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Lonely Planet Best In Travel: Highlights and photo spots in Berlin

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Oh Berlin! We have visited you countless times and like you a little bit more each time. However, the reason for our trip has never been as special as on these three days in October 2018. Just two words: Lonely Planet. Yes, you read that right: Together with Lonely Planet Germany, we went in search of well-known highlights and lesser-known photo spots in Berlin.

But how did this collaboration come about? Here’s the thing: Every fall, Lonely Planet publishes a very special travel guide: “Best in Travel”. It presents those places that Lonely Planet travel experts say are exceptionally worth visiting for the following year. Specifically, these are: Top travel countries, 10 Top Cities, 10 top regions as well as 10 Destinations that are worth their money.

And here it comes! 2019 ranks a given country quite high in the Lonely Planet leaderboard. Tadaaaa: Germany. To be more precise, it’s even enough for second place. According to “Best in Travel”, only Sri Lanka is still worth visiting next year.

Pretty cool thing, isn’t it? Lonely Planet Germany thought so too and came up with something to celebrate the award. The blue and white Lonely Planet Bulli painted blue and white is to set off on its journey through Berlin in time for the publication of the new travel book.

At this point let’s come into play. Because who was allowed to accompany the Lonely Planet team on their unusual road trip? Yeah right! We both! So for two days we roared through Berlin in the beautiful blue and white Bulli and documented our mini road trip. By the way, you are correct in assuming that we are still a bit speechless when we think about this collaboration. Lonely Planet easy – that’s so crazy! Right off the bat, we really couldn’t think of a company we’d rather work with! But this is another story. Now it should be about what we have experienced. Let’s go!

Insider tips & highlights: The most beautiful photo spots in Berlin We have to be honest: With the beautiful Lonely Planet Bulli in front of it, these photo spots look even better. But we promise you that all the places listed are really worth visiting even without this eye-catcher, ok?

Here are our highlights and favorite photo spots in Berlin. We’ve put all the locations on a map at the end of the article so you can easily find them.

Brandenburg Gate No building represents Berlin as much as the Brandenburg Gate. Although the crowds romp there during the day, you simply have to see this magnificent monument when you are in Berlin. We were lucky because during our visit the sun was already a little lower. The light mood after the downpour was really something special.

Our tip: With a long time exposure you can you “free” the Brandenburg Gate from the crowds of people. Or you wait until after sunset, because the illuminated Brandenburg Gate is also a great photo motif at night.

Victory Column One of our favorite places in Berlin is the viewpoint on the Victory Column at sunset. We were sooo lucky with the weather, because on the day of our visit it had rained heavily a few hours earlier. But this sunset really makes up for every drop of rain, doesn’t it?

500 There are steps to overcome before you can see the view from the 50 meters high enjoy the viewing platform of the Victory Column. From above you can see in all directions – simply breathtaking! Unfortunately, the platform is very narrow, so there is quite a crowd. But believe us, it’s worth it!

The Victory Column is also a really great photo motif from the ground, we think. You can also take nice pictures from the underpasses.

Information on visiting the Victory Column Address: Great star, 10557 Berlin

Entry: 3 euros (reduced 2,50 Euro)

Opening hours: daily except on 19. open December; April to October from Monday to Friday from 9: 24 until 18: 30 and Saturday/Sunday until 19 Watch; November to March from Monday to Friday from 9: 24 until 17: 30 and Saturday/Sunday until 17: 19 Watch

Berlin Wall: East Side Gallery There is probably nobody who goes to Berlin comes without paying a visit to the longest surviving section of the Berlin Wall. Above 100 Paintings at 1.3 kilometers can be found along the East Side Gallery. This makes the East Side Gallery the largest open-air gallery in the world.

The most famous motif is probably the “brotherly kiss” between Brezhnev and Honecker. It has since been renovated so it really stands out. We personally think the Trabi painting is great – especially since it goes soooo well with the Lonely Planet bus – right?

During the spring and summer months (i.e. the main travel season) is along the East By the way, there is a lot going on in the Side Gallery, so that you have to be patient when taking pictures of the well-known paintings.

Address: Mühlenstraße 3-100, 10243 Berlin

Tree house on the wall What a place! What a story! A Turkish family lived for decades in this poor abode, which is located on the former border strip between East and West Berlin . Contrary to its name, the tree house is not a classic tree house, but a little house built between two trees.

Meanwhile, the famous family man Osman Kalin
sadly passed away. What exactly will happen to the tree house on the wall is currently still uncertain. Apparently there are considerations to turn the tree house into a museum. One thing is certain: the short detour from the Berlin Wall to the tree house is worth it!

Mariannenplatz, 10997 Berlin

Shell House An insider tip for architecture fans: the shell house. With its wavy facade, it is a real eye-catcher and will inspire everyone who loves symmetry or lines – we promise! The striking building by Emil Fahrenkamp is now used as an office building.

You may be wondering how we came up with the idea of ​​visiting the Shell house in the first place? It is like this: In the year 2019 becomes in Germany of 60. Founding day of the Bauhaus celebrated. This anniversary is one of the reasons why Germany was named the top 2 travel destination by Lonely Planet. The world-famous architectural style still characterizes the building today. Therefore, you will find many buildings throughout Berlin that were built in this era or are at least inspired by it. The wavy shell house is definitely one of a kind and therefore worth a stop.

Reichpietschufer 60-62,
10785 Berlin

Berliner Dom We continue to one of the most famous buildings in Berlin. The Berlin Cathedral on Museum Island is definitely one of the most important sights in the city. In order to photograph the opulent building, we chose an unusual perspective.

This long exposure ) shows the back of the cathedral from the banks of the Spree. We simply waited for a ship to come by. If you are looking for the exact photo spot: We have marked it for you on the map at the end of the article.

Monkey Bar & NENI at 25 hours Hotel Bikini Berlin Lunch with a view over Berlin? Yes, please! We chose NENI, which we know very well from our hometown of Vienna. The Location in 25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin is amazing: from
. On the 1st floor you have a crazy panoramic view of the Berlin Zoo.

By the way, the kitchen in the NENI is, as expected, a dream. This is where Israel meets Europe: If you like hummus, falafel & co., you will love the NENI. The ambience is reminiscent of a stylish greenhouse – very pleasant and uncomplicated in any case. There is a clear recommendation from our side!

Address: Budapester Street 25, 10787 Berlin

Television tower from the roof terrace of the wombat’s hostel Another eye-catcher in Berlin: The television tower ! It’s not that easy to photograph this one – especially since the sky was often gray on gray during our visit and the tower was hidden behind wafts of fog. Even the wonderful view from the roof terrace of our accommodation, the wombat’s hostel, is of no use.

But we were lucky: the sunrise on our last morning colored the clouds in the sky soft Pink. Like out of a picture book! And then with the television tower in the picture. It doesn’t get any better than that.

You can book the hostel here: wombat’s City Hostel Berlin

You see you the gray skyscraper to the left of the TV tower? This is the Park Inn Hotel. So if you’re not staying at wombat’s hostel or want an even better view of the TV tower, you can use the Park’s rooftop terrace for a fee of 4 euros Visit Inn Hotels.

Transparency: {Advertisement} For we created this blog article with Lonely P lanet Germany. Of course, this cooperation has no influence on our opinion.

This blog article contains our personal recommendations in the form of so-called affiliate links. If you book or buy something through the links, we will receive a small commission. For you, this does not change the price at all. A thousand thanks from both of us!

Do you know the “Best in Travel” books by Lonely Planet? Which travel destinations are on your wish list? Maybe even Germany? Or do you have another tip for cool photo spots in Berlin? We look forward to your comment!