Metamask starts collecting user IP and causes outrage

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The company behind MetaMask, the world’s most popular cryptocurrency wallet, has updated its privacy policy and, c As part of the new provisions, it will begin collect IP addresses of your users as of today.

The update affects users who use Infura as a provider of

“procedure call remote” (RPC) in MetaMask, the default RPC provider in all wallets.

What is very important – according to published information, is that MetaMask users have the option to change the Infury RPC to any other provider – then your data will not be collected by Consensys.

However, says the company, they will still

“be subject to any policies information collection cas from the new RPC provider of your choice.”

A section of the post describes the information collected:

“When you use Infura as your default RPC provider on MetaMask, Infura collects your IP address and your Ethereum wallet address when you send a transaction.”

In addition to the IP, Metamask may collect, through Infura, data provided by the user, such as identity information (name, gender , date of birth, etc.), profile information (including username and password), contact information, financial and transaction information, and more.

There is also data that is collected automatically, such as log data and browsed pages and resources, as well as information obtained from other sources of third parties.

The company also informed that it has appointed a Data Protection Officer, whose role is to ensure compliance with the ‚Äúresponsibilities arising from the applicable data protection legislation‚ÄĚ.

Users criticize

News about MetaMask’s new policy quickly spread across the internet and caused a fair amount of collective outrage.

A lawyer and An advocate of decentralization called the collection of IPs “sinister” and argued that such provisions in the company’s privacy policies cannot be ignored because, in their opinion, they do part of small steps towards the total control of government financial institutions over the

“unconscious of this world.”

In groups and social networks users of wallet said they were disgusted with the situation, stating that they will no longer use the platform to use other solutions.

“It’s just bizarre how centralized the industry is”, said one user on Reddit.

“Not bizarre, actually quite unavoidable when you think about it.

Governments/regulators will not let decentralization pass as they have for the last few years and this bear market is the best time for them to crack down. Therefore, they are doing everything possible to force the big players to comply, otherwise these companies (e.g. metamask) will not be able to operate.” – said another.

The concern about IP collection is justifiable because, in a way, governments could obtain the identity of cryptocurrency holders through the IP, which is counterintuitive to the ideas of cryptocurrencies.

Furthermore, cryptocurrencies were created with the benefit of anonymous use, the collection of IPs, therefore, completely excludes the anonymity.