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Karawan Riad: Our hotel tip for Fez

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Without batting an eyelash we can say: The Karawan Riad was by far the most beautiful accommodation of our entire trip to Morocco. We would even go one step further and believe that the Karawan Riad is the most amazing hotel we have ever stayed in.

Perhaps you are planning a trip to Fes and are still looking for a suitable one Accommodation? In this blog article we will show you what exactly awaits you in the Karawan Riad.

1. The story: This is how the Karawan Riad came about 10 years of work. 10 Years of sweat, extreme experiences, ups and downs. 10 years ago that Lionnel and a couple of friends had a Ruins found in the medina of Fes. It was to be a private project, a retreat from the everyday life of the two Air France pilots. You have lent a hand everywhere. 10 for years. They worked, hammered, drilled, toiled.

The story Lionnel tells us sounds surreal. There we are, hopelessly lost in this gigantic inner courtyard and cannot believe what they have created. 10 Years of work. That sounds so damn long that we wonder how anyone can last for such a long time.

And as we listen to Lionnel, he admits that there have been dry spells. Moments where he wondered what the hell he was doing. But as we listen to him, we realize what made him believe in it again and again: Heart. This is his project and all his strength and money go into it. It was only much later that the idea of ​​turning it into a hotel came up.

Today, the Karawan Riad is a dream of a riad. The house is Overwhelming. We have never seen a hotel equipped with so much attention to detail . It starts with the suites (seven in number) continues in the riad’s tea room and ends at the top: on the fantastic roof terrace.

2. Suites in the Karawan Riad There are just seven suites in the Karawan Riad. Each of them is completely individual and equipped according to a specific theme. We reside in the Demani Suite, which is all about Africa. All pieces were bought directly in Africa by the owners over the years and now find their place in the suite.

During our stay we were also allowed to take a look at the other suites and can confirm : Each of them is an oasis, an absolute feel-good place, that you would prefer not to leave at all. The beds are incredibly comfortable, the bathroom is stylish and there really isn’t anything that’s missing here.

3. Roof terrace: The best view of Fès One of the highlights at the Karawan Riad is waiting for you on the roof: From On the roof terrace you probably have one of the best views of Fès. Breakfast is served here when the weather is good (more on that in a moment).

Preferably we would have spent the whole day on the roof terrace, sitting in one of the lounges with a book and letting the sun shine on our faces. By the way, it’s particularly beautiful up here at sunset

4. Eating and drinking in the Karawan Riad The breakfast is served at served on the roof terrace when the weather is nice and tastes delicious. It is maybe a little less extensive than expected, but the quality is right. Quite apart from that, the view of Fes in the morning hours is of course fantastic.

In the Karawan Riad you can also dinner. The in-house restaurant is in the hands of the chef Outhmane. And we tell you: someone knows his trade. Apart from the fact that every dish tasted excellent, we ate the best orange tart in the whole world there.

5. Our conclusion Honestly: It has rarely been so difficult for us to leave a hotel. We would have loved to have spent a whole week at the Karawan Riad, we loved it that much.

So if you are looking for a luxury riad for your trip to Fez, then you can we really recommend the Karawan Riad from the bottom of our hearts. Of course, the price level is high, but believe us: Every cent is worth it!

You can book the riad here: Karawan Riad

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