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Get out of New York {New Haven. Boston. And a few tips.}

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Infinite expanse. The feeling of freedom. The feeling that nothing is impossible, everything is possible. Road trips – we never tire of preaching it – give rise to the most beautiful feelings when traveling.

Road trips in the USA go one better. Speeding past motels and trucks, the coffee mug within reach, the taste of donuts on the tongue. Just get in, drive wherever you want, get out whenever you like. We love road trips.

When we traveled to New York again this summer, it was from the start clear: this time we want to see more than just Manhattan and Brooklyn. We had heard from some friends that Boston was worth seeing. After a little research and planning, our small but fine route that we would like to present to you today was created: From New York via New Haven to Boston and back again.

We start our trip in New Jersey’s Newark , more precisely at the Avis counter at the airport. At this Our first tip follows: Book your rental car in advance. Unfortunately, our reservation (which we admittedly sent much too late) failed, so we had to rent the car directly on site. Big mistake! Because the price difference was enormous.

Tip 1: Don’t hesitate to book a cheap rental car option from home. Well, that didn’t have to be. Anyway, don’t think about it any further. After a few minutes in our white speedster, the displeasure was almost forgotten. In front of us: the street. In the ears: The Beatsteaks’ current favorite album. So we jetted along and landed: at the Jersey Gardens Outlet. Minutes later. Welcome to the United States!

We’re just having a look! was followed by four hours of intense shopping followed by a Venti Starbucks cappuccino to quell the tiredness of the long flight and time difference . When we stepped outside again, the sun had already set.

Tip 2: Use the proximity of the Jersey Garden Outlets to Newark Airport. And: Book a flight that arrives in the morning, because then you have enough time in the outlet.

Our first stage took us to just 100 Miles away New Haven. Darkness and tiredness were joined by rain, which made the journey increasingly difficult. Of course, when we finally reached New Haven, we couldn’t find cheap accommodation in the city itself. So: U-turn and back out of town to check out the motels. So we ended up in a filthy, dirty motel. Our room smelled like a potpourri of Indian curries and drains. Well then good night.

Tip 3: Motels are best found outside of the city center. In New Haven, the “Best Way Inn” motel isn’t a hot pick. Due to jet lag, that we woke up very early the next morning and were able to quickly escape from the hell of smells. Our plan for today: Exploring Yale University . You know, Gilmore Girls and stuff.

A friend recommended the daily one-hour tour to us. Stupidly, this only started at and we wanted to be on our way to Boston. So we explored the campus on our own. In addition – we knew this in advance, but there was no other way we could organize it – the day of our visit fell on a Saturday, which meant that university operations were very limited. But it didn’t matter, we really enjoyed strolling through the extensive grounds!

Tip 4: Visit Yale at the Week! If that’s not possible, you’ll still love it!

We stopped at Shake Shack for lunch and fortified ourselves for the two-hour drive to Boston.

Tip 5: “One Shack Burger” always works! Fries too.

How good that the Wrentham Outlet was almost on the way. We can’t do it again, can we? Just a short detour, oh what the heck. And so we ended up in an outlet that day. In contrast to the Jersey Gardens outlet, the said outlet near Boston is set up in the form of small outdoor shops. In bright sunshine we walked past Americans munching ice cream, burgers and donuts.

Tip 6: If you thought so , you wouldn’t have succumbed to consumption if you had never been to America. We reached our hotel in Boston late Afternoon. Exhausted, we sank into our beds. After an evening stroll through the city, we returned to Dong Khanh Restaurant on Harrison Avenue. Bull’s eye: Delicious, authentic Vietnamese food. A true ray of hope away from burgers & Co. Definitely recommendable!

The next morning we had breakfast at the very nice Metropolis Cafe in the Tremont Street (That granola – sooo delicious). Our route took us along nearby Newbury Street to the Boston Public Garden. Our next project: The Freedom Trail – a route through Boston that includes important historical landmarks.

We particularly liked the hustle and bustle around the Quincy Market! At this point, Kathi was already struggling with an annoying cold (hence the slightly illuminated view on the previous photo), which is why we took a break in the hotel room for lunch.

Tip 7: Tourist trails can also impress!

The nap gave us both strength again and so we visited in the afternoon the Harvard University. We strolled through the tree-lined area and explored the countless brick houses on the university campus.

In the evening we went to North End, a district with Italian flair. Actually, we wanted to eat a pizza in the well-known Regina, but people were queuing in front of the restaurant and so we enjoyed the hustle and bustle of the fair, which we had accidentally gotten into. A drop of rain here, another there, and within five minutes it was pouring rain. We treated ourselves to beer and burgers in a diner air-conditioned to (felt) below zero.

Tip 8: It is also recommended in midsummer Make sure to bring enough winter clothing. Our small but nice trip ended without much fanfare in Dover, New Jersey, at Romeo’s relatives when we were served six (in words 6) different kinds of cheesecake. We’ll tell you about that and what else there is to see in New Jersey another time…

Hard Facts Miles travelled: 749

That would be in Kilometers: 865,

Venti Cappuccino at Starbucks: 6
Total cost: a lot. to. a lot

And else? We returned the car to New Jersey Airport. From there you can get to Manhattan very easily and without stress. Next time we would add a night in Boston by the way! And of course it would be nice to explore Boston’s surroundings even further. And on to drive to New Hampshire. Or Vermont. Or Maine. Then next time! One thing is certain: road trips – even if only for three days – are awesome!