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Hotel tip for Lake Garda: Vivere Suites & Rooms

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We like nice hotels. Ones that you immediately feel comfortable in. Ones where it smells good and you are welcomed with open arms by the hosts. Some where you can get inspiration for your own home and where you can also spend an afternoon with a good book.

Our trip to Lake Garda led us to such a hotel: In the Vivere Suites & Rooms. Are you planning to travel to Garda Trentino in the near future? Then prick up your ears. Here is our hotel tip for Lake Garda.

1. The room at Vivere Suites & Rooms … or let’s say suite! The Vivere has only 6 suites and is therefore really quiet. We stayed in the smallest suite, the “Romantic Suite”. “The only suite without a living room”, reveals the owner Edy with a bit of melancholy. We don’t mind because the suite is big enough!

There is a super comfy bed with great linens. The bathroom (on the left around the corner in the photo) is very spacious and elegantly furnished. There is no bathtub, but a great shower.

Each suite has its own private garden – too bad that it rained almost continuously. We also liked the little details: there are delicious biscuits on arrival, two free new Nespresso capsules for the coffee machine every day, bathrobes, a sun hat and so on. Edy and Michela have really thought of everything!

2. Breakfast at Vivere Suites & Rooms This breakfast – we still think back on it with great enthusiasm. It is served every morning in the huge “living room” in the main house to 801 clock in buffet form offered. Edy takes care of his guests in an incredibly friendly manner without being intrusive. Within a very short time he knows our coffee preferences and asks several times whether we would like something else.

The buffet: Small but nice – just how we love it! There is a lot of fresh fruit (even pomegranate seeds!), delicious cheese from the region, croissants and other pastries, jams, cakes and and and. And best of all: Edy and Michela produce their own delicious olive oil.

3. The Garden and Pool Area When you stand in front of the Vivere’s large front gate, you would not think it possible that there is such a thing behind it idyllic place hides. Too bad it rained so much during our stay because we couldn’t test the great pool. By the way, there are cakes and sweet pastries as well as mineral water for free all day long. Of course we took advantage of it and took a large piece of apple pie up to our room.

4 . Conclusion Hotel tip for Lake Garda Although the hotel is a bit out of the way (and not on the shore of Lake Garda), we can really warmly recommend this little retreat. We felt completely comfortable in the Vivere Suites & Rooms and didn’t want to leave. This small, family-run boutique hotel is really a gem and we would stay there again at any time.

You can book the hotel here: Vivere Suites & Rooms

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Have you already been to Lake Garda and do you also have a hotel tip ? If so, we look forward to your comment!