Elon Musk denies FTX CEO has stake in Twitter

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With the recent crash of the FTX brokerage, Sam Bankman-Fried has lost friends, with many names and companies wanting to move away from any kind of association with the businessman.

The most recent one denying any connection with SBF was the owner of Twitter, Elon Musk, who denied the veracity of a report that says that founder of FTX invested US$ 100 million in Musk’s acquisition of Twitter.

Word about the report began to spread spread from a Business Insider post. The news is based on a report from the website Semafor

, which said that Musk invited SBF to “transfer” its Twitter shares to the company, which would soon become private under Musk’s ownership.

The report points out that SBF, as it is well-known Bankman-Fried, has not injected any money into Twitter, even though he has expressed a willingness to invest up to US$

billion in the platform.

What Semafor indicates is that the money “invested” by SBF on Twitter was from shares that he already had being injected into the company under Musk’s command. The basis of the report is an exchange of text messages.

The news, based on the Semafor report, was then released on Twitter, stating that “supposedly Sam Bankman -Fried owns $ million in Elon Musk Twitter shares.”

Sam Bankman-Fried reportedly owns a $100 million stake in Elon Musk’s Twitter https://t.co/QrQI8lfz3F

— Business Insider (@BusinessInsider) November 23, 2022

And with all his maturity and eloquence, Musk replied that not only the news was false, and Business Insider was not a real publication either.

“False. By the way, Business is not a publication For real. Give it up”

False. Also, Business is still not a real publication. Just give up.

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) November

, 2022

However, as highlighted by Decrypt, in the leaked FTX balance sheet earlier this month, US$ 43 million worth of Twitter stock is listed as one of the company’s illiquid assets.

That is, while $100 million may be an exaggeration, FTX ( and consequently SBF) have a few million invested in Musk’s platform.

Elon Musk says Sam Bankman-Fried “went off his lie detector”

Text messages that were published as part of Twitter’s lawsuit compelling Musk to proceed with his takeover bid showed that SBF and Musk were introduced in March by Will MacAskill , an Oxford philosophy professor who reportedly advised SBF on his “effective altruism”.

At the time, Musk was reportedly looking for people to help with the investment he needed to buy Twitter. However, the current owner of Twitter stated that he found the SBF strange since their first conversation.

“I talked to him for about half an hour , and my lie detector was on the red line. This guy is full of bullshit, that was my impression.”, said Musk.