Mae Taeng: Day Trip to the Impressive North of Chiang Mai

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Welcome to Mae Taeng, welcome to the pristine north of Chiang Mai! In Mae Taeng you can expect lush green rice fields and palm trees as far as the eye can see. Mae Taeng is a true natural jewel . We can therefore warmly recommend a trip to this fascinating region.

You want to know what awaits you in Mae Taeng and which sights and highlights ) you should not miss? In this article we will take you on a fascinating journey to this pristine region in northern Thailand and reveal our travel tips for your trip.

1. Mae Taeng: Interesting Facts & What to Expect Mae Taeng is a Thai District belonging to Chiang Mai Province. It is approximately an hour’s drive north of central Chiang Mai. Would you like to escape the city chaos of Chiang Mai? Then a trip to Mae Taeng could be just the right thing for you.

Dense jungle, lush green, lush vegetation – in Mae Taeng you can look forward to fantastic natural scenery looking forward. This part of Thailand is completely spared from mass tourism and is a real jewel for all those seeking peace and quiet.

You can visit a tea plantation, a Take a boat tour through the Sri Lanna National Park or visit the impressive temple complex Wat Ban Den. One thing is certain: a trip to Mae Taeng is a trip to untouched Thailand.

How do I get to Mae Taeng? Variant 1: With a private taxi The most convenient option (which we also chose) is private transport. For example, you can ask for a private driver for a day trip at your accommodation in Chiang Mai.

Or you can book the car in one of the small travel agencies that you can find on almost every corner in Chiang Mai will find. From the center of Chiang Mai you have to plan about an hour’s drive to Mae Taeng.

Variant 2: By scooter Of course it is also possible to go to Mae Taeng by scooter. However, the distance should not be underestimated, especially since it always takes a little longer with the scooter than with the car.

For us, the distance would be too far (and therefore, to be honest, too dangerous) , but if you are experienced in riding a moped and want to be completely flexible on the road, a scooter is a good option.

variant 3: As part of a guided tour There are various guided day trips from Chiang Mai, which usually take you to Mae Taeng in small groups. If you don’t want to worry about anything else, this is a good option to get to know Mae Taeng. For example, this bike tour through Mae Taeng is recommended.

How much time should I plan for Mae Taeng? The title of this blog article already suggests it: We were only in Mae Taeng for a day trip. Unfortunately! Because if we had known how beautiful nature is here, we would definitely have stayed longer.

We would recommend two nights for Mae Taeng to plan The best thing to do is to stay at the beautiful Lisu Lodge – we’ll tell you more about that in a moment – ​​and explore the area from there.

2. Day Trip to Mae Taeng: Sights & Highlights Lisu Lodge The Lisu Lodge is probably the most beautiful accommodation in Mae Taeng – and certainly one of the most magical places of the region. “Connecting local tribe villagers with travelers” is the credo and so the Lisu Lodge welcomes guests who peace and seclusion are looking for.

Sustainability is lived at Lisu Lodge. The employees all come from neighboring mountain villages . Members of the Lisu minority live here – hence the name of the lodge.

If you are lucky enough to stay the night (highly recommended!), you can stay in one of the four cottages. The total Rooms are very traditional, but quite comfortably furnished according to the region. The best thing, however, is the impressive distant view of the surrounding nature, which you can enjoy throughout your stay.

Unfortunately, we were only at lunch at the Lisu Lodge – but that was also really fantastic. If you intend to do the same, then be sure to announce yourself in advance, because spontaneous visitors are not expected here.

Guided Tour of Lisu Mountain Village After lunch we were allowed to take part in a short tour of the village. The people here live under the simplest of conditions. Exciting to see, but honestly also very depressing.

In the house of the shaman a truly bizarre scene followed: He sang to us in an indefinable key. There was also homemade tea in self-carved wooden cups, which have probably never seen running water in their lives.

What we want to say: Here in Mae Taeng (and especially in the small mountain villages) the original Thailand awaits aside from the glossy magazines to you of you. Personally, we couldn’t shake the thought that it felt a little like we were wandering through a museum. We are glad that there is a project around the Lisu Lodge, through which the income (hopefully) goes directly to the people in the village.

Araksa Tea Garden Embedded in a lush green, tropical natural setting, only awaits you minutes from the Lisu Lodge the second highlight in Mae Taeng: the Araksa tea plantation. With the greatest possible care and attention to detail one devotes oneself to the cultivation of organic tea – without any pesticides or fertilizers.

Tea plantation tour The 1.5-hour tour of the Araksa tea plantation is highly recommended. Never before has anyone managed to get us excited about tea like our guide Charlie Chan, an ever-smiling, grey-haired Thai in his prime.

The tour starts with a trip to the tea plants. Equipped with a bamboo basket you can try your hand at tea picking. Only the best leaves go into the basket, because these very young tea leaves, explains Charlie, have the very best aroma and are not too bitter either. However, no matter how many leaves we pick, our basket just doesn’t want to get fuller. Quite different with tea picker Namee. Her fingers dart through the tea plants at breathtaking speed. Your bamboo basket will gain weight in a very short time, while ours will only be covered with the ground until the end.

After picking the tea, it’s time to get down to business, namely roasting the tea leaves. If Charlie’s words are to be believed (and one is), tea roasting is a science in itself. Unfortunately, our wish to be able to pour hot water over the tea leaves we picked ourselves is denied: it takes 3 days for the leaves we pick to become what we mean by tea.

The Tour ends with a tasting of Araksa tea. We are amazed at how pleasantly mild and fruity the tea tastes. If you want, you can of course (like us) also buy tea to take home.

Duration of the tour: approx. 1.5 hours
Price: 20 Baht per personMore info & booking on the official website: Araksa Tea Garden

More attractions and Highlights in Mae Taeng Wat Ban Den This impressive, colorful temple complex is more or less on the way from Chiang Mai to Lisu Lodge and is the approx .10 minute detour definitely worth it. The Wat Ban Den is still considered a insider tip – comparatively few tourists get lost here.

The Wat Ban Den is one of the largest temple complexes around Chiang Mai. If you also want to visit a typical Thai temple on your day trip, we can only warmly recommend a stopover at Wat Ban Den. Entry is free.

Bua Thong Waterfall Probably the most famous waterfall in Mae Taeng is the Bua Thong waterfall. His nickname Sticky Waterfall is no coincidence. The limestone surface of the stones of this waterfall is almost non-slip, so you can climb the waterfall almost effortlessly.

Mae Ngat Reservoir in the Sri Lanna National Park In the east of Mae Taeng lies the Sri Lanna National Park. Its heart is the so-called Mae Ngat Dam – a widely branched reservoir. Similar to the Khao Sok National Park, there are floating accommodations or restaurants, so-called Floating Houses.

on the shore (and sometimes also on the water). )If you want to explore the reservoir, you should go on a boat tour. Unfortunately, we haven’t been there ourselves, but we imagine the lake to be very beautiful at sunrise or sunset.

3. Overnight stay: Our tip If you want to stay overnight in the Mae Taeng region (what as we said, we would highly recommend), then we wholeheartedly recommend the already mentioned Lisu Lodge.

The location in the midst of the lush nature of Thailand is breathtaking. You spend the night here far off the beaten path in a truly special ambience. A visit to Lisu Lodge is definitely an experience to remember.

The 20 Guest rooms are simple but very tastefully furnished. Particularly noteworthy is the warm hospitality, you are shown here. The employees all come from the neighboring mountain villages. Therefore, most of the income goes to them. You should definitely stay here for that alone. Our conclusion: Highly recommended!

You can book accommodation here: Lisu Lodge

2016Transparency: Invitation & Affiliate Links Thanks to Thailand Tourist Board for inviting me to Thailand! This blog article contains our personal recommendations in the form of so-called affiliate links. If you book or buy something through the links, we will receive a small commission. For you, this does not change the price at all. A thousand thanks from both of us!

Have you ever been to Mae Taeng? Or did you do another day trip around Chiang Mai that you can recommend? Tell us about it in the comments – we look forward to hearing about your experience!