Just crazy: midnight sun in Norway

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Imagine: it’s midnight and the sun is shining outside. Imagine: you can’t sleep because your body thinks it’s afternoon. In front of the pubs, people sit outdoors and drink their last beer – in the sunshine. You meet two homeless people and you are surprised that nobody is on the streets except you and them.

Imagine: today it’s midnight sun in Norway! It will 22, then 10 h. The sun doesn’t go down. Not even at midnight or 1 a.m. In between 20. May and 10. July the sun shines in Tromsø 24 hours from the sky. It is light all day. We are north of the Arctic Circle and it is the time of the „midnattssol“, the midnight sun.

If someone had told us at the beginning of the year that we would be Midnight sun in Norway, we would have looked at him with wide eyes without a doubt. We never dreamed that we would travel through Norway with the Hurtigruten and experience this natural phenomenon.

But now here we are in Tromsø, walking along the deserted harbor and wondering how on earth we are doing with this one light to fall asleep. Our bodies might be a bit tired, but our minds are wide awake. “I am thirsty. We could get some water in the supermarket…” Nonsense. A look at the front door tells us that we can’t do anything in the supermarket at this time (except maybe break in). The blue sky keeps us forgetting that it’s already the middle of the night.

Midnight sun, you’re confusing us! The situation is so strange, that we can hardly tear ourselves away. Again and again we walk along the harbor. And as much as we find the midnight sun worth seeing, we quickly realize that we couldn’t live with it. Well, admittedly: the midnight sun and us, we could become friends somehow. However, here, north of the Arctic Circle, there is the second natural phenomenon called polar night.

And This means: In winter the sun does not rise at all for two months. Not at all. Not even a little. It’s dark for 24 hours, most of it pitch-black night. That also means: you always go home in the dark. You wake up in the dark, celebrate Christmas in the dark and – if you are unlucky – your birthday too. When we think about it like that, we’re glad it’s July (even if it’s about 10 degrees outside temperature doesn’t feel like it).

As we draw the curtains in our room, as much as we try, lightning flashes always a streak of light through. It’s weird falling asleep feeling like the sun is shining outside. Dear midnight sun, you confuse us.

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