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Moselle Tips: Our favorite places & the most beautiful wine villages

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Picturesque half-timbered villages, medieval castles and steep vineyards with fantastic views – we are not surprised that the Moselle region is one of the most beautiful river valleys in Europe is applicable.

The Moselle is the perfect holiday destination for all those who appreciate comfort and enjoyment . The sight of the picturesque landscape of the Moselle valley with its steep slopes and wine villages has an instant decelerating effect. If you like to drink a good glass of wine with it, you can’t help but advise: Off to the Moselle with you!

In this blog article we will tell you our best tips for your holiday on the Moselle. We will show you the most beautiful wine villages and castles and tell you which highlights on the Moselle you should not miss. 1. Holidays on the Moselle: First information and what to expect Exciting facts about the Moselle region at a glance The Moselle has its source in the French mountains and then meanders 544 kilometers through France and Germany to Koblenz, where it flows into the Rhine. Perhaps you already have a photo of a striking Have you seen the Moselle river meander? Not without reason: The Moselle valley in Germany is characterized by many meanders and sometimes dizzying steep slopes and vineyards. The steepest is on the most well-known river meander Vineyard on the Moselle, the Bremmer Calmont. It is valid with a slope of up to 22° as steepest vineyard in Europe. Speaking of wine : The Moselle is of course a paradise for wine lovers – after all, you are in the oldest wine-growing region in Germany. Above all, Riesling is cultivated. (Of course, we will tell you our winemaker tip later in this blog article.)On the Moselle you can look forward to picturesque wine villages with half-timbered houses decorated with flowers and cobblestone streets. The best-known villages include Cochem and Bernkastel-Kues. Above many winegrowing villages are enthroned medieval castles. In this article, we will of course present our favorites, which are definitely worth a climb, in more detail. Holiday on the Moselle = pensioners’ paradise? “Are you traveling to the Moselle? There are only senior travel groups on the road!” Something like this is a very common prejudice compared to a holiday on the Moselle. what’s up Is a trip to the Moselle really something you should save for your pension?

Our short answer is: No! Nevertheless, we would like to pause briefly. It’s true that the “average guest” you meet on the Moselle, Ü60 and probably a big one travel group belongs. It is also true that many bars and hotels feel somewhere in the 90 years ago.

Yes, the flair is dusty in some corners. But: This also means that there is an incredible amount of potential in the region. We talked to some locals, and the tenor is: Something is happening!

And we can only confirm that from our point of view. For example, we stayed in a beautiful boutique hotel, sipped espresso with oat milk and visited one of the coolest and hippest restaurants on the Moselle for a long time. In other words: You can very well organize a holiday on the Moselle in such a way that it is also attractive for young people. And of course we will tell you how to do this in our blog article.

How many days should I plan for a holiday on the Moselle? Over a length of 106, the Moselle meanders 5 kilometers through Germany. You may already have an idea of ​​what follows: the Moselle region is definitely more extensive than you thought. If you are also planning a stay in the larger cities of Koblenz and Trier, you can easily stay a whole week or even longer on the Moselle.

We ourselves spent four nights on the Moselle and would say that this period of time is ideal for Moselle newcomers. We had enough time to visit the most important wine villages with their sights in peace and quiet. But of course we didn’t see everything for a long time – for example we didn’t make it to Koblenz and Trier.

Should I stay in one place or plan several stopovers? Short answer: Both are possible. Long answer: Personally, we’re more of a fan of setting up the home base in one place and exploring the region from there. This also works quite well on the Moselle, but it has to be said that some places are further apart than you might initially think.

So if, like us, you decide to stay in one place, then we recommend that you choose your accommodation strategically. That means: Find a place that is more centrally located. Our choice fell on the wine-growing town of Pünderich, more precisely on the wonderful Hotel zur Marienburg. Best decision! We will tell you more about our hotel at the end of this blog article.

2. The most beautiful places on the Moselle: Our tips & highlights First a little hint: We have listed the places below ranked from north to south . We have put all our tips on this map so that you can hopefully find your way around a bit better.

Cochem on the Mosel Let’s start in what is probably the most touristy place on the Moselle, the wine town of Cochem. However, we are not surprised that Cochem is so well attended. Cochem nestles beautifully idyllically on the slopes of the Moselle. The absolute eye-catcher is the majestic Reichsburg Cochem, which is enthroned on a hill above the old town.

Old Town of Cochem: Sights & Tips Tip number one: If you somehow manage it, then try Cochem in the morning or evening hours to explore. Unfortunately, around noon there is little of the picturesque flair in the alleys of the old town. In the morning and in the evening, however, you have some places all to yourself.

Speaking of square: The heart of the old town of Cochem is the market square. If you are looking for something like the most beautiful half-timbered ensemble in Cochem, then you will find it here. The baroque town hall is also on the market square.

Tip for caffeine junkies: In the summer 2020 the highly recommended Cochemer Kaffeerösterei opened its doors. In our opinion, they have the best coffee far and wide here!

We can also highly recommend a walk along the promenade. It is best to walk over the bridge in the direction of the Cond district and enjoy the wonderful view of Cochem and the Reichsburg from the opposite side of the river (i.e. from the right bank of the Moselle).

Reichsburg Cochem The landmark of the city, the imposing Reichsburg Cochem, towers above it, visible from afar the old Town. You can visit the courtyards and interiors of the castle as part of a guided tour or simply enjoy the fantastic view of the Moselle valley from high above.

You reach the Reichsburg Cochem after a short, but quite steep climb on foot (approx. 10 until 15 minutes) from the center. Several paths lead up. It is not possible to arrive by car, but there is a shuttle bus.

Beilstein Hello picture book town! Beilstein is in our eyes one of the most beautiful Moselle villages ever. Cobbled, winding streets, half-timbered houses adorned with flowers, romantic courtyards and squares – in many corners this pretty little town looks like a film set.

However: Just like in Cochem, there is also a lot going on here. So here is our well-intentioned tip: Ideally, visit Beilstein in the morning or evening hours.

The most beautiful places in Beilstein: Our tips Beilstein is really tiny that you will probably pass most corners several times. Nevertheless, we would like to give you our recommendations for particularly beautiful and photogenic places.

You shouldn’t miss the small but fine market square, which exudes a very special charm with its pretty, partly centuries-old half-timbered houses.

Probably the best-known photo motif in Beilstein (apart from the view from Metternich Castle) is the so-called monastery staircase , which is only a stone’s throw away away from the marketplace. The steep steps of the monastery staircase lead you up to the baroque Carmelite Church of St. Joseph, like a staircase to heaven on the monastery hill. From here you should definitely dare the further ascent to Metternich Castle.

Speaking of Metternich Castle: If you want to enjoy a beautiful view of Metternich Castle, then we also have a tip for you you. In the vineyards above the car park on the banks of the Moselle runs the Moselsteig Trail, probably the most well-known hiking trail in the region. From here you can see Beilstein together with the Carmelite Church and the majestic Metternich Castle.

Metternich Castle You should take a walk to the Metternich Castle ruins not to be missed when you are a guest in Beilstein. You can enjoy one from up here Rural distant view of the Moselle valley.

In order to access the area within the castle walls and thus be able to enjoy the view, a small entrance fee is due. From the castle itself, which by the way is from the 12. Dating back to the 19th century, there are only a few walls left, but the view is all the more beautiful. If the Burgturm (Bergfried) is open, then we recommend that you dare this ascent as well. From high above, the view should be even more impressive.

The panorama terrace of the castle restaurant is ideal for a stop. With a bit of luck you’ll get a spot with a view of the Moselle valley.

Bremmer Calmont (Mosel loop) Above the small Moselle village of Bremm you have the best view of what is probably the most iconic photo motif in the entire region: the famous Moselle loop near Bremm. This is where the so-called Bremmer Calmont rises – supposedly the steepest vineyard in Europe.

The question of all questions: Where do I have the best view of the Moselle loop? And how do I even get there?

Our tip: It is best to park your car in the small hiking car park near the summit cross. Unfortunately, the way to the parking lot is not signposted. Bend from the L68 into the gravel road in the direction of the Roman temple complex. We have marked the exact location on the map in this article. From the parking lot, continue on foot along the gravel road. This leads past the field and then through the forest before you go around minutes reach the summit cross including the viewing platform.

The view from the summit cross is great, but you don’t have the entire Moselle loop in view, since the view is obscured by undergrowth. If you are good on foot, we strongly recommend that you climb a few meters down in the direction of the Calmont via ferrata.

Already after about 5 to Minutes below the summit cross you reach some wonderful vantage points, from which you finally have the entire Moselle loop in view.

If you have more time, you can of course also tackle the entire Calmont via ferrata. This starts in the valley, to be more precise, you can enter in Eller at the railway bridge and in Bremm above the church.

The term “via ferrata” is somewhat misleading, because it is more of a demanding hiking trail with ladders, step bars and wire ropes and definitely not a classic via ferrata. Climbing equipment is therefore not necessary. However, the path is very steep – you should therefore be reasonably sure-footed.

Prinzkopfturm near Pünderich on the Moselle If we’re already talking about fabulous views, then it’s allowed Prince’s Head Tower should not be missing. This 27 meter-high observation tower is enthroned on a hill, embedded by the Moselle, which forms this ridge as a river loop (Zeller Hamm ) flows around. What a panorama!

To get to the Prinzenkopfturm, it is best to park your car in the parking lot near the Marienburg. From here a footpath leads above the vineyards in about 10 minutes to the Prince’s Head Tower. Access to the Prinzenkopfturm is free of charge and possible around the clock.

Arriving on the top viewing platform of the Prinzenkopfturm, a spectacular awaits you degree panoramic view. If the weather forecast allows it, next time we would probably come at sunrise. But the distant view is simply fantastic at any other time of the day.

Traben-Trarbach Traben-Trarbach is a cozy twin town, which you should definitely pay a visit to. Traben is on one side of the Moselle and Trarbach on the other. Here you can look forward to lots of pretty alleys and buildings worth seeing.

Walk through Traben-Trarbach: Sights and tips You will probably quickly noticed that the architecture in Traben-Trarbach is a little different than in other Moselle towns. In Traben-Trarbach you will find a surprising number of Art Nouveau buildings.

The photogenic bridge gate on the Moselle bridge and the Art Nouveau Hotel Bellevue on the banks of the Moselle. Speaking of the banks of the Moselle: We can also recommend a walk along the banks – no matter which side. For a stop on the banks of the Moselle, we recommend the Eismanufaktur in Traben right next to the bridge.

By far the best coffee in town and the greatest shop you can find on the other side of the Moselle in the district of Trarbach. Man does not live by bread alone – this is the name of the concept store that you should definitely pay a visit to. And while we’re on the subject of local tips: Traben-Trarbach is also home to what we think is the best restaurant on the Moselle: Die Graifen.

Traben-Trarbach is known for its extensive wine cellars, the so-called Traben-Trarbacher Unterwelt. The wine cellars were built in 19. Century, when Traben-Trarbach was one of the most important wine trading cities in the world. You can explore the wine cellars on a guided tour. You can find out more information about the tour here: Traben-Trarbacher-Unterwelt.

You can find even more recommendations for Traben-Trarbach at Jenny and Basti from 22places: Tips for Traben-Trarbach. Grevenburg ruins In our opinion, one should not leave Traben-Trarbach without taking a walk to the ruins of Grevenburg to have done. This castle ruin towers high above the city in the Trarbach district and offers you a fantastic view of the Moselle.

There are several ways to the top. We ourselves chose the path through the vineyards. This starts in Schottstraße and takes you in about 19 minutes up to Grevenburg. Alternatively, you can also choose the route via the Franzosensteig or arrive by car. (There is a parking lot near the Grevenburg.)

Of the Grevenburg itself, only the western facade of the former commander’s house, visible from afar, is preserved today. Classic sightseeing is not on the agenda here, but the view is really fantastic. The Burgschänke should also be highly recommended. A little tip: In the summer months, a small food truck serves authentic Thai street food up here on some days.

Bernkastel-Kues Besides Beilstein, Bernkastel-Kues is, in our opinion, the most beautiful Moselle town. An impressive half-timbered ensemble awaits you in the winding old town of Bernkastel-Kues.

Old Town of Bernkastel-Kues: Sights & Tips The undoubtedly most magnificent square in Bernkastel-Kues is the medieval market square in the heart of the old town. Here one building is more beautiful than the next. In addition to the centuries-old half-timbered houses, the Renaissance town hall is particularly eye-catching. Our tip: sit in a café or by the fountain and simply enjoy.

A particularly photogenic half-timbered house is only a stone’s throw away from the market square: the so-called Spitzhäuschen dances with its extremely narrow construction the series. Today the cottage that was made from the . century, a wine bar.

We recommend that you also explore the somewhat remote, narrow side streets of Bernkastel-Kues. The flair is really very special. The historic candy factory Bonbon Willi is worth a visit. In this small manufactory, sweets are made in the traditional way as before 106 years ago.

An important note: Bernkastel-Kues is one of the most visited places on the Moselle. Accordingly, we recommend that you come in late afternoon. Then there is much less going on in the narrow alleys of the old town and you can then enjoy the sunset at one of our favorite spots, the castle ruins of Landshut. Castle ruins Landshut As in so many Moselle towns, Bernkastel-Kues also has a castle enthroned above the old town: the Landshut castle ruins. If you are looking for a t If you’re a sunset spot, then you’ve come to the right place up here. From the castle walls you have a beautiful view of the Moselle valley.

At sunset the castle itself has already closed its gates, but the outer walls are accessible around the clock. And best of all: At this time you have this wonderful spot (almost) to yourself.

You can reach the castle either on foot from the town center in around 15 minutes or easily by car. The parking lot is located in a small wooded area about 5 minutes’ walk from the Landshut castle ruins. During the castle’s opening hours, there is also a chargeable shuttle service from the old town to the castle. What a fairy tale castle! Perhaps you have already seen a photo of the iconic Eltz Castle? Then the good news follows: You can ideally combine a visit to Eltz Castle with a holiday on the Moselle. It is also located in the federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate, just a short drive from the Moselle.

Eltz Castle dates from 10. Century and is actually one of the best preserved castles in the world. Fortunately, she survived all wars unscathed. It is enthroned on a rock plateau and, with its towers, bay windows and striking roofs, is something like the epitome of a fairytale castle – and simply a great photo motif.

Photographing Eltz Castle: Our tips & recommendations You can only visit the interior of Eltz Castle during opening hours, but the area in front of the castle is round the clock accessible. Since Eltz Castle is one of the tourist highlights in Rhineland-Palatinate, the rush is usually large.

If you want to capture the castle without people then there is no way around coming either very early or rather late . Our tip: We wanted to avoid getting up early and decided to visit just before the end of the opening hours. Best decision! When the last visitors have left the area, you have a good chance of finding the stone bridge in front of Eltz Castle empty.

There are also some great photo spots around Eltz Castle, such as the rock plateau, from which we took great photos before sunset could do. The view of Eltz Castle that you can enjoy when you follow the footpath through the forest from the parking lot is also great. 4. Eating & drinking: Tips for great cafés and restaurants on the Moselle The Bad news first: It’s really not easy to find hip bars on the Moselle. Most cafes and restaurants tend to cater to older audiences and are felt in the 90 years – both what that interior as well as the kitchen.

But you know us: We don’t give up that easily and have managed this time too, really great cafes and restaurants that we can heartily recommend to you.

Cochemer Kaffeerösterei (Cochem) In the heart of Cochem, in the middle of the market square, a beautifully renovated half-timbered house has been home since summer 1024 the Cochem coffee roastery. If you are looking for really good espresso in Cochem, you cannot avoid this great café.

Not only does the coffee taste great, it can also be prepared with oat milk on request. The best place to sit is on the seats on the window sills with a view of the busy market square. Our conclusion: Caffeine junkies will love it here as much as we do.

Man does not live by bread alone (Traben-Trarbach) Probably the greatest concept store in the entire Moselle region is in Traben-Trarbach. Man does not live by bread alone – that’s the name of the Art Nouveau shop, where you can buy great handmade things (bags, gifts) in addition to excellent coffee.

In the warm season you can enjoy your coffee outside at the tables in the pedestrian zone. Barista Manuel conjures up delicious coffee creations on his portafilter machine. The Graifen (Traben-Trarbach) We present: Our favorite restaurant on the Moselle! We can wholeheartedly recommend you to book a table in this restaurant. From the ambience to the food, everything is just right here – an absolute ray of hope in the Moselle’s gastronomic scene.

The best place to dine is in the beautiful winter garden, which is furnished with a lot of attention to detail. (By the way, the restaurant also has an adjoining interior shop.) The menu is manageable, but there is something for every taste (fish, meat, vegetarian). We cook with seasonal ingredients and at a very high level. Our conclusion: Great location and excellent food – highly recommended!

Restaurant Nicolay (near Bernkastel-Kues ) Looking for a vegan restaurant? Then there is no way around the Nicolay restaurant. Only vegetarian dishes are served here. You wouldn’t expect that when you enter the restaurant, which by the way is part of a hotel. The interior is reminiscent of great grandma’s times.

As special as the atmosphere is, we ate very well. The menu features rather rustic dishes such as burgers or pasta. Our conclusion: Highly recommended for all those who eat vegan or are looking for a change.

Winery tip: Clemens Busch (Pünderich) You would like to take one or the other bottle of wine home with you, but don’t really know which winery to head for? Don’t worry: we felt the same way. And we have a great tip for you: the Clemens Busch winery.

In this world-class winery, wines are made according to biodynamic Principles produced, i.e. organic, sustainable and in harmony with nature. And although we are not wine freaks, we can confirm: you can taste it!

By the way, we received a very warm welcome at the winery, even though we turned up without prior notice. A commented wine tasting with the chef himself should also be very worthwhile. 5. Our hotel tip for the Moselle We have our time on the Moselle spent in the wonderful Hotel zur Marienburg, which we can warmly recommend to you. Not only is the entire hotel a place to feel good , the location is also strategically optimal and is ideal as a home base for exploring the most beautiful and well-known regions of the Moselle.

The rooms are very modern and cosily furnished and comfortably equipped. You feel very comfortable from the first moment. We slept very well thanks to the comfortable beds and the quiet location. The view towards the vineyards and Marienburg, which you can enjoy from most of the rooms, is great.

The buffet breakfast is extraordinarily varied and of high quality. There is something for every taste – the perfect start to the day. We also had a very good meal here in the evening.

Our conclusion: Great location, comfortable rooms and a great price-performance ratio. We would stay here again at any time and can highly recommend this accommodation.

You can book the hotel here: Hotel zur Marienburg

Transparency: Advertising & Affiliate Links This article was created in cooperation with Rheinland-Pfalz To urism. Thank you for the great trip to the Moselle! This blog article contains our personal recommendations in the form of so-called affiliate links. If you book or buy something through the links, we will receive a small commission. For you, this does not change the price at all. A thousand thanks from both of us!

Tell me: Have you ever been to the Moselle? Which places or sights can you particularly recommend? Do you have any other tips you would like to share with us? We look forward to your comment!