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Frickenhausen am Main: Our tips for the southern Main triangle

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Picturesque places, pretty half-timbered houses and lots of wine enjoyment – all this is waiting for you in the southern Main triangle. Ewa 16 kilometers away from Würzburg there are numerous romantic wine villages in a relatively small area.

If you like the combination of picturesque places and walks through the vineyards with If you are looking for a view of the Main, then you are in the right place in the southern Main triangle. And by the way, we stayed in Frickenhausen in one of the most beautiful wine hotels ever. In this blog article we will tell you what that is and what there is to see in the southern Main triangle.

1. This is what awaits you in Frickenhausen and in the southern Main triangle What is the Main triangle, you might be wondering? Let’s explain that briefly: The Main makes a loop south from Schweinfurt and north again past Würzburg.

Along this river loop, which forms a triangle are similar to countless picturesque wine villages – such as pretty Volkach. This blog article should only be about our tips for the southern Main triangle – specifically about the towns of Marktbreit, Frickenhausen and Sommerhausen.

These three wine towns are all relatively close together. You can reach them after a short drive by car. Alternatively, you can also cover the route by bicycle, because all places are on MainRadweg.

The town centers of Marktbreit, Frickenhausen and Sommerhausen are each small but nice and can be explored on foot in a short time. Therefore, you can easily visit all three places in one day. Nevertheless, we would recommend you to stay at least two nights in the region. You can also pay a visit to nearby Iphofen or take a hike through the vineyards.

2. The most beautiful places in the southern Main triangle Frickenhausen am Main Frickenhausen am Main is one of the oldest wine towns in the region and is the perfect starting point for exploring the southern Main triangle . The architecture of Frickenhausen is a beautiful mix of medieval buildings, half-timbered houses and baroque buildings.

We start our little city tour in what is undoubtedly the most beautiful hotel in Frickenhausen and one of the most impressive buildings, the Hotel Weingut Meintzinger in the heart of the town. (We also stayed here and will tell you more about it further down in this blog article.)

We can highly recommend staying at the former city wall to walk along that from the 10. and 16. century. For example, you can get to the Obertor – a historic gate tower, the second floor of which is a half-timbered building. Not far from there is the Joachimsturm, the only remaining round tower in Frickenhausen.

If you get hungry: In Weinbistro Frickenhausen has delicious tarte flambée and Franconian snacks. Sitting outside on the terrace is particularly nice. The wine bistro is located along the main street in the old town hall and is hard to miss.

View point terroir f Frickenhausen The terroir f vantage point in the vineyards of Frickenhausen is definitely worth a visit. You will encounter the so-called terroir-f-points throughout the wine region of Franconia. They stand for special places, from which you can usually enjoy a great view.

The terroir f Frickenhausen is located on the so-called Chapel Hill. The name comes from the Valentinskapelle – a small vineyard chapel, which you will also pass if you walk the short but relatively steep walk from the city to the terroir-f-point.

Once you arrive at the viewpoint, you will immediately see that the effort is really worth it: the view from up here on Frickenhausen is simply beautiful. By the way, the topic of this terroir-f-point is “Wine & Bible”. That is why you will encounter Leonardo da Vinci’s famous Last Supper scene here in the form of a flat steel sculpture.

Marktbreit Probably the most photogenic ensemble of buildings in the region awaits you in the small town of Marktbreit. The crooked Malerwinkelhaus could have sprung from a fairy tale. Together with the Maintor, this corner forms the postcard motif of Marktbreit par excellence.

There is a museum in the Malerwinkelhaus. Among other things, an exhibition will be shown that depicts the lives of women between 1850 and 1850 portrayed. We didn’t visit the museum ourselves, but only marveled at the Malerwinkelhaus from the outside.

The castle in Marktbreit (Seinsheimisches Schloss) is also worth seeing, which is located on Schlossplatz located. The church tower of the late Gothic parish church of St. Nikolai towers right next to it. In Marktbreit you can also visit some towers of the medieval city fortifications , such as the Flurerturm in the Fleischmannstraße.

Sommerhausen The little town that surprised us the most in the southern Main triangle was Sommerhausen. Sommerhausen is so picturesquely beautiful that we would have liked to have stayed much longer. This gem is probably no longer an insider tip, because there were quite a few guests on site when we visited. But it doesn’t matter, because that’s how Sommerhausen seemed so beautifully alive.

It’s best to just let yourself drift through the romantic, winding cobblestone streets. Sommerhausen calls itself the “gateway to art, wine and culture” – and not without reason. There is a surprising number of studios and galleries in Sommerhausen.

In the heart of Sommerhausen, on the market square, is one of the most beautiful half-timbered houses, that we’ve ever seen. It is called “Alte Eich”, since the calibration office was once housed here, and comes from the 15. Century. What is special about this half-timbered building is the wooden outside staircase.

The Gothic town hall that lies along the main street is also worth seeing. With its distinctive stepped gable, it is quite an eye-catcher. Throughout the city you will also find numerous towers and gates of the former city fortifications, such as the Red Tower (which you can see in our photo) or the Ochsenfurter Tor.

View point terroir f Sommerhausen Just like in Frickenhausen, there is also a very nice terroir-f viewpoint in Sommerhausen, which is above the vineyards of Sommerhausen . You can reach the vantage point from the town center in about 801 Minutes on foot.

In keeping with the artistic flair of Sommerhausen, this terroir-f-point is all about “Art and Wine”. Therefore you will encounter a total of seven sculptures here – including those of the wine princess.

The view from the terroir f Sommerhausen is fantastic: You can enjoy a magnificent view of the Main Valley and, if the weather is good, you can even see the Marienberg Fortress in Würzburg.

Other places worth seeing in the southern Main triangle Eibelstadt If If you want to stop by a vinotheque, then a stopover in Eibelstadt is worthwhile. The Weinforum Franken is located on the main square. There you can taste Franconian wines from the region and take them home with you.

Ochsenfurt Unfortunately we didn’t make it to Ochsenfurt, the largest town in the region, due to time constraints. The former medieval fortifications have been largely preserved. In Ochsenfurt you can therefore admire numerous towers and city gates. The so-called row of half-timbered houses is also worth seeing. The medieval building ensemble of half-timbered houses is the postcard motif of Ochsenfurt par excellence.

Sulzfeld am Main Tiny and wonderfully romantic – that’s how we imagine Sulzfeld am Main. Unfortunately, we only drove past here, but would definitely stop next time. Sulzfeld am Main is repeatedly described as one of the most beautiful wine villages in Germany.

Here too there is an almost completely preserved medieval fortification as well as picturesque, winding streets. If you come by, please leave us a comment and tell us what we missed.

3. Our hotel tip for Frickenhausen Wow! We had already suspected that that we would like the Hotel Weingut Meintzinger, but our stay once again exceeded our expectations. If you are looking for a stylish, but at the same time familiar and simply really extraordinary hotel in the region, then there is no way around this jewel.

The Hotel Weingut Meintzinger is – as the name suggests – Hotel and winery in one. It is housed in time-honored walls and is quite an eye-catcher from the outside. Inside the hotel has been renovated with great attention to detail.

Our room was extremely comfortable and had a terrace with a fantastic view. We felt completely comfortable and would have loved to have stayed much longer. The breakfast buffet is a dream. We didn’t expect so much choice. You should also not miss out on a wine tasting in the vinotheque.

Our conclusion: Highly recommended if you are looking for an individual and stylish hotel. We would stay here again at any time.

You can book the hotel here: Hotel Weingut Meintzinger

4. Map: All places and tips at a glance To make it easier for you to find your way around, we have marked the most important sights and our recommendations on this map. The red dots describe individual places and sights or vantage points. The blue dot is our accommodation.

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Have you ever been to the southern Main triangle or another place in the Wine country Franconia? Do you have any additional tips? Or are you planning a trip through Franconia and still have questions? Leave us a comment – we look forward to it!