Cryptocurrency Stealing Attacks Rise During World Cup

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According to a study by a digital security company, the number of hacker attacks, including those that steal cryptocurrencies, may grow during the World Cup.

With the world connected to the matches between national teams, it is common for promotions associated with the event to appear on the internet. While some are legitimate, others are looking for victims.

A Kaspersky survey in 2021, for example, found a thousand fake e-mails, with scams involving the image of the World Cup. That is, scams have been circulating for a year now, which should increase in the coming days.

Attacks that steal cryptocurrencies increase during the World Cup

In a In a statement sent to Livecoins, Rogerio Tarelho, Leader of Flowti’s Security and Continuity Platform, recalled that the World Cup is a time when hacker attacks grow all over the world.

“The World Cup is an event that many people, and several times an offer to take advantage of the tournament, or even a ‘promotion’ that uses the image of the World Cup can seem tempting. That is why it is essential to redouble your care and attention not to be at the mercy of hacker attacks.”


Among the higher risk situations are the emergence of promotions with very cheap or free items .

In addition, messages via email, SMS or WhatsApp can be unreliable, with the increase in spam that occurs at the time.

Maintain antivirus solutions and anti-phishing updates can also be useful. mental to avoid pitfalls.

In recent months, for example, several cryptocurrency scams have emerged with the image of the World Cup. A fake cryptocurrency even received support from five-time champion Ronaldinho Ga├║cho, showing that scammers also act by hiring personalities for advertising.

It’s not just people taking risks, companies too

Although several hacker attacks focus on attacking people, companies do not go unnoticed by scammers.

That’s because, on the side of the organization and more companies involved in the event, this year’s World Cup is also brings discussions about the level of security within the data flow and the numerous computers that record information about the games, in addition to the transmission of the matches.

Finally, Tarelho says that it is important to have mechanisms of security to avoid cyber attacks.

“Having information security mechanisms that not only provide the structure, but guide all the components of the processes is a good path to prevent cyber attacks. Also have experts on the topic of science bersecurity is key, and we will be able to watch this more closely at the World Cup.”

In any case, it is important to avoid clicking on unknown links and strange websites.