Digital Government analyst says Bitcoin changes relationships

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An Information Technology analyst at the Digital Government of Brazil said that bitcoin changes relationships, and Web3 should follow the same model soon. The speech took place during the International Congress on Social Security Management (Congeps).

Beginning on November 16, the event headquartered in Brasilia, the objective was to encourage innovative discussions to improve public services in Brazil.

In 2020, it is worth remembering that the Digital Government won force as a strategy of the Jair Bolsonaro administration to improve national services. Since then, blockchain technology, the basis of cryptocurrencies, has been recognized as a vital innovation for the country.

IT Analyst at Digital Government believes that Web3 will move on to what Bitcoin is

The Federal Government of Brazil does not have a clear position on the use of bitcoin in the country. Although the Federal Revenue has been collecting taxes from investors since 2020, no position on the subject has been made clear by the country’s administration.

Thus, a project of law that is being discussed in the Chamber of Deputies should be the first initiative that arrives for consideration on the subject.

However, sectors of the government are already discussing technologies that involve cryptocurrencies, such as blockchain, for example .

According to the specialist in Digital Transformation, Anderson Costa, an IT analyst at the Secretariat of Digital Government, bitcoin is a technology that changes relationships, and Web3 should follow in its footsteps.

“Web 3.0 will follow the same model in which the so-called bitcoins, the digital currencies, are commercialized today. It will be very much based on the security and identity of people in the web.

We will be able to more assertively know what is done there and clearly identify who does what on this web. huge des for us. It will change the way of relationship. And it’s already changing.”

The speech took place during the panel “The challenges of the digital future”, at Congeps.

Data security during digital transformation concerns INSS manager

Participating in the same panel, João Rodrigues da Silva Filho, director of Information Technology at INSS, showed concerned about the use of data during the digital transformation process.

According to the INSS executive, with more and more data entrusted to the State by the population, the responsibility of public bodies increases.

“Today, with digitization, with the popularization of digital environments, citizen data is increasingly exposed. So it is our commitment as public agents to ensure the security of this data. The citizen starts to entrust the data to the State and we have the responsibility of taking care of this data and doing the service in the most responsible way possible.”

According to him, the entire security process is a process that must be constantly improved.