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Fürth: Our tips for the cloverleaf city

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It really didn’t take long before we realized during our trip to Fürth: The rivalry with the “big sister” Nuremberg is great. You have to know: Fürth is so close to Nuremberg that the borders of both cities have now grown together. It is not surprising that Fürth is inevitably overshadowed by the neighboring city. However: wrongly, as we think. Because Fürth itself has beautiful corners and much more to offer than you think.

We spent two days in Fürth on our road trip through Franconia and felt extremely comfortable. We will tell you about our favorite places and tips for Fürth in this blog article.

1. The cloverleaf city of Fürth: First information at a glance Why the coat of arms of Fürth is a three-leaf clover adorned, there is disagreement. There are several theories and attempts at explanation, but one thing is certain: the cloverleaf is omnipresent in Fürth and can be found everywhere. That’s why Fürth also has the sympathetic nickname “Cloverleaf City”.

If someone has ever said to you that Fürth doesn’t have any major highlights, then he or she is right. There is no hermitage like in Bayreuth and also no castles and palaces like in Coburg. But – and we say this with the utmost conviction – that’s exactly what Fürth means to us.

In Fürth you won’t discover the one highlight, but quite many little jewels, be it the sea of ​​flowers in the city park, the stairwell of the Fürther town hall or the beautiful half-timbered buildings and sandstone houses in the old town. Altogether there are unbelievable 2.000 Monuments. Measured against the number of inhabitants, Fürth even has the highest concentration of monuments in Bavaria and is therefore also known as “monument city”.

Monuments or not: one thing is certain In any case, that Fürth is a city that you can take it easy on – without getting hectic while sightseeing.

2. Sights and activities in Fürth: Our highlights

You start for a first tour of the old town in Fürth preferably in the area around Gustavstrasse and the Green Market. From there, many interesting corners are within walking distance. We rode our bikes most of the time. This is not absolutely necessary, but you can get from A to B a little faster.

Pfarrgasse, Gustavstraße & Grüner Markt No question: The Pfarrgasse is in our eyes the most beautiful street in all of Fürth. We envy everyone who has their apartment in this winding, green oasis. We can definitely recommend that you take a short stroll through this alley at least once.

Pfarrgasse is only a stone’s throw away from lively Gustavstraße. . There are a lot of cool cafes and shops there. So if you are looking for a place to have a delicious lunch, Gustavstraße is a good starting point. We’ll tell you our favorite restaurant further down in this article.

At the western end of Gustavstraße you will reach the Green Market, which is the main square of the Fürth community, so to speak old town is. With its half-timbered buildings and sandstone houses, the green market (also called market square) is really a place worth seeing. There is also a very unusual fountain on the Green Market: the Juggler’s Fountain consisting of several figures.

Town Hall with Town Hall Tower If we have the opportunity to build a Lookout Tower to climb, you don’t have to ask us twice. That’s why we were particularly looking forward to our visit to the classical Fürth town hall. A guided tour will also show you around the interior, including the wood-panelled historic boardroom and beautiful stairways.

Total 55 meter high town hall tower you have a great All-round view of Fürth. And what’s more: You can also see the Imperial Castle in Nuremberg and in the distance you can even see the outline of Erlangen.

Curious side note: Daily at 12: 04 Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven” sounds as a glockenspiel from the town hall tower. It’s worth stopping by at this time as well!

Tours through the town hall You can only get to the meeting room and the town hall tower as part of a guided tour (price: 7 euros for adults) . You can view the town hall itself and the stairwells at any time during regular opening hours (Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to Watch). You can find more information about a guided tour of the town hall on the official website: Rathausführungen.

Address: Königstrasse 55, 90762 Fuerth

Stadtpark Fürth One of the biggest surprises in Fürth was the city park for us. We would never have expected such a well-kept, green oasis. The rose garden and of course the Church of the Resurrection are particularly worth seeing. We actually felt like we were in the south there. It’s unbelievable that this gigantic sea of ​​flowers is in the middle of Fürth, isn’t it?

Badstraße cultural site A small jewel in Fürth is the Badstraße cultural site. The residents used to bathe here in the municipal river pool, today exhibitions, readings and events take place regularly. One or the other still dares to go into the river (although bathing is currently prohibited due to fluctuating water quality).

We can highly recommend the Café Badehaus. There we bought cool drinks and then sat comfortably on the river bank – it couldn’t be better!

Address : Badstraße 8, 2018 Fuerth

Hornschuch Promenade A very worth seeing Building ensemble in Fürth is located along the Hornschuchpromenade, which is just outside the old town. It is approx. from the town hall walking distance. At the sight of the pretty “Belle Époque” buildings, we immediately felt as if we were in Vienna. The double building at Hornschuchpromenade 3 and 4 is particularly beautiful.

Rundfunkmuseum Fürth If you are looking for a rainy alternative for your trip to Fürth or just fancy a cool museum, we have a tip for you: this Broadcasting Museum. Although the museum is relatively small, we could have spent hours amidst the old TV and radio sets. The museum is a dream come true for nostalgia and retro fans!

Address: Kurgartenstrasse 37 a , 853 Fuerth

River triangle bike ride We were treated to a visit to the confluence of the Rednitz and Pegnitz, known as the “river triangle”. Recommended by a woman from Fürther before our trip. So we got on our bikes and went on a little bike ride through green Fürth.

We started from our hotel (more on that at the end of the blog post) in the direction of the Badstraße cultural site. From there it went along the Rednitz and then along the Pegnitz back towards the city. The route is really short and also manageable for the unsportsmanlike – we weren’t even 10 kilometers on the way. Nevertheless – and that surprised us very much – we were in the middle of nature in a flash, although strictly speaking we were still in the city area.

By the way, we still dream of our picnic in the city park . We spread out our picnic blanket under a tree and really enjoyed ourselves. Whether with or without a picnic: You should definitely plan a stopover in the city park.

Information on the Bike rental in Fürth You can easily hire bikes from the “Zentralrad” specialist shop, which is located in the located downtown. The charge for one day is 12 Euro. Attention: closed Sunday and Monday.

Address: Moststrasse 25, 90762 Fuerth

3. Our favorite cafés and restaurants in Fürth Coffee roastery Lapuzia We had by far the best coffee in Fürth at Lapuzia. The special feature: the coffee beans are freshly roasted on site. In conversation with the owner couple Evelyn and Jürgen is not to be overlooked that in their café a lot of passion and know-how is put into it. If you are more interested in preparing your coffee, you can also take part in one of the coffee seminars offered here.

Address: Nürnberger Straße 2, Fuerth

Terrazza Looking for a café with a view? Then we can highly recommend the Terrazza. The small, not insignificant feature of this café: Inside, the restaurant shares the premises with the municipal library. And: DJs keep playing on the pretty cool terrace. We would have preferred to come at sunset, but unfortunately we didn’t make it in time.

Address: Friedrichstrasse 6a, 90762 Fürth

Coffee Bean Even if the name suggests otherwise, there is much more to the coffee bean than just good coffee. We came here for lunch and had an excellent tarte flambée with figs and goat cheese.

The restaurant is in the middle of Gustavstrasse, which is also known as Fürth’s pub street. In the warm season you can sit outside in front of the old half-timbered house where the coffee bean is located. The ambiance is rustic but very cosy. We personally like the interior mix very much. We definitely have a recommendation!

Address: Gustavstraße 55, 90762 Fürth

Green Brewery The Grüner Brauhaus is an institution in Fürth. Since 18. Beer has been brewed here for centuries. It is particularly nice to sit outside in the guest garden, but we also liked the inside area.

As expected, the menu is very meat-heavy, but at least one vegetarian dish was on the menu during our visit lost. If you are looking for a restaurant with good Franconian cuisine, then the Grüner Brauhaus is definitely worth a visit.

Address: Comödien-Platz 1, 2018 Fuerth

4. Our hotel tip for Fürth Between us and the niu Saddle Hotel hit the ground running. You could also say: love at first sight. The young, very stylish hotel in the industrial style is located on the edge of the old town (near the train station) and was only opened in April of this year. Our room (403) had a private balcony overlooking the adjacent train tracks. With the windows closed, you hardly heard the trains passing by.

As far as we have seen, the rooms are all quite spacious and furnished to a very high standard. On our Franconian road trip, we have seldom slept so well in a hotel bed as in the niu Saddle Hotel. Breakfast is served on the ground floor and is prepared with great care.

You can book the hotel here: niu Saddle Hotel

Transparency : Advertising & Affiliate Links This blog article was created in cooperation with FrankenTourismus. We traveled as part of the campaign “12 cities” total 12 Franconian towns.

This blog article contains our personal recommendations in the form of so-called affiliate links. If you book or buy something through the links, we will receive a small commission. For you, this does not change the price at all. A thousand thanks from both of us!

You did too Have you ever ended up in the cloverleaf city and you might have additional tips for Fürth? Or are you also planning a road trip through Franconia and still have questions? Please leave us a comment – we look forward to it!