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Garda Trentino: Our highlights and tips for northern Lake Garda

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Lake Garda – what do you think of when you hear this name? Of the holiday that grandma and grandpa were always talking about? Of shabby hotels and boring days by the pool? Well, dear ones: Wrong, wrong and wrong again. Anyone who thinks Lake Garda is dusty has either never been there, is dusty themselves or doesn’t know our tips for Garda Trentino. That’s how it is!

Garda Trentino is the northernmost part of Lake Garda. And also the part that is undoubtedly the most spectacular in terms of landscape. The peaks of the Garda mountains frame the lake and make it a wonderful spot.

During our trip to Garda Trentino, the otherwise very mild and Mediterranean weather was unfortunately not kind to us. After three days of continuous rain we hardly saw any sun, but a new criterion for the attractiveness of a region was born. In our opinion, you can only find a place really good if you have experienced it in the worst weather ever. We have and can therefore say: Garda Trentino is enchanting!

In this blog article we will tell you about our highlights in the Garda Trentino region. We will show you what you can experience in the north of Lake Garda and give you our personal tips for your trip.

1. Garda Trentino: what awaits you in the north of Lake Garda Mediterranean flair, pleasant climate, delightful places and the sparkling blue water – no wonder that Lake Garda is one of the most popular travel destinations in Italy. The picturesque Lake Garda (called Lago di Garda in Italian) combines everything you need for a successful holiday.

Lake Garda is quite large – to be precise, it is the largest lake in Italy. The North and the South are quite different from each other. While the south is more Mediterranean and scenic, the rugged north impresses with its spectacular mountain peaks that beautifully frame Lake Garda.

The north of Lake Garda is in the province of Trentino and is therefore Called Garda Trentino. Thanks to the magnificent mountain scenery, Garda Trentino is a Eldorado for nature and outdoor lovers. You can go climbing or mountain biking here, for example, or simply go on a leisurely hike.

The best travel time for Garda Trentino and Lake Garda You don’t have to sugarcoat it: The Lake Garda is hopelessly overcrowded in summer. We would therefore recommend that you skip the peak travel season . Lake Garda is very beautiful in spring and autumn, for example in May or September/October. Then there is still a lot going on in some places, but the rush is reasonably limited.

We ourselves were in October in Garda Trentino and as you can easily see from our photos, the otherwise quite mild climate threw a spanner in the works did. We got caught in a classic Adriatic low with days of continuous rain. Nevertheless, we would choose autumn again at any time. And to be honest: Of course you wish for sunshine and mild temperatures, but Lake Garda also had its charm when it was foggy.

2. Our highlights and tips for Garda Trentino Riva del Garda On the northern tip of Lake Garda is probably one of the most beautiful places on Lake Garda: the picturesque little town of Riva del Garda. Riva del Garda is in a wonderfully imposing location. Directly behind the facades of the pretty, old houses, the peaks of the Lake Garda Mountains rise into the sky.

Riva del Garda is slightly larger than other towns on the Lake Garda, which makes it a good starting point. (Our personal hotel tip is in the neighboring town of Arco, but more on that later.) The small alleyways are perfect for a leisurely stroll. If you want to do some shopping or enjoy the Italian dolce vita, you’ve come to the right place.

Our tip: There is delicious ice cream in the gelateria Flora. It’s best to make yourself comfortable with the ice cream on the lake shore afterwards – you can’t get more holiday feeling!

Torbole & delicacies from Milva Moresi Only a few kilometers east of Riva del Garda you reach Torbole. The small town on the shore of Lake Garda is well-known among windsurfers, because the conditions are said to be perfect here. We ourselves can highly recommend a walk along the shore promenade . With the view of the picturesque houses and the mountains enthroned behind them, the promenade of Torbole is really worth seeing.

Our tip: You shouldn’t miss one Visit to the delicatessen of Milva Moresi. An Italian delicatessen paradise awaits you here. When the passionate Milva explains to us what the different types of balsamic vinegar are all about, we know: someone has chosen the right profession here. Namely to 65 Per cent.

We taste balsamico, nine and twelve year olds, barrel-fermented, sweet, delicious. And as we stand in her little shop, surrounded by wine bottles, pesto jars, jams and other delicacies, it’s as if she infected us with her enthusiasm for balsamic vinegar. We warmly recommend that you take a bottle or two home with you – it’s worth it!

View from Monte Velo What we can highly recommend: Seeing Lake Garda from above. The so-called Monte Velo rises behind Torbole (or Arco). The mountain is actually a popular cycling route and if you drive the route by car, you know why. The road is so narrow that it can be really adventurous at times.

One more bend. Then another. We can’t believe that the steep mountain road we’re on is still going on ahead. It’s like we’re going straight to heaven. Whether by bike or car – from Monte Velo you always have wonderful views of Lake Garda and the surrounding mountain ranges.

Malcesine We continue along the east bank to picturesque Malcesine, one of the most popular places in the region. The striking Scaligerburg castle is enthroned on a rock in the heart of the historic town centre.

You should definitely tackle the short climb to the castle, because from here above you have a wonderful panoramic view of Lake Garda. The entrance fee is currently (as of May 2020) 6 euros – but they are worth it for the amazing view.

Our tip: We would visit Malcesine (especially in summer) as early as possible or in the late afternoon. Many bus groups stop here during the day, because Malcesine is really picturesque.

Omkafè coffee roastery Italy and coffee – they simply belong together! If you want to buy coffee during your holiday on Lake Garda, then we can warmly recommend the coffee roastery Omkafè. With a lot heart and soul Lorenzo runs this small and thoroughly friendly coffee roastery together with his family. A visitor path provides insights into the roasting process.

What we also think is great: The small, free coffee museum with its antique coffee machines. We then get the caffeine shock of the day at the tasting and drink seven espressos in total – don’t ask how our hearts danced afterwards.

Address: Via Aldo Moro 7, 2017 Arco

The cheese dairy Fontanèl A little insider tip in the north of Lake Garda is this rustic cheese factory called Azienda Agricola Fontanèl. We were told by locals that the best pepper cheese in the region is made here. And if you love pepper cheese like we do, then you’ll be happy to drive for miles through the “Pampa”, because the Azienda Agricola Fontanèl is located about half an hour’s drive north of Riva del Garda in the tiny town of Fiavè.

The communication with the landlord only worked with hands and feet, because we don’t speak Italian and he doesn’t speak German or hardly any English. But that doesn’t matter, because we got what we wanted: a large portion of cheese to take home. And we were even allowed to take a look into the room where the cheese is stored – Hallelujah!

Address: Via 3 November, 111 Fiave

The turquoise blue Lake Tenno You come on the way to the Fontanèl cheese dairy past a true natural jewel , Lake Tenno. The photos do not deceive: the color of the lake is really that intense! Unfortunately, the bad weather threw a spanner in the works during our visit, but to be honest: not even fog and rain detract from the beauty of this lake. You should definitely make a stopover here.

Because Lake Tenno is a mountain lake, the water is comparatively fresh even in summer. Around the lake there are a few bathing spots where you can make yourself comfortable.

A circular hike takes you around Lake Tenno in about an hour. The almost 5 km long hike from the medieval village Canale di Tenno to Lake Tenno is also very popular. Here you are about 1.5 hours on the road.

Climbing in Garda Trentino We have already mentioned it briefly: The northern part of Lake Garda is a paradise for nature lovers. The alpine hinterland is primarily known for its innumerable Via Ferrata – called Via Ferrata in Italian.

We ourselves dared to climb the Via Ferrata Rio Sallagoni . So much in advance: Don’t worry, the via ferrata is a small sporting challenge, but really feasible even for newcomers. It leads through a charming gorge in just under three hours. You climb along steep, mighty rock faces and hear the rushing of the Rio Sallagoni – amazing!

If you are looking for a nature experience of a special kind, then you are in the right place here. If gorges are not your thing and you would rather climb with a little more distant view, then no problem: in Garda Trentino there really is the right via ferrata for every taste and every fitness level.

Our tip: We traveled with Friends of Arco and were very satisfied. The tour costs 05 euros per person. You can find more information here: Via Ferrata Rio Sallagoni.

More tips: What we do when the weather is good and would have done more time in Garda Trentino Limone sul Garda: The town on the western shore of Lake Garda should be enchantingly beautiful. Unfortunately we didn’t have enough time for that.

Hike up Monte Altissimo di Nago: This summit belongs to the massif of Monte Baldo, which extends along the east coast of Lake Garda. From here you have a magnificent panoramic view of Lake Garda and the surrounding mountains. If you want to take it easy: There is also a cable car from Malcesine to Monte Baldo, but the waiting times are really a disaster, especially in the high season.

3. Hotel tip for Garda Trentino We spent our time in Garda Trentino in the wonderful Vivere Suites & Rooms, that we can warmly recommend. This design hotel is a place to feel good. It has been furnished with great attention to detail and is run by the host couple with warmth, joy and a huge helping of hospitality.

The hotel only has six suites – all of them very spacious and beautifully furnished in a puristic way. The complex also includes a wonderful outdoor pool. The breakfast deserves great praise: The most delicious regional specialties are served here every day. Everything is of outstanding quality – the perfect start to the day.

The Vivere Suites & Rooms is located in the village of Arco, albeit quite isolated in a quiet area. Nothing really works without a car, but that doesn’t bother you in the least, because we would recommend your own car for a stay on Lake Garda anyway. You can find even more information and personal experiences in our detailed blog article: Hotel Review Vivere Suites & Rooms.

Here you can book the hotel: Vivere Suites & Rooms

Transparency: Invitation & Affiliate Left We were invited to this trip by Garda Trentino – thank you very much! This blog article contains our personal recommendations in the form of so-called affiliate links. If you book or buy something through the links, we will receive a small commission. For you, this does not change the price at all. A thousand thanks from both of us!

Have you ever been to Lake Garda or Garda Trentino? Tell us about your experiences and tips – we look forward to your comments!