Durmitor National Park in Montenegro: Excursions & Tips

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If you want to experience the untouched wilderness of Montenegro, you have to visit the Durmitor National Park. With its spectacular peaks and clear mountain lakes, Durmitor National Park is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful travel destinations in Montenegro.

We still rave about that moment today , in which we watched the sunset from the rough plateau with a view of the Durmitor massif. Goose flesh! The Durmitor Mountains, which stretch far above 2.000 meters into the sky is the name of the national park.

We highly recommend you to visit this beautiful natural gem in the north of the country on a road trip through Montenegro. In this blog article we tell you everything you need to know for a trip to Durmitor National Park and provide you with our personal tips.

1. Durmitor National Park: First information & tips at a glance Facts & Interesting Facts about Durmitor National Park The Durmitor National Park is located in the north of Montenegro and is named after the Durmitor mountain massif named. Waiting for you a very mountainous, but also extensive landscape all around, which is characterized by the high plateau, from which the Durmitor massif rises. A lot of lakes are also located here. Overall, it is a very sparsely populated, natural region. The highest peak of the Durmitor massif is Bobotov Kuk with 2.456 meters. Whole 48 Mountains in the national park are higher than 2. Meter. Since 1980 the National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The central tourist starting point for exploring the Durmitor National Park is the village Žabljak on 1.80 meters in height. Here you will find numerous accommodations – including ours, the highly recommended Casa di Pino Eco Lodge, which we will introduce to you in more detail below. For the visit of the national park a entrance fee is due. A day ticket costs 3 euros, a 3-day ticket costs 6 euros. It can be bought at the ticket booth at Black Lake (“Crno Jezero”). How many days should I plan for the national park? Who ( just as we) would like to get a insight into the fabulous nature of the Durmitor National Park and visit the most important highlights and excursion destinations, we recommend a stay of two nights. So we were able to do something on the day of arrival and use the full day for the Durmitor ring road (more on that in a moment). We also had enough time for a short hike.

Of course Two days are not enough to explore the national park extensively and maybe even to master a demanding summit tour . We also point out that you can of course always be a bit unlucky with the weather up here in the mountains. So if you want to take it easy, you better stay a little longer.

What is the best time to travel to Durmitor National Park? What you might not expect: In Winter you can ski in Durmitor National Park . The Savin Kuk ski resort is tiny but quite popular. Žabljak transforms then to a snow-covered ski resort.

If you want to go hiking, then we definitely recommend the warm season. Even then it is usually much fresher here in the mountains than on the coast of Montenegro. Žabljak is located after all on 1.300 meters above sea level. In any case, you should take something to wear with you for the evening.

We ourselves were in midsummer (July) in Durmitor National Park. Fortunately, the weather was very stable during our visit with daytime temperatures of pleasant 20 until 25 Centigrade.

In the beginning we were a bit concerned that there would be a lot going on in summer, but we didn’t find the region overcrowded. Sure, at the most popular destinations , especially at the Black Lake (“Crno Jezero”), there was quite a lot going on, but otherwise the rush was fairly limited. Ideally, you should only book accommodation in good time. We will tell you our tip for this at the end of the blog article.

2. Excursions & Activities in Durmitor National Park Durmitor Ring Road One of the most spectacular roads in Montenegro meanders starting from Žabljak once in a circle through the Durmitor Mountains. The Durmitor ring road (often also called Durmitor Ring – “Durmitorski prsten”) is one of the highlights of the region and takes you along a length of almost 80 kilometers to some of the most scenic spots of the Durmitor National Parks.

The ring road is divided into a northern and a southern section, with the southern section being in is even more scenic and worth seeing to our eyes. There are also the more impressive viewpoints (“vidikovac”) and photo spots. If you want to drive the entire route, we would recommend getting from Starting from Žabljak counterclockwise so that you save the highlights (especially the Sedlo Pass – see next chapter) for last.

In total, we have planned a full day for the entire Durmitor ring road. The actual driving time is about three hours. But we stopped several times ourselves and also took a short hike to the Ćurevac viewpoint. More on that in a moment. A detour to the Piva reservoir in the west of the Durmitor National Park was also in time.

The entire ring road is asphalted and for ordinary cars easily feasible. We also encountered motorhomes, although we would only recommend the route to experienced motorhome drivers and not too large vehicles. Some sections are just very narrow, making it difficult to avoid oncoming cars.

Important to know: There are no petrol stations along the Durmitor ring road . and otherwise hardly any food. You drive through a very sparsely populated (or partly unpopulated) area. So it is best to fill your tank in advance in Žabljak and take something to eat and drink with you from there.

Here you can find a detailed map of the route: Durmitor ring road

Sedlo Pass (1.970 meters) Our personal highlight along the Durmitor ring road is the pass named Sedlo. From this point to 1.684 meters above sea level you can enjoy an impressive view over the majestic Durmitor massif.

For those who drive the ring road counterclockwise, the Sedlo Pass is the last spectacular stop before it from here back down direction Zabljak goes. Our tip: It is best to plan so that you can reach the Sedlo Pass before sunset. When the weather is good, it is gigantic from up here.

Because Žabljak is relatively close (journey time approx. 25 minutes), many also come from this site. If you don’t have much time and don’t want to drive the entire ring road, you can still take the highlight with you.

Viewpoint Ćurevac Ćurevac is one of the Most popular viewpoints in Durmitor National Park. From this ridge you can enjoy a great panoramic view all the way to the Tara Gorge, which is a little further away.

The vantage point can only be reached on foot via a 30 -minute hike (one way) accessible. The path is not too demanding, but the midday heat made us sweat quite a bit. It goes a few meters uphill and downhill, partly through forest paths and some stony terrain. Hiking shoes are definitely recommended.

When you reach the top, you can expect a beautiful view of the Durmitor massif and the Tara Gorge. The return to the car park follows the same path.

We ourselves combined the hike with exploring the Dumitor ring road. The starting point of the hike (car park “Parking Curevac” on Google Maps) is only a short detour (gravel road) away from the ring road.

Crno Jezero (Black Lake) One of the most popular excursion destinations and the most famous lake in Durmitor National Park is Crno Jezero, which translates to “Black Lake”. The mountain lake is easily accessible via a road. Only a short walk separates you from the parking lot (approx. 10 minutes) from this natural jewel.

The lake is on a height of 1.416 meters and is framed by spectacular mountain scenery , above all by the mighty peak of Meded. In bright sunshine and depending on the angle of the light, the black lake appears more emerald green to turquoise blue. The name probably comes from the shadow cast by the trees on the shore.

It is possible to walk around the lake once. The circular hiking trail usually runs as a forest path and always offers you great views of the Crno Jezero. For the way (approx. 3.5 kilometers) you should estimate a good hour.

We personally also liked the back part very much – there is a little less going on here and you can enjoy nature in peace. Here you will also notice that the lake actually consists of two lakes that are connected by a narrow waterway.

In summer it is possible to swim in the lake. There is also a restaurant on the shore, but we did not try it. Incidentally, we ourselves were only (in July) against 17 on site and can highly recommend this time for a visit. Then there is usually a little less going on than during the day.

Information and tips for visiting Crno Jezero Directions: Accessible via a well-developed road from Žabljak (about 5 minutes). From the parking lot (2 euros) approx. Minutes walk (flat easy walk).
Admission: 3 Euro (= day pass for the Durmitor National Park), must be paid directly at the parking lot at the ticket booth.
Circumnavigation of the lake: a good hour

Vrazje Jezero & Riblje Jezero On a he plateau in the southeast of Žabljak, approximately 15 drive away, there are two lakes, which in our opinion make a perfect sunset spot: The Vrazje Jezero (“Devil’s Lake”) and the nearby Riblje Jezero (“Fish Lake”). Both lakes are easily accessible via a paved road.

In particular from the small church at Riblje Jezero you can enjoy a fabulous view from a slightly elevated perspective the Durmitor Mountains and the setting sun.

We were actually almost the only ones here during our visit in midsummer. Definitely one of our highlights during our time in Durmitor National Park.

Stećci Stećci are medieval tombstones that were found not only in Montenegro, but also in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia (Dalmatia ) and Serbia can be found.

The two lakes (Vrazje Jezero & Riblje Jezero) are only a 5-minute drive away from the Stećci of Bare Žugića, which together with three other sites belong to the UNESCO World Heritage count.

If you are already in the area, then it is definitely worth visiting this place as well – especially since the extensive high plateau landscape here is simply breathtakingly beautiful.

Bridge over the Tara Gorge The Tara River meanders through the area of ​​the Durmitor National Park, Montenegros longest river. The Tara dug a deep gorge , the Tara gorge. In places the canyon is 1.80 meters deep and is one of the largest canyons in the world.

By far the most famous place to get a view of the mostly inaccessible Tara Gorge is the Đurđevića Tara Bridge. The striking reinforced concrete bridge is a very popular photo motif in Montenegro.

It’s rather touristy on site. Countless zip-line and rafting providers as well as cafés have settled around the bridge, promising the best view of the bridge.

We ourselves visited the place on our onward journey from Durmitor National Park towards Lake Skadar and for that we had an approx. 30 minute detour. Our conclusion: Quite nice, but honestly not one of our personal highlights. We found the curvy route through this part of Montenegro (Panorama Road 5 & 4) very worth seeing.

3. Food & Drink: Tips for restaurants In Žabljak, the tourist center of Durmitor National Park, there are some restaurants and cafes. The quality is unfortunately very variable, as we had to find out, but we can recommend these two restaurants.

Kaćun Caffe & Restaurant This restaurant offers breakfast, pizza, salads, crêpes and coffee, among other things. We had a pizza and have nothing negative to report. The price-performance ratio is definitely right. The service staff is very friendly. If you want to have a bite to eat in a relaxed atmosphere, this is the place for you.

Restaurant Or’O In the Or’O restaurant, one of the most popular restaurants in Žabljak, Montenegrin cuisine is served at fair prices. It’s really nice to sit outside in the garden. The restaurant is very busy in high season. We strongly recommend a reservation, especially in the evenings.

Restaurant Or’O Kaćun Caffe & Restaurant 4. Overnight: Our hotel tip for the Durmitor National Park In Žabljak we have in stayed at the wonderful Casa di Pino Eco Lodge, which we can warmly recommend. In this family-run accommodation you spend the night in an extremely quiet location.

In total, the Casa di Pino Eco Lodge has only eight rooms of different sizes, all of which are individually and lovingly furnished. The entire ambience in the house fits perfectly with the nature of the Durmitor National Park.

The breakfast is offered every morning as a lovingly prepared buffet. We were very happy about the many homemade dishes (e.g. granola). In any case, you can tell that a lot of value is placed on regionality.

Our conclusion: A very friendly hotel where you immediately feel welcome. The price-performance ratio is great. We would stay here again anytime.

You can book accommodation here: Casa di Pino Eco Lodge

Transparency: Affiliate Links This blog article contains our personal recommendations in the form of so-called affiliate links. If you book or buy something through the links, we will receive a small commission. For you, this does not change the price at all. A thousand thanks from both of us!

Are you planning a trip to Montenegro and still have questions about Durmitor National Park? Or have you already been there and would like to share more tips and your experiences with us? We look forward to your comment!