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Iphofen and surroundings: Our tips for the picturesque wine town

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Would you like to visit a picture book wine town in Franconia? Then off you go to Iphofen. On our entire trip to Franconia we have not visited any other place that is as photogenic and above all spruced up as Iphofen. (And we really got to know a lot of places.)

Iphofen is a wonderful mix of cobbled streets and beautiful half-timbered, baroque and Gothic buildings. Not to forget, of course, the medieval city wall, which surrounds the historic old town of Iphofen. In this blog article we will tell you our personal tips for your stay in the pretty wine town of Iphofen.

1. Iphofen: The most beautiful sights and highlights Rödelseer Tor The landmark of the city and the most famous sight in Iphofen is the Rödelseer Tor. It is on the north side of town. The Rödelseer Tor is the oldest city gate of Iphofen. Parts of it come from the 10. Century. With the red half-timbering and the pitched roof, this medieval gate is a real eye-catcher.

The staircase you see in the photo is a little misleading. In fact, the Rödelseer Tor cannot be visited from the inside. But it doesn’t matter, because the outside view is already impressive enough. You should definitely plan a longer photo stop here if you are a guest in Iphofen.

City fortifications of Iphofen The Rödelseer Gate belongs to the medieval fortifications of Iphofen. There are also numerous other places worth seeing along the historic fortifications. From the Rödelseer Tor a very nice walk in the countryside leads once around the historic city wall.

Along the walk you will also pass the other two city gates, the Einersheimer Tor and the Mainbernheimer Tor. There are also some historic towers worth seeing. The circular route around the former city wall is about 1.8 kilometers long. We can really recommend this to you.

Old town of Iphofen Inside the city wall you get to the historic town center of Iphofen. We have rarely seen such a beautiful and spruced up old town. One corner is more photogenic than the other.

The market place in the heart of Iphofen is definitely worth a stopover. Among other things, the baroque town hall of Iphofen is located there. There are also several churches in the old town of Iphofen, including the parish church of St. Veit. Directly next door is the Michaelskapelle, the oldest sacred building in Iphofen. There is a rather bizarre thing to visit here: the so-called ossuary. That’s right, ossuary. Through a small hatch you can take a look at late medieval bones from the outside.

The most famous museum in Iphofen is the Knauf-Museum, which is opposite the town hall. Unfortunately, we didn’t make it to the exhibition in time, but it should be well worth seeing. The Vinothek from Iphofen should also be worth a visit.

2. Eating & drinking in Iphofen and surroundings Winery Hans Wirsching A highly recommended winery is located in the middle of the historic old town of Iphofen. The Hans Wirsching winery is one of the best-known private wineries in Franconia and housed in a beautiful building.

The grapes come from the well-known Iphöfer steep slopes and are harvested by hand. We can’t say whether that’s the reason why we liked the wine particularly well, but one thing is certain: the Hans Wirsching winery is definitely worth a visit. So if you want to take one or two bottles of Silvaner home with you, then you’ve come to the right place.

Flower Café The undoubtedly greatest café in Iphofen (no in the entire region!) is called the Blumencafé. And with good reason: it belongs to a flower shop. So you can enjoy coffee and cake in the middle of the plant world. There is also a very pretty terrace outside.

Small healthy dishes are offered at lunchtime, all of which looked delicious. Our conclusion: You really shouldn’t leave Iphofen without having paid a visit to the flower café.

Augustiner am See As the name suggests, this restaurant is located on a small lake (although “pond” might be a better choice of word). Be that as it may: the Augustiner am See is definitely recommended. In the warm season, you sit outside on the terrace right by the water.

And that’s not all: the food and wine tasted excellent. The restaurant is about 10 minutes by car Car outside of Iphofen, but it’s worth the short detour – I promise!

Patrizierhof A very recommendable country inn is the Patrizierhof in the small town of Großlangheim (just under 10 minutes by car from Iphofen). The Patrizierhof belongs to the family winery Grebner. Franconian cuisine is served at a high level.

The ambience is fantastic, especially in summer. Then you can take a seat in the beautiful, green courtyard . Inside there are a wide variety of parlors and rooms, all of which look very cozy. The family and staff are also extremely friendly. Our conclusion: Highly recommended!

3. Excursion destinations around Iphofen: Our tips Terroir f Iphofen Of course, the wine town of Iphofen has its own terroir-f vantage point. To explain: In the entire wine region of Franconia there are currently 11 terroir f points. These are each in special locations with fantastic views.

The terroir f Iphofen is enthroned on the so-called Schwanberg, more precisely in the well-known Iphoef vineyard Julius Echter Berg. The most convenient way to reach the vantage point is by car. However, we recommend that you tackle the footpath from the old town of Iphofen (approx. 1 hour). Alternatively, you can walk at least part of the way through the vineyards. From the terroir f Iphofen you have a wonderful view of the valley.

Schwanberg: vantage point Kappelrangen There are a few more vantage points on the Schwanberg. The best known is the so-called Kappelrangen, an exposed vantage point with a fantastic view. A medieval chapel once stood here – hence the name. When the weather is good, you can see the Rhön from this vantage point.

Our tip: The sunset from up here is fantastic, because you look in the direction West. You can reach the Kappelrangen from Schwanberg Castle on foot after approx. 10-minute walk through the forest. You can park your car directly at the castle.

Hüttenheim A little insider tip is the village of Hüttenheim, which you can reach by car from Iphofen in about 10 minutes. Time really seems to have stood still here. Apart from us, there were hardly any other tourists on site.

The tranquil Hüttenheim is not a place where many classic sights await you, but instead there is a lot of peace and quiet and plenty of relaxation. (If you are looking for accommodation, then we can recommend the Weingut Hillabrand.)

You should definitely not miss the so-called Kirchenburg – one of the best-preserved Gadenkirchen castles in Franconia. The location must be particularly atmospheric during the Kirchenburgweinfest. This wine festival always takes place on the penultimate weekend in August.

Tannenberg The Tannenberg is located just outside the center of Hüttenheim and is definitely worth a visit. Here are the Hüttenheim vineyards. From the top of the Tannenberg you can experience a magnificent sunset in the middle of the vines.

There is a unpaved road, that will take you to the summit, but to be honest: The path is quite adventurous and only suitable for experienced drivers. If in doubt, we would rather recommend walking up the Tannenberg. It’s best to do as we do: take two glasses and a chilled bottle of wine with you and enjoy the last rays of sunshine of the day with a beautiful view.

4. Hotel tips for Iphofen We have two hotel tips for you for the region around Iphofen. We stayed in both accommodations ourselves.

Altstadthotel Bausewein (Iphofen) The Altstadthotel Bausewein is located in the historic center of Iphofen. (Don’t worry: parking spaces are still available.) It belongs to the organic winery of the same name and is really recommended. At breakfast, for example, mainly local products are served and without any plastic.

Our room was very comfortable. All in all: A great city hotel, which is managed with a lot of commitment and very personally. We would stay here again at any time.

You can book the hotel here: Altstadthotel Bausewein

Rothweinhotel No, that’s not a typo: The Rothweinhotel belongs to the Roth winery – hence the name. It is located in the center of Wiesenbronn, a place that is about 10 minutes by car from Iphofen. Our room (“Spätburgunder”) was on the top floor and was surprisingly large and very comfortable.

You can book the hotel here: Rothweinhotel

5. Map: All recommendations at a glance For better orientation on site you can find all our recommendations are marked on this map. The red dots describe sights, vantage points and locations. The blue dots are the two hotels we stayed at.

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