Labin in Croatia: tips for the colorful mountain village of Istria

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Colorful facades, Venetian architecture and a flair to fall in love with – the mountain village of Labin is, in our eyes, one of the most beautiful places in Istria. The medieval town is enthroned on a hill in the hinterland near the coast, visible from afar.

Geographically, Labin belongs to the popular resort Rabac, which is only a few kilometers away. However, the ambience could hardly be more different. Rabac is, so to speak, the maritime holidaymaker magnet, Labin the associated small town of culture.

In our small Labin travel guide we show you which sights and highlights await you in Labin. Of course, as always, there are our personal, self-tested tips for your trip.

1. Labin: Istria’s colorful mountain village at a glance & first travel tips What can I expect in Labin? Charming, colorful and just to feel good – Labin really did it to us. The medieval, Venetian town is enthroned on a hill. The actual old town is car-free and therefore perfect for a leisurely stroll. (A little tip at this point: Be sure to choose suitable shoes!)

Although Labin’s old town is very manageable, you can photo motives again and again look forward to it – we can promise that. And the good thing about it: You can enjoy Labin in peace. Because most holidaymakers are drawn to the beaches of Croatia, Labin is surprisingly tranquil.

That brings us to the next point and perhaps to Labin’s greatest disadvantage (which in our opinion isn’t one): if you’re planning a bathing holiday, will not be happy in Labin. However, the nearest beaches are only a few kilometers away in the town of Rabac, which geographically (and touristically) belongs to Labin.

Day trip or overnight stay in Labin? The old town of Labin is really tiny. It’s not much more than a few streets. In other words: in a few hours you will pass most corners of Labin several times.

Of course, this speaks for visiting Labin as part of a day trip. So if you just want to get an insight and visit the most important sights, then this can be done in a few hours.

We chose Labin as a fixed stop on our road trip through Istria and spent a few days there. The disadvantage: Labin is located on the east coast of Istria, which is less developed for tourism. As a home base for excursions, Labin is therefore only suitable to a limited extent.

But we have to emphasize that the distances in Istria are manageable anyway and it rarely takes longer than an hour to get from A to B. (Which in turn speaks for the fact that you can head for many excursion destinations from Labin.) And: We really enjoyed the quiet flair in the city in the evening hours – something that is of course denied if you are only for two or three rushed through for hours.

2. The most beautiful sights in Labin: tips for your tour Main Square (Titov Trg) Your exploration tour will probably start at the spacious main square of Labin, the so-called Titov Trg, also called Črć. It is located at the gates of the old town and is lined with numerous cafes and restaurants. So if you need refreshment before or after your city tour – you’ll find it here!

At the eastern end of the square is the so-called city loggia,. significant building in Labin. It comes from the . Century and immediately catches the eye with its arcades in Renaissance style. Today the town loggia houses a very nice café.

Through the nearby main town gate you will then reach the actual medieval old town. If you look closely, you will discover the Venetian lion of St. Mark and the coat of arms of Labin at the archway.

Sveta Marija Church & Battiala Lazzarini Palace Via a centuries-old, cobbled alley you finally reach what is probably the most famous building ensemble in Labin: The Church of Sveta Marija (= Parish Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary ) and the neighboring Battiala Lazzarini Palace.

The striking, rust-colored baroque palace dates in part from the 17., partly from the 18. Century. Today the folklore museum is housed within the historic walls of the palace. We didn’t visit it, but apparently it’s supposed to be quite nice.

For us, this historic square with the steep stairs and the colorful buildings is by far the most beautiful in all of Labin and an absolute highlight of the city.

View from the Venetian bell tower The 35 The meter high bell tower of St. Justus characterizes the silhouette of Labin like no other building. Good news: You can climb the tower and enjoy a wonderful panoramic view over Labin to the sea from the top.

By the way, the tower was built on the foundations of the former Church of St. Just. The wooden stairs leading up are a little adventurous, but nothing that a reasonably fit person can’t manage – so don’t worry.

Our tip: The bell tower has changing opening hours. So it’s best not to be late or just walk by and ask the nice gentleman about the opening hours to make a visit at sunset possible. Admission is only a few kuna and – spoilers – these are definitely a good investment.

Fortica vantage point If you follow the alley a little further If you follow, you will soon reach the Fortica viewpoint (“Vidikovac Fortica”) at the north-east end of the old town. From this free viewing terrace you have a beautiful view of the surrounding area and towards the Kvarner Bay.

Photo spots Labin Not only Labin’s historic center is extremely worth seeing, but also the Silhouette of the city is nice to look at. We discovered the following two photo spots on our trip, which we can recommend to you:

View from the cemetery: Ulica Svete Katarine runs from the center of Labin heading south. Along the street you can always enjoy a wonderful view back towards the old town. After about 10 minutes you get to the cemetery. The green area in front of it also offers you a great panorama.

View from the parking lot: From the slightly elevated public parking lot just south of the old town you also have a nice view of Labin. A little tip: Follow the road up a bit and the view will be even better.

3. Excursion to the beach in Rabac Only about five kilometers or 07 A drive away from Labin takes you to the popular holiday resort of Rabac. Labin and Rabac are, so to speak, twin towns – they could hardly be more different, but belong geographically together and are also marketed together.

So if you want to spend a few hours on the beach, Rabac is the first port of call. Rabac is beautifully situated in a bay. The townscape with the many new buildings is not really our thing, but the beaches are all the more beautiful.

It’s best to park your car in one of the public parking lots (have coins ready!) and then stroll along the beach promenade. Here you will not only pass countless bars, cafés and restaurants, but also several bathing bays .

The beaches Girandella, Lanterna and Sveti Andrea are very popular. But actually you can just make yourself comfortable wherever you find a nice spot.

4. Culinary tips: Eating & drinking in Labin Small, but fine – this is how the culinary selection in Labin can be summarized. Although the offer is not huge, we ate well here. Of course, we don’t want to withhold our favorites from you.

Pizzeria Rumore: Probably the best pizza in Labin is available in this always busy, modern, Italian restaurant on the edge of the historic old town. If you’re lucky (or reserve in time), you’ll get a seat on the railing with a view of the bay.

Restaurant Peteani: The most well-known restaurant in Labin is housed in the Boutique Hotel Peteani of the same name. Istrian cuisine is served here at a high level. The visit is rounded off by really courteous service staff and a pleasantly modern ambience.

Enoteka Terra: If you want to buy wine or other culinary souvenirs to take home, the Enoteka Terra on the main square (Titov Trg) is the place for you. The selection in this modern vinotheque (which, by the way, is one of our accommodation recommendations – more on that in a moment) is impressive.

Enoteka Terra Pizzeria Rumore 5. Overnight stay in Labin: Our hotel tip If you are still looking for nice accommodation for Labin, then we have a tip for you: Terra Residence Labin. In this family r and with a lot of love run accommodation we felt very comfortable.

The hotel is located in a restored historic house in a central location. It is only a few steps to the entrance to the medieval old town – perfect. The entire house has a modern design (however, without a lift!). The rooms are very comfortable, so you really don’t want for anything.

The breakfast is served on the ground floor and is small but fine. Optionally, you can also enjoy your morning coffee on the small courtyard terrace. Also worth mentioning is the extremely friendly and courteous staff. Another plus point: The hotel has nearby private parking lots, so that you don’t have to worry about a parking space even on excursions.

Our conclusion: Nice ambience, great location and probably the best price-performance ratio of our entire trip to Croatia. Can only recommend!

You can book accommodation here: Terra Residence Labin

6. Our conclusion: Labin, we like you! Would we travel to Labin again? Right away! We personally really liked the small mountain town. So if you want to explore Istria away from well-known travel destinations such as Rovinj and Poreč, we can heartily recommend a detour to Labin.

Labin is small, manageable and above all pleasantly calm. So if you expect extensive nightlife or tons of sights, you are definitely better off somewhere else. But if you want to enjoy the village flair in the hinterland of Croatia, eat well and go on one or the other excursion, then Labin is a good choice.

Labin is located only a few kilometers from the coast. So you can’t walk to the sea, but a day at the beach in Rabac is definitely part of a vacation in Labin. Our conclusion: Labin, we like you. We will definitely be back!

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