazentrum. Don’t worry: the climb isn’t worth mentioning.

Our tip: If you are already in the area, then we recommend that you first visit the Olympic Tower to visit. From its viewing platform you can enjoy a fabulous 130 Degree View. We will tell you more about this viewpoint later in this blog article.

Munich beer gardens How now, a beer garden as a sight? Let’s put it this way: there is hardly a city other than Munich where we would let it go. However, the beer gardens of Munich are world famous. If you are a guest in Munich, you must not leave the city without having visited a beer garden. Unwritten law.

There are more beer gardens in Munich than you will ever be able to visit. And it feels like every Munich resident has their own favourite. Therefore, we summarize the most frequently mentioned recommendations and tips for you at a glance:

Augustiner-Keller in Arnulfstrasse: Only a stone’s throw away from the main train station you get to this huge beer garden. Here you sit comfortably at large wooden tables under chestnut trees. There is a service area and a self-service area. We ate very well here!

Hofbräukeller on Wiener Platz: This beer garden is part of the legendary Hofbräuhaus, but is located just outside the old town on the Wiener Place. Here, too, you can sit very nicely under ancient chestnut trees. Also highly recommended!

Beer garden at the Chinese Tower: This beer garden in the English Garden is the second largest in Munich. It attracts many tourists, but locals also spend their lunch break or the end of the day here, for example.

3. Tips for wonderful vantage points in Munich Olympic Tower Let’s start with a superlative. The Olympic Tower is by far the tallest building in Munich. Almost 192 meters it rises into the sky. Inland 30 seconds the elevator takes you up. If you want to see Munich from a bird’s eye view, you’ve come to the right place.

Small disadvantage: The television tower is located in the Olympic Park and therefore outside the city center. The Munich city center and its iconic buildings can therefore only be seen from a distance. However, the Alps rise in the distance. We can imagine that you can get great pictures with an appropriate telephoto lens.

By the way, the most beautiful and by far the most spectacular viewing platform is the very highest on 130 meters in height. There are no annoying bars or glass windows here, so you can enjoy the view completely unclouded – wow! The driveway currently costs (as of March ) 11 euros per person.

Rooftop Bar at Mandarin Oriental WOW! We’re not lying when we say that the view of Munich from the roof of the Mandarin Oriental far exceeded our expectations. If you are looking for the perfect sunset spot in downtown Munich: Here it is!

The rooftop bar called “Mahjong Roof Garden” is located at a dizzy height, on the roof terrace of the luxury hotel Mandarin Oriental. From up here you can enjoy a sensational view in all directions.

The ambience is stylish, but less stuffy than expected. Between palm trees, lounge furniture and the rooftop pool, the cocktail tastes twice as good. The prices are (as to be expected) high (a cocktail costs well 15 Euro), but for such a great experience you are happy to leave a little more money.

Our tip: We strongly recommend that you reserve. The bar is (rightly) very popular, especially at sunset.

Rooftop Bar in the Hotel Bayerischer Hof How about a drink with a spectacular view of the Frauenkirche? Then the rooftop bar “Blue Spa” on the roof of the luxury hotel Bayerischer Hof could be something for you.

The ambience is exclusive – definitely not for every day, but for You can treat yourself to this luxury with a drink. The service is very accommodating. Although we hadn’t reserved, we were lucky enough to get a nice spot. It is best, however, to reserve a table in advance.

Cafe in the Vorhoelz Forum on the roof of the TU By far the most relaxed rooftop bar on our list is located on the roof of the Technical University, more precisely in the so-called Vorhoelz Forum. The associated café is quite a insider tip. Most of the visitors are students who spend their study break here.

The view is not as spectacular as in other rooftop bars (the city center is a good distance away), but the ambience is very informal and relaxed. Ideal for a cozy after-work beer!

Our tip: The café is hidden and the way there is hardly signposted. It’s best to take the elevator to the top floor and then ask around.

More great viewpoints in Munich Two well-known viewpoints in Munich were unfortunately closed when we visited. But because they are simply a part of Munich, we do not want to leave them unmentioned at this point. Then next time!

Alter Peter: From the church tower of St. Peter – affectionately called “Alter Peter” by the locals – you can enjoy a fabulous View of the New Town Hall and the Frauenkirche. Hardly any view in Munich is more iconic than this one.

Town Hall Tower: The view from the tower of the New Town Hall should also be magnificent. From 85 meters high you can see in all directions.

4. Our favorite cafés and restaurants in Munich Vegan & sustainable in Munich Emmis Kitchen: What a friendly place! In Emmis Kitchen, a wide variety of breakfast and lunch dishes such as bowls and burgers as well as cakes are served – everything is vegan and everything is delicious! There are now two branches: We were guests in the local bar in the Glockenbachviertel. The beautiful green inner courtyard is an oasis – highly recommended!

Soy Vegan: Vietnamese and then also vegan? You don’t have to ask us twice. The fried glass noodles were excellent. Romeo’s curry could have used a little more spice. Overall, definitely worth a visit. We also really liked the stylish ambience.

Max Pett: Probably the best-known vegan restaurant in the whole of Munich didn’t completely convince us personally. (In our opinion, we could have gotten more out of our two dishes.) Nevertheless, we can recommend it. The sidewalk café in front of the restaurant is a very nice place to sit. Inside, the ambiance is not ours.

Outside the box: Great recommendation! This hidden gem is run jointly by refugees and locals. The menu includes three different prices: a low one for those in need, a medium one that covers costs, and a generous one that includes a donation. Quite apart from the fact that we think the concept is great, we also had an excellent meal here.

“Emmi’s Kitchen” in Munich’s Glockenbach district”On the Edge of the plate” – a real insider tip in Munich Traditional Bavarian food in Munich Xaver’s: Are you looking for creative tavern cuisine in a modern, rustic ambience? Then we can highly recommend Xaver’s. Here we were served fantastic cheese spaetzle. On request there was even a vegan dish. Add to that good beer and extremely courteous staff – what more could you ask for?

Augustiner-Keller: There are beer gardens in Munich like sand on the sea. One of the most popular is the Augustiner-Keller near the main train station. Here you sit comfortably under chestnut trees. We recommend!

Munich without a visit to the beer garden – unthinkable!Käsesspätzle in the restaurant “Xaver’s” Hip cafes & bars in Munich Man versus Machine: Caffeine Junkie? Then you should stop by one of the two branches of the hipster café Man versus Machine. Excellent coffee specialties are prepared here – also with oat milk on request. Yummy!

Gans Woanders: Looks like an enchanted witch’s house, but it’s one of the hippest and greatest places in Munich. At Gans Woanders, families meet for afternoon coffee, couples for a date and girlfriends to chat. The ambience is informal, relaxed and cozy – almost like at home.

Alte Utting: A bar that is in a ship on a disused railway bridge? Sounds strange, but it is reality. The Alte Utting is a popular meeting place for locals. An unusual location away from the city center.

“Man versus Machine” – here’s excellent coffee “Gans Woanders” – one of the hippest bars in Munich 5. Our hotel tip for Munich Are you still looking for a suitable place to stay for your Munich city trip? Then we have a special tip for you. We have namely in the sympathetic 25hours Hotel The Royal Bavarian, which we highly recommend .

This hip boutique hotel is for sure one of the trendiest in all of Munich. The design is young, creative and quite unusual – just our taste! Our room (category “Extra Large”) was a good size and extremely comfortably furnished. The beds are a dream: so comfortable!

The breakfast is fantastic! It is served in the premises of the NENI restaurant, which belongs to the hotel and is also definitely worth a visit in the evening. In any case, no wish remains unfulfilled at breakfast. We really celebrated it every morning.

In our opinion, the only disadvantage is also an advantage: the hotel is within walking distance of the main train station – perfect for all those who who arrive by train. However, due to the hotel’s location at a major intersection, traffic (particularly the tram) can be heard faintly in some rooms. We personally didn’t find it disturbing. But you are well connected to public transport and can reach the center (Marienplatz) on foot in about 15 minutes.

Our conclusion: Great ambience, comfortable rooms and an extraordinary design – simply to feel good! It should also be mentioned that the staff is extremely courteous. We would not hesitate for a second and would stay here again at any time.

Here you can book the hotel: 30hours Hotel The Royal Bavarian

Transparency: Advertising & Affiliate Left This article was created in cooperation with the German National Tourist Board, Munich Tourism and Woman Magazine. Thank you for the great trip to Munich! This blog article contains our personal recommendations in form of so-called affiliate links. If you book or buy something through the links, we will receive a small commission. For you, this does not change the price at all. A thousand thanks from both of us!

Tell me: Have you been to Munich? How did you like the city? Do you have any other recommendations you’d like to share? We look forward to your experiences and additional tips! 27200