Mayor of Maceió goes to Miami to learn about cryptocurrency adoption

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The mayor of Maceió traveled to Miami to learn about the adoption of cryptocurrencies promoted in the North American city, as well as its innovation ecosystem that has become one of the world’s highlights.

Last Monday 21), the mayor of Miami, Francis Suarez, spoke to João Henrique Caldas (JHC), current municipal manager of Maceió.

The agenda sought to promote a rapprochement between the cities to share innovations. It is worth remembering that Suarez inspired Rio de Janeiro to accept Bitcoin at the beginning of 2022, in a conversation with Eduardo Paes.

“We want to transform Maceió in Miami”, says mayor after learning about the adoption of cryptocurrencies in the US

Former federal deputy and current mayor of Maceió, JHC, visited Miami with the aim of getting to know the strengths of the North American city . This is because Miami is a smart city that has attracted many companies to its ecosystem.

With this, jobs and innovation were generated with the arrival of large companies.

Capital of Alagoas, Maceió wants to approach the world trends adopted by Miami, confessed the mayor after the visit.

“We started the negotiations to be able to make Maceió and Miami partner cities They are cities that cooperate in innovation, technology and tourism. Miami is very similar to Maceió for being a creative city, with young people developing innovative projects, which attracts more and more investments.

Dialogue with the mayor shows that Maceió is connected with other cities in the world and is always seeking to generate more work and income for our population.”


In fact, Miami is a pioneer city in two main sectors. They are the adoption of cryptocurrencies and the use of artificial intelligence.

In the conversation with Francis Suarez, the mayor of Miami himself spoke about his city being a “new Silicon Valley”, thanks to the adoption of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in its economy.

“Similarities between Maceió and Miami should bring cities closer together”

The mayor of Maceió follows in the USA to know the reality from Miami and should meet with the Consul General of Brazil.

Before leaving his technical visit, João Henrique Caldas highlighted that both cities are tourist destinations. In other words, there are many similarities between Miami and Maceió, a reality that can help the capital of Alagoas to become a future world power of innovation.

“I see similarities between the two cities. They are important tourist destinations in their countries and are able to take a leap forward in the field of technology. In this universe, in fact, our commitment is to transform the Jaraguá neighborhood into a center of innovation, offering advantageous conditions for the installation of companies and taking advantage of the benefits of the Startups Legal Framework.

We want to absorb knowledge to transform the potential into economic development for our city. technology and attract investment.”


It is still unclear whether Maceió, like Rio de Janeiro, has plans to accept cryptocurrencies. In any case, the visit to Miami may impact a future experience in the sector.