Food Tour and Thai Cooking Class: Discover the culinary delights of Bangkok

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Bangkok. Or: When you walk through the streets and feel like you are in a walk-in canteen kitchen . Smells pour in everywhere, from pungent, exotic coconut soups to fragrant, freshly sliced ​​pineapple. From spicy Pad Thai to sweet Sticky Rice.

Nowhere in Thailand do foodies feel more comfortable than in the metropolis of Bangkok. Whether simple street food or exquisite award-winning cuisine – Bangkok simply has it all. Would you also like to discover Bangkok’s culinary delights? In this blog article we tell you our favorites.

1. A Food Tour of Bangkok Bangkok can be explored as part of a Street Food Tour one of the best tips we can give you if you are traveling to this crazy city for the first time. You get to know so many exciting details about the cuisine of Thailand . “Never, absolutely never, would we enter this food stall alone”. Our thought was similar at almost every stop on the food tour. And you know what? Every single time we were taught a lesson.

One might not believe that culinary treasures are behind the facade so many a local hide. For example in a Muslim restaurant in the heart of Bangkok. Indian-influenced curries are served – we were immediately in 7th Thai food heaven.

Or in that street bar that was already open at 10 was well attended in the morning. However, we didn’t want to put up with the pink fish soup at that early hour. We went on to a tiny bar on the other side of the river, where not a single tourist would get lost. Wow! We have never eaten such a delicious papaya salad.

You see: on a food tour through Bangkok you leave your “Comfort zone” and you can also try Thai street food that you wouldn’t otherwise dare to eat. That’s exactly why we found the morning great and can warmly recommend a tour of Bangkok’s restaurants and food stalls.

For who is it a food tour of Bangkok suitable? We recommend the food tour especially to Thailand/Bangkok newcomers and those who like authentic street food want to try it, but haven’t really dared to do it yet. If you’re a Thai food expert, you might not learn much new.

Bangkok Food Tour Info We took part in this food tour: Bangkok Old Town Culinary Tour. It takes place from Monday to Saturday between 9: 23 and 13 o’clock and steers to some food stalls and restaurants. It is led by an English-speaking guide. The size of the group varies. For us it was about 15 Guys, but that wasn’t a problem. Our tip: Better skip breakfast that day, because you will eat SO much!

By the way: Even if you are vegetarian, you can easily take part in the food tour. There is a vegetarian alternative at almost every stop.

You can book the tour here: Food Tour in Bangkok’s Old Town

2. Thai Cooking Class in Bangkok If you like More about If you want to learn how to prepare Thai food, then a cooking course is definitely something for you. There are countless cooking classes on offer in Bangkok. Ours was at the Amita Cooking School, which we highly recommend.

The trip along the Khlongs, of Bangkok’s canals is already promising: in a longtail boat it past palm-lined banks, monitor lizards and houses on stilts towards the north of the city. With the Amita Cooking School, owner Tam has created a little oasis in her parents’ house. In the midst of herb gardens, birdsong and the sound of the river, Tam and her delightful team bring you closer to the fascination of Thai food in one morning.

We had the following Menu items: Chicken or tofu in pandan leaves (“Gai Hor Bai Toey”), a spicy shrimp or vegetable soup (“Tom Yam Goong”) and pork or tofu with holy basil (“Phat Kra Pow Moo Sab” ). And for dessert there was the most delicious coconut pancakes: “Ka Nom Krok”. Lunch will be served at the end of the cooking class. And of course the self-prepared dishes are eaten here.

For whom is a Thai cooking course suitable? We can especially recommend the Thai cooking class if you are looking for a fun activity in are Bangkok. Don’t expect to master Thai cuisine after a few hours. The processes in such a cooking course are of course very optimized. That means: The employees do the washing up or even part of the preparation for you. A cooking course is perfect for an entertaining insight into the world of Thai food .

Information about the Thai cooking course in Bangkok In the half-day course at the Amita Cooking School you cook three dishes and one dessert. The recipes change depending on the day of the week. There is always a vegetarian alternative. The course lasts from 9: 30 until approx. 13 clock and costs 3.500 Baht per person.

You can book the cooking course here: Thai cooking course Amita Cooking School

3. Fine Dining: The House on Sathorn Are you looking for a extraordinary location for a really extraordinary dinner? Then we can heartily recommend The House on Sathorn. 6 courses, 3 hours, several cocktails and thousands of calories later we can confirm: the restaurant The House on Sathorn is so phenomenal that we can’t help but say: If If you are a fan of fine dining then you have to go there!

Superlatives are rarely appropriate. We’re making an exception here: we believe we can say to the best of our knowledge and belief that we’ve never had such a grandiose and creative dinner served. From the outside, the colonial building is magnificently illuminated, inside it is fancy and dignified. As you can see: The “House on Sathorn” has completely inspired us.

For whom is a dinner at “The House on Sathorn” suitable? If you like to go out for a fancy dinner, then we can warmly recommend the restaurant to you. The atmosphere and the cuisine are really something special and the quality of the cocktails is exceptional.

Small disadvantage: There is no view – like in the Sirocco. If you don’t like fine dining, then better stick to street food, because that’s great in Bangkok too, no question.

Information about eating & drinking at “The House on Sathorn” Expect that you will pay for a multi-course menu with prices between 70 and 100 euros per person. When you consider the high level of cooking here, the prices are really fair. And by the way, the ambience is great.

If the price is too high for you, then of course you can also “just” for a cocktail die Visit the bar at The House on Sathorn.

Another tip is the Heritage Afternoon Tea. Here you can look forward to an exclusive tea ceremony in an atmospheric ambience. The price is 1.540 Baht per person.

4. More restaurant tips for Bangkok That’s not all: We still have Visited three other restaurants which we definitely don’t want to leave unmentioned because the food was really good and the atmosphere was great.

Nunu Pad Thai We were looking for a long time, but finally we found it: The best pad Thai in Bangkok. Nunu Pad Thai is an absolute insider tip – we haven’t read about it on any other blog, but got the tip from our hostel owner. Eating here currently (February 2018) almost exclusively locals in the evening.

How to get to Nunu Pad Thai? With the Skytrain takes you to the station “Wongwian Yai”. Here you leave the station at exit number 3 (Exit 3) and take the elevator down. Then turn left onto Soi Krungthonburi 1. Follow this until Latya Road. Turn right there (without crossing Latya Road itself). Now there are approx. 100 meters up to Nunu Pad Thai. You can find him after the bank (Siam Commercial Bank). Watch out for the cowboy hat, because Nunu always cooks with his hat on!

100 Latya Road,
ThailandPrices: approx. 61 Baht for a Pad Thai

Opening hours: daily except Monday from n 16 until 22 Watch

Sala Rattanakosin Eatery and Bar Unless you’re unlucky with the weather (like we), then you can enjoy an unclouded view of the majestic Wat Arun from the terrace of the Sala Rattanakosin restaurant. The prices in the Sala Rattanakosin are high, but for the quality of the dishes and that Atmosphere perfectly fine. Main courses cost from 540 Baht (Excl. Tax and Service Charge).

If you don’t want to spend that much money, just come to Sala Rattanakosin for a sunset cocktail. We did that during our last stay in Bangkok. There is a great view of the temple from the rooftop bar.

How do I get to Sala Rattanakosin? The Sala Rattanakosin is located at the level of Wat Arun, but on the opposite side of the river (i.e. near Wat Pho). For example, you can take the Chao Phraya Express Boat to Tha Tien Station. From there it is only a short walk.


30 Maharat Road Tha Thien, Soi, Bangkok
Prices: Main courses from 500 Baht
Opening hours: Dinner daily 17: 22 until 22: 30 Watch

Err Urban Rustic Thai If the food at Sala Rattanakosin is too expensive for you, then there is a cheaper alternative just around the corner: At the Err Urban Rustic Thai Restaurant classic Thai cuisine is served. You just have to feel good here! The ambience is incredibly cozy, but very hip – a bit like in a living room.

The prices are a bit more expensive than in comparable restaurants, but absolutely within reason. Main courses cost from approx. 250 Baht (excluding tax and service charge). There are only a few vegetarian options on the regular menu – it’s best to ask for the vegetarian menu. Oh, and be sure to try the Passion Fruit Juice – a dream!

How to get Err Urban Rustic Thai? Err Urban Rustic Thai is located near Wat Pho. It is only a short walk from the “Tha Thien” station of the Chao Phraya Express boats.

Address: 250/23 Maharaj Road, Tatien, Phra Borom Maha Ratchawang Phranakorn, Bangkok
Prices: Main courses from approx. 200 Baht
Opening hours: every day except Monday from 11: 23 until 15 hours and from 17 until 23 Watch

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Transparency: Partial Invitation Some of the content of this article was created during a trip to Thailand that we were invited by the Thai Tourist Board. This has no influence on our opinions. This blog article contains our personal recommendations with so-called affiliate links. If you book or buy something through these links, we will receive a small commission. Don’t worry: This does not change the price for you at all and you can easily support our work. cool thing right? A thousand thanks from both of us!

Have you already been to Bangkok and do you have any other culinary tips? Maybe you have already done a cooking class or a food tour that you can recommend? We look forward to hearing about your experiences!