Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office inaugurates NFT exhibition of prosecutor

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A regional attorney of the Republic inaugurated this Wednesday (23) its collection of NFTs . The action takes place at the Escola Superior do Ministério Público da União (ESMPU), at its headquarters in Brasília, Federal District.

The collection is now available for visits by the public, who go to the location to participate in one of the biggest events in the world, TEDx.

This is the first time that a Brazilian Public Ministry unit hosts the event, which has an international standard. The theme of TEDx in Brazil in

is “Back to the Future”.

Union Public Ministry inaugurates cultural space with presentation of NFT collection

At the opening of the TEDxESPMU event, attorney Douglas Fischer promoted a conversation circle about NFT technology with participants.

TEDxESMPU, Conversation Circle: What they are NFTs. Photo: Saulo Cruz

In addition to being a solicitor, Douglas is an amateur photographer and created a collection of photographs called Places. The collection ended up being digitized on blockchain, with the help of NFTs.

His work has now become the first inaugural temporary exhibition at the ESMPU Cultural Space. From of November to

of December, anyone who visits the space can see the works of the attorney.

According to the MPU, they participated in the round of conversations on NFTs the guests Alexandre Senra, Edemilson Cruz Santana Junior and Guilherme André Pacheco Zattar, respectively, Public Prosecutor, professor at the Federal University of Ceará and prosecutor.

NFTs in the public space

The works on display at ESMPU were created by Fischer after visiting places on the five known continents.

Thus, the photos by the attorney give a different perspective to the places , confusing the real and the virtual, past and future. The artist’s work has been circulated in several countries, such as Argentina, the United States, Portugal and, soon, Dubai.

Of all the photos taken, some became digital by being ‘mined’ on blockchain and released like NFTs. The whole experience ended up being told to TEDx participants, first in a public space in the country.

It is worth remembering that NFT technology has a connection with technologies created using blockchain. Several arts in the sector already have applications in metaverses, giving asset owners an exclusive digital item.

Although the subject has had great prominence since 2021, with the arrival of major brands in the sector, the trading volume of NFTs dropped by 2021, accompanying the fall of Bitcoin.